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  1. The price has increased per mile now. Going to Portsmouth we book a private car but Dover return is now £654. .So we share
  2. We are going by tender into Flam this June and not leaving until 22hrs. Booked our trip independently.
  3. JoJo1947


    Britannia club only today. General sale tomorrow. Saga messed up again
  4. I took use a CPAP and my go to cruise line has a socket by the bed. Extension lead is no problem but I'm not going to lug bottles of distilled water. I'm going to just boil a kettle and let it cool down
  5. Some have been aware of noise from the Britannia Lounge
  6. One hand for the ship and one for you 😀
  7. Social media 🤔 who really knows?
  8. Waves 5 metres high in the Bay. Missed port and missed a storm. Passengers kept well informed of situation . Back into Portsmouth later today.
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    January 2022 first time Saga ship in port. It was a nightmare and disorganised plus unsafe. Yes much better now
  10. JoJo1947


    Did hear a rumour Southampton might be back next year but I can't see it myself.
  11. What's the difference....cost 😀
  12. We booked Flam Railway direct around £40 pp don't leave it too long.
  13. Fantastic value for money when you break it down. We come off the ships with no bill.
  14. Take my word for it as we've done loads of Saga cruises. Apart what you've said there's included travel insurance,included speciality restaurants,included full menu room service and drinks, gratuities included Spa, premium drinks,full afternoon tea. You only pay for shop goods,spa treatments and alternative excursions. Pop up restaurants no charge We usually leave with no bill. The food is top notch
  15. Won't acquire but a partner is being sorted but Saga will keep what it offers now with no cuts
  16. Nit when you break it down. Great value for money as everything you pay in other cruise lines including Fred is included. Even some excursions are included.
  17. Email today confirming no smoking on balconies from 1st April 2025. 🥳🥳
  18. JoJo1947


    Been going on for many years
  19. Keep away from the perimeter public areas as that's where the air con blasts in. Middle is best.
  20. Sag definitely did and air is fresh not recycled
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