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  1. Like Stumblefoot above, we have not seen a special vegetarian menu, or the pdf file you mention. But we have enjoyed some great vegetarian meals on the Shadow when we chose to go with them. There were always vegetarian options available on the offered menus.
  2. Of course I totally agree 😀
  3. We'll be thinking of you Lois, sounds like you're with a good medical team.
  4. Hoping for the best for you all, glad you are home safe JP. The posts of the cruise have been so much fun to follow, thank you jpalbny, stumblefoot and RachelG. let me know if anyone figures out a way to cruise sans flights.
  5. Agree with Observer but would like to suggest Don't know either, but someone suggested to you it could be ordered in advance. I've also heard this can work. Maybe this would be placed in your cabin so it would truly be that no one else could have it. We enjoy an Amaretto nightcap after our evening when out and about. On our 2 SS cruises, we asked the butler for a bottle in our room first day, and we had fine Italian Amaretto on hand for the duration of the cruise. Since my DW always keeps flavored vodka in stock here at home, I relayed your question to her. She thinks she saw it, but is uncertain. Croatia should be interesting! Welcome to Silversea, we are glad we found it.
  6. Agreed, I've seen it. Seems like you all are having a wonderful cruise, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks. Have a lot of fun Lois!!
  7. Or make them swab the deck with a (clean) washcloth
  8. Agreed @eastwoodboy , that's horrible. Hopefully in the 16 hours since your post, the problem has been fixed. If someone flushed something they shouldn't have, it may be found. But I don't envy the people working on the problem. Maybe some day you can share the boarding house story ...
  9. I am getting very skeptical of the press these days (from both sides of the spectrum here), and I apologize if I quoted nonsense and respect very much your husband's service. Below, hopefully if I do this right, is the article I read and referred to, only for informational purposes. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-01-11/firefighter-dies-as-australia-works-on-long-term-battle-plan Thank you for understanding.
  10. Glad that the AC has settled, we found the thermostat to be confusing but believe it did have some effect on our room conditions on the Shadow. Just a thought - is the grey color we are discussing supposed to be seen as Silver?
  11. Local (US) news says firefighters moving from defense to offense against these d### fires, I hope this is true. Continue to worry about you folks, and hope for things to improve soon.
  12. That's wonderful Lois, know how excited we get when the clock gets down to so few days, and like thinking you're feeling that now! Wishing you a wonderful cruise! On a totally unrelated topic, as I enjoy following those cruising in Antarctica, I have what may be a really stupid question. Thought I might ask it in their thread, but felt safer being stupid here 😀. What happens to time zones close to the north and south poles? I was trying to figure out what time it was for them, then pictured the globe with time zone separators converging, and realized I have no clue.
  13. Well DW, I feel the same. 😒 IMO after tonight's shared bottle of fine NZ wine, @Gourmet Gal was just trying to help.
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