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  1. I personally would rather they get tired on the way home than spend the entire cruise wiped out from the longer flight TO the cruise. Plus the OP already said they will rest for at least one night in Anchorage before flying home.
  2. We had the instructions to use the cabin phone benefit from the Distinctive Voyages Promo waiting for us in our cabin on the Gem in November.
  3. How many days is your cruise? I only got $50 on the Sky but it didn't have anything to do with solo or not. Less days, less OBC.
  4. If we ever cruise together I would love to take them off your hands! I have sea glass in mine and love the novelty.
  5. We couldn't even swap it out in a suite on the Gem. You used to be able to do it but they have really cracked down on it now that all latitude members receive it.
  6. On our Gem cruise in Nov/Dec of 2018 a bunch of us playing LCR on sea days got a couple pitchers of orange juice and I got a large glass of apple juice since orange isn't my favorite and we all brought our bottle of sparkling wine to the last LCR gathering. It really actually was half decent mixed with the apple juice and we all enjoyed our sparkling wine together. We should have thought of it earlier so we didn't all have to worry about bringing drinks to LCR with us.
  7. I have never had to go to Guest Relations to get our distilled water. It has always either been waiting in our cabin or suite when we arrive or by 6PM at the latest. But then I do call the access desk and set it up like you are supposed to. I also would never put my CPAP in my checked luggage. My life depends on it so I am not going to take any chances on it getting broken by the porters or anyone else.
  8. That is why I specified suites. I thought it might be useful for those in suites to know there is at least one outlet at the bed, However we still use one long extension cord from the desk to the center of the bed and plug both CPaps into it when not in a suite. We duct tape it down at night and then unplug the plug end and store it under the corner of the bed until ready to be plugged in again at bedtime.
  9. Suites on both Gem and Breakaway have an outlet on one side of the bed. We always have a extension in each of our CPap bags but usually just use one extension cord under the bed that we plug both CPaps into. No trip hazard.
  10. I remember real glass "fishbowl" glasses with freestyle sayings on them with the Rebellious Fish drink! And ship names on beer mugs/glasses in the bars. We have several of each.
  11. Sorry to hear this news. May she rest in peace.
  12. Battery operated votive or tealight candles work best for night lights. You can put them anywhere you might run into something and they don't light up the whole room to wake you up.
  13. I didn't start cruising until 2002 (2003 for NCL) but the "Tex Mex" restaurant on the Dawn was free when we began sailing.
  14. The highest deck used to be top optional but I don't think they have it anymore. I haven't heard anyone mention them on any of the ships in the past 5-6 years.
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