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  1. Maybe I was told about it because of the shareholder OBC that was on my account when I called Shorex to reserve my shore excursions. I just read about this on the Shareholder thread in this forum and must admit I never read it before so it may or may not be new. http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/23c8691e-2da7-4595-b132-a6ad137cf7f6 Under #7 "Certificate value credited to onboard account at the time of sailing and may not be used toward onboard service charges or pre-purchased activities." I hope it is just another "rule" they do not enforce for all of our sakes. I looked to see if there are any new restrictions on the Latitude OBC but none is offered right now so there are no terms and conditions to check.
  2. I had no problem booking excursions - were you able to use your OBC to pay for them is the real question.
  3. I added the time frame above before you posted so you must have had the quote sitting for a few minutes. It was when booking for our Feb 3, 2019 cruise.....they repeated it so many times it was crazy.
  4. The last time I called to book shore excursions with the shore excursion credit (for Feb 2019 cruise) I was told that I would not be able to use OBC to pay for the pre-booked shore excursions on board. They repeated several times that it was a new policy so do not count on using your OBC to pay for the pre-reserved shore excursions. I bought Cruise Next certificates which used up our OBC so I do not know if it is really being enforced or not but would love to know if anyone has ran into this.
  5. I don't worry about the split when I'm cruising with my husband, but when I was traveling with a friend I requested it all be put on my account since she was not a shareholder. They did it and sent me a new amenity confirmation. You could probably request it on the original request form too.
  6. LATITUDE is what gave you the extra point per night. DISTINCT is the promo code for Distinctive Voyages which gives you a $50 per port shore excursion credit, 250 minutes internet and phone calls from your cabin phone to anywhere in the world (I forget how many minutes).
  7. There are only 2 aft facing balconies - the ones on Deck 10 that even accommodate 4 people. Maybe that is why you can't get the upgrade? We used 10,000 points to upgrade from a B3 to B1 but there was only two of us. When I later paid to upgrade to a SE, they gave me the 10,000 points back in the form of $100 OBC.
  8. Most of us are not looking for a way to screw over the crew members that do their best to make our cruises great. So you might want to finish your research before you continue to advocate not paying your Daily Service Charge for no good reason.
  9. I just checked and I can reserve LaCucina for my June 2019 cruise. I already have all my SDP and Latitude dinners booked but it put my reservation for LaCucina into my cart at $0.00 as usual.
  10. I personally would rather they get tired on the way home than spend the entire cruise wiped out from the longer flight TO the cruise. Plus the OP already said they will rest for at least one night in Anchorage before flying home.
  11. We had the instructions to use the cabin phone benefit from the Distinctive Voyages Promo waiting for us in our cabin on the Gem in November.
  12. How many days is your cruise? I only got $50 on the Sky but it didn't have anything to do with solo or not. Less days, less OBC.
  13. If we ever cruise together I would love to take them off your hands! I have sea glass in mine and love the novelty.
  14. We couldn't even swap it out in a suite on the Gem. You used to be able to do it but they have really cracked down on it now that all latitude members receive it.
  15. On our Gem cruise in Nov/Dec of 2018 a bunch of us playing LCR on sea days got a couple pitchers of orange juice and I got a large glass of apple juice since orange isn't my favorite and we all brought our bottle of sparkling wine to the last LCR gathering. It really actually was half decent mixed with the apple juice and we all enjoyed our sparkling wine together. We should have thought of it earlier so we didn't all have to worry about bringing drinks to LCR with us.
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