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  1. We did this cruise October 2023 and stayed at the same hotel as above. Viking tours are well organized with morning pick up at the hotel.
  2. Go in October.! Less tourist. Airports are less crowded. July can get hot. The Fall in Germany is one of my favorite times to be there.
  3. Matter of personal preference. We like space and have chosen the Explorer suite several times. We we like to spend off time in our cabin comfortably. The views are lovely. Also like the perks like room service breakfast before the early morning tours and the coffee maker. The Suites are nice too - giving you a separate sleeping area. Again, Study the diagrams of the ships and look at the sqft & room layout
  4. Only breakfast on the land portion. Drink package only ON the ship. Read the website Plus when you arrive at the hotels they will give you detailed information on everything from meals - tours - to departure times.
  5. I've recently flew Seattle - Heathrow - Prague BA business and it was great. Of course, within Europe it was the 3-3 configuration but the flights were short. I want the comfort on the long flights
  6. We have booked the OS for next year. Is the beverage package included? If you select a wine from the wine cellar in the suite are your charged extra? I'm a bit confused on this amenity. Looks like fun. It is my husband's 80th We love Viking and the British cruise we chose. ALL tibs appreciated.
  7. What currency is used in the Eastern European countries? Is the euro good or do you need local currency?
  8. We really enjoy the Explorer suites on Viking. Luxurious - not "fancy" The wrap-around view from the sitting area is perfect. The extra amenities are few: unlimited laundry and room service for breakfast. Private airport transfers are really nice ! We do spend time in the suite and enjoy space in the bathroom
  9. The perks with the Veranda (AA) and Explorer suite are worth it for us. We like the room service breakfast on early morning tour days. Gives us leisure time in the AM. Must be getting old !
  10. It is included with the Explorer suite. Service super and quick. I don't remember a price listing
  11. I felt that the included tours gave a good over-view of the areas. If an additional tour takes you to a place you are interested in - go for it. The ship is usually "right there" so being on your own is super easy. Of course you can always break off from the organized tour and continue on your own. You do need to reserve the included tours on-line pre-cruise just like the paid-for tours
  12. I would go for boots. Better to be warm and dry. Weather is unpredictable
  13. If you search images yu can find photos of the refurbished ship. The Neptune suites are really nice with new colors and flat screen wall TV I will be borading on Sunday and can post pictures. What are you really interested in seeing ?
  14. Do Neptune Suites have a special dining area in the MDR? We have not been on HAL for several years Thank you
  15. Are masks required indoors onboard Alaskan cruises? I know policy changes often so wanted to ask what is the current policy Thanks
  16. Can we use the Abbott Covid 19 AgCard at home test before boarding ?
  17. We submitted by mail and rec'd an email from HALseveral weeks later that the credit has been approved and applied.
  18. Can you make reservations for Any Time dining on line ? I've reserved for Specialty dining but can't seem to do so for the MDW Thanks
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