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  1. We are booked on the Celebrity Apex T/A 10/2021 out of Barcelona, that is if it does actually happen. They are currently selling the same Aqua class cabins we have booked for a whopping $2600.00 per person more than we booked it at.
  2. I would like to see the requirement as well, however, other than an easily copied and fabricated piece of paper we all get when stuck, how will they confirm anyone is actually vaccinated?
  3. I agree as well, we would like to see cruises with only vaccinated people on board. The question I have is how will this be accomplished? Apart from getting an easily copied/forged piece of paper after vaccination, how will "they" actually confirm someone has been vaccinated?
  4. That they did, we are a dedicated bunch, that's for sure.🍸🍹🍺
  5. For us, it's meeting our new found friends for cocktails before and after dinner in Crooners. After a tough day seeing all the sights, having a much needed cocktail in, you guessed it, Crooners, usually see one or two friends there as well. Shame on Princess for removing Crooners from the new ships. At dinner, I always get a side of the Fettucine Alfredo, addicted to that stuff.
  6. So, I have been sitting here pondering this question and looking back on all our cruises, I don't think we have ever had a "right" entry room, we have always had a left door entry with right side bath/bed.
  7. Play with this for a while, it will tell you all you want to know. Cruise Ship Tracker, Itineraries, Schedules, Deck Plans - CruiseMapper
  8. We ended up getting First/Business thru X from American Airlines/British Airways. $2119 PP , not too bad. Sure hope it will actually happen. SFO>LHR>BCN FLL>ORD>SFO
  9. One of the issues I am having is I cannot view let alone book, any flights once signed into my account. Only says to call the # and talk to a person.
  10. Yup, that cruise.. Where and how? I will take business as well.
  11. There were multiple agenda's for our SFO>BCN, FLL>SFO that were within the $2119.00 we were wanting, a few hundred give or take on them, but many at that price point. We have never had these issues with Princess EZ air. And we did not think it was out of line as we had SFO>Venice then BCN>SFO with United in business class for all legs for $2500.00 PP with Princess.
  12. We are trying, but X won't honor their own website pricing.
  13. Yes, First on all legs.. We flew United for a Princess land sea in Italy/Med... SFO>Venice then BCN>SFO in business for $2500 RT per person, so don't think its out of the question. Those new Polaris lounges were nice.
  14. We are having the exact problem, our TA is on the phone direct with X and looking at the rates online at that very moment and they will not honor. She will be on a call tomorrow with the higher ups at X for an explanation. How the heck can we even plan a trip with bogus quotes? Ours, SFO>BCN then FLL>SFO for $2119.00 per person for First Class
  15. Does anyone think the 10/21/2021 TA on Apex will even remotely be a go ?
  16. Thank you for the info, the Princess form does make it easy to fill in the info and submit.
  17. I saw that Princess has added the option to email all the docs for the OBC instead of just mail/fax. My question is, does HAL have their own form like Princess does, and have they added an email option as well? New Princess form attached for reference. TIA, Chris 688962538_PrincessShareholderRequestFormFinal.pdf
  18. Plenty of time, we had an 11:30 flight earlier in the month off the Coral in FLL. FLL is very close and you will likely be on an 8-8:30 dis-embarkment.
  19. I do know they are still in the MS's..we had a MS on the Coral and had a barrel chair. Wonder what they did with them all?
  20. They did have the nice fluffy ones on the Coral a few weeks ago in the gift shop.
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