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  1. I agree, but that's the answer I got. Sh*t out of luck they basically said.
  2. Just got off the phone, escalated to supervisor, no way to cancel my cruise tomorrow as they've already locked in the manifest to the port authority to PR. I can cancel the flights and get a 70% refund but nothing for the cruise. I don't know how these other people got a FCC?
  3. What about someone like me who leaves in 24hrs. I tried cancelling this morning before the announcement and they said no.
  4. I called this morning at around 9am est. We cruise out of PR tomorrow and I wanted to cancel but they said no. So has things changed since then and I can cancel?
  5. We are sailing tomorrow. We are at the too bad, too sad period of March 6 - March 31st.
  6. Just tried cancelling for tomorrow's cruise, no FCC or anything. Reason being that there hasn't been a problem in that area (Southern Caribbean). It's all about potential and how this thing has exponentially gotten worse. Can't get refund on plane tickets. Now I have a decision to either lose my 5k and save the potential virus contraction that I could pass on to my toddler and elderly in-laws, or go ahead and have a worry-filled "vacation". I know it's not Celebrity's fault in this but gee, the customer taking the whole burden is brutal.
  7. The crazy thing is, almost everybody has to fly to the port to get on the cruise potentially risking themselves before getting on the cruise ship. So this is saying they're fine with that, not our problem, your risk, but if you have symptoms at time of boarding, you can fly back and contaminate your way home. Just a really crappy way to save face and cover ass.
  8. We're looking at cancelling our cruise this Saturday. Will lose a lot of money but almost forced into this position... this is something you do now want to chance and get, and pass it on to others. Does anyone know if you cancel your flights by celebrity that you get your money back from that?
  9. To me, it’s the possibility of infecting my innocent little 2 yr old. Also other loved ones.
  10. We have a cruise leaving the 7th March on the summit leaving San Juan eastern Caribbean cruise. We have a toddler we are leaving behind and now very worried about the turn of events with what’s happening on the cruise ship being denied at Ocho Rios and cayman. It’s not going to be a vacation when we’ll constantly be worried about contracting this, especially the potential infecting of our daughter. If we were to cancel our cruise, would we get refunded or receive credit? Also we have flights by celebrity, upgrade to premium drinks and a tour booked. Thank you
  11. Hi, Has anybody done the The Island's Delights tour in St Lucia? Is it the same or similar to Cosol?
  12. I've notice way more cruise commercials on tv and radio recently. In fact I'd hardly heard one before and now hearing them all the time. Hitting the panic button!
  13. Are there any must do shore excursions? Do you get harassed by locals at any of the beach excursions? Going to Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, St Kitts, St Thomas Thanks
  14. How did you manage this??! I just tried calling to do the same thing and they just offered for me to pay the difference on what the current rate is?!
  15. Yeah, it's probably the big bonus of using a TA with circumstances like this. Thanks very much for the replies! I'll post my findings later today.
  16. We have paid in full and it's past full-payment date, ours only included CBP & Grats and no other incentives. It is now PBP, $150 OBC, Grats & Unlimited internet. That's a huge increase in perks, over $4-500 worth, and we wouldn't lose on anything. I'll be calling them today to find out.
  17. Is it possible to get the perks (Prem Bev, $150 OBC, Grat, Unlim Internet)
  18. So it works out the same price but we got the gratuities and classic beverage package. it's now Premium Beverage Package pp, $150 on board pp, High speed unlimited internet for 2 and the gratuities.
  19. If booked and fully paid through celebrity and the price drops before sail, can you ask for upgrades or more perks to reflect the price loss?
  20. sub-question: Is it a refundable deposit when booking onboard? I'm considering a 2022 cruise but not 100% certain and would like that flexibility
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