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  1. I did a search and could not find the answer. For experienced Princess cruisers, when does Princess usually announced its Alaska cruises for the next year up? They currently have 2021 and 2022, but I am looking for 2023. Thanks in advamce, Gale
  2. Except test cruises have to be non paying, and you have to have a doctors note stating its okay for you to do the test cruise. Start of page 23 of the CDC cruise guidelines (I don't think its okay for me to post a link to them - but you can google it - its a 40 page PDF document.
  3. We have always been aft cruisers, but this time we book a corner front due to the fact of what the video above said.
  4. Thanks everyone, so far, we booked 11530, still trying to figure out (still searching) if that is the correct side to be one - I would rather face the ports when we are coming into port. You guys are AWESOME!
  5. If you had the choice of cabin 11550, 11530 or 11520 which would you choose and why? Looking at the deck map, I cannot tell which is better, 11520 look's to be across from the elevators, 11530 looks to be across form the stairs, and 11550 seems it might have noise from the pool deck above (??) during the day. I have tried searching and no one seems to say which is better except that 11510 does has the priva-sea balcony which is not recommended. Also, on an eastern med cruise, do I want to be on the right or the left side of the ship (11550, or 11050 side?) Thank
  6. Last time we cruised(2017), we were given a refillable Tervis type cup. We simply gave the cup to any of the bar areas, and they filled it up with what soda we asked for. Our key card had coded on it we have the soda package.
  7. My husband does drink, and I do not. We declined the drinks package after we saw the service charge - why: Bev Srv Charge 594.00 (total) 297.00 (husband) 297.00(me). We decided that he would have to drink almost $600 of alcohol for this to make sense and that was NOT okay with me 🙂
  8. We have an Eastern Med Cruise booked for 2021 already
  9. In reading this , it looks like the tours are refundable Refunds and Cancellation Fees Most tours may be cancelled one day or more prior to sailing, any exceptions to this are noted in the tour descriptions on NCL.com. Tour cancellations which occur one day or more prior to sailing shall automatically receive a full refund on the credit card used to purchase such shore excursion tour, unless the tour has a more restrictive cancellation policy or unless a balance remains due to be paid on the guest’s reservation. In order to receive a full refund a guest must cancel their reser
  10. Thanks - when did you first notice excursions appearing? We have 434 days to go, and can't remember when they start showing up.
  11. If we want to prepay for the excursions - can I prepay when I call and book? If no, If I just book online, will my latitude number apply the correct discount before I pay? if yes, will I still see the excursion credit after I take the excursion as an OBC, or do I have to do something different to see it applied?
  12. We booked all private tours in Hawaii. I went through the link you were given above, and took out the ones that had the best recommendations, and booked them. We were elated with ALL of our private tours. I will say they were NOT cheap, so you may want to do a lot of DIY, which in Hawaii can be done very easily.
  13. Thanks - I did note it was a post from long ago, but I went directly to the website of the product that was mentioned. The cost has gone up form what they mentioned, but still within the reasonable aspects for us. I took a chance that the poster still read CC, so that I could thank them - and than you for the new link.
  14. We booked a suite on the POA. After cruising, I said to my husband, I wish we had booked the cheapest inside cabin. You literally use the POA as a floating hotel room. You get up in the morning, leave the ship, and come home just in time for dinner and we were so tired we feel asleep right away, to get up in the morning and do it all over again. I highly recommend this Hawaii cruise, but again, I would not book a very expensive cabin - save the $$ for different tours.
  15. thanks for this information - I had never heard of medjet - we are looking into it now - seems to meet the need we are going to have.
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