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  1. Thank you @TigerB, all updated and credited to you. Funchal has moved since I visited a couple of years back. This could be the first update / move I've done.
  2. Not been to Porto so not on me map I’m afraid. All gen gratefully received.
  3. Cost cuts from TfL following the pandemic. Red Arrow routes (507 and 521) were primarily commuter aimed services to get people to / from t’offices. Since the pandemic usage dropped and they are not sustainable. My limited understanding is to get continued funding TfL had to make x amounts of cuts and central London bus routes were reviewed and efficiencies made. Many route duplicated each other for miles and carrying fresh air. So cuts and changes made to maintain key links. The 11 has linked Victoria and Liverpool Street continually for 110+ years according to my records and was diverted to Waterloo in 2023 to replace the 507. I’m not an expert at politics and we have drifted off topic. Happy to help with journey enquiries. Call it a passing interest / occupational hazard.
  4. 507 was withdrawn last year. You need an 11 now been Vic and Waterloo.
  5. That said depending on the Medway town you may need to change at Dartford or London Bridge for Waterloo East. Some Medways only have the Thameslink service to Luton.
  6. I'd say try and get a Charing Cross train service, bail at Waterloo East, walk along to Waterloo and catch the SouthWestern service to Southampton Central.
  7. Where in Kent are you coming from? You can hop along the coast with some changes if near Ashford or into London and back out. If via London then Waterloo - Southampton is quickest. Victoria - Southampton is much slower. Again depending where in Kent you travel from Waterloo East - Waterloo may be convenient and has ramps / lifts to help. If you want to message me offline for further info then feel free to.
  8. Shameless plug for my map of berths and shuttle buses. Went to Stockholm in 2022 and straight into my top five ports. The sail in is awesome, I took a timelapse off the back of about three hours transit out before my battery ran out. Had a overnight stay and left mid-afternoon on Day 2. Shuttle buses provided and dropped off as shown on my maps. No issues.
  9. Following an incident a few years back train dispatch rules and methods have changed. More people use the railways in the UK compared to Ireland. The Passenger Train Interface (PTI) is one of the biggest risks associated with running trains and is taken very seriously in the UK. BR train services haven't existed since the mid 90s. The Cobh - Cork service is useful though, we had two days in Cobh and the option of getting to Cork was easy and appreciated. Cork station was a little way out of the centre though.
  10. Here's a link to the current Cobh - Cork railway timetable. Half hourly on Monday to Friday and hourly on a Saturday and Sunday. 26 mins into Cork. I did this a few years back, it was a booked hourly service but IE ran extras on the day. It was busy but had a seat both ways. https://www.irishrail.ie/getmedia/07903094-cff0-4db2-88a3-1eab9ca81359/13-Mallow-Cobh-Midleton.pdf
  11. Self disembarked from Iona in November. It's the default now it would appear, you don't have to register. We also got a disembarkation time of 09:20 should I have needed assistance. I was home, 111 miles away, by 08:45. If you can do, and we are lucky we can, it it is much much easier.
  12. Ditto Iona. Access from one device at a time but you can log off Device A and log onto Device B. Or logon to Device B and boot Device A off. We had two phones and a laptop that we connected one at a time. I'll add Iona's wifi was very good, could stream and download no problem though did go for the pricier option. Can't remember it going down either.
  13. I take a selection of small books and a Kindle. To be honest a Kindle can carry an entire library. Try and get the one that can be read in any light too. It would also be great if Iona passengers were spoken about with politeness, comments around whether or not we can read are not helpful even when in jest, it just adds to the "them and us" feel and doesn't make us feel welcome.
  14. On Iona a couple of weeks back I annoyed many many people on Deck 6 by asking for "two normal teas please" and being told to skip the entire queue as it just required some boiling H2O and a bag. I reckon if I was waiting it was a 20 minute wait. Compounding by never knowing whether to queue at the counter or wait to be served. But... that was a sea day and the worst, by a long way, I encountered. I have long been an advocate for two queues in places that serve drinks, one for coffee and maybe hoy choc and one for everything else. I have walked out of many at stations to make the train where I have just wanted a bottle of something or a tea, or food but been stuck whilst they make individual cups and do all the banging of stuff. I was in Greggs once and someone bought a sausage roll and six coffees. That was a long wait. I must get the CEOs email address for these places...
  15. This varies I find. I had a boarding time of 15:30, I was on Iona at 14:30. I was waved through. Only one, at the height of having to do PCRs did I have to wait. I guess it depends. If everyone rocked up early and started taking the Michael they may think again and start holding people. There are privies available if you have to wait.
  16. My map is now updated with TigerB's photos. Ta muchly. Click here
  17. You had a 50/50 chance and you were correct, he. And to save you all worrying, I’ll deal with the elephant in the room, he gets on just fine with a missing back toe. Will add the photos in when I get home, anyone has any shuttle bus hen you know where I am. It’s near 10,000 views and they aren’t all me so must be useful to some.
  18. @TigerB - ta me duck for the offer to use the photos. Are you happy for me to take all your accessible bus ones or just those from that post? I’m sure some find them useful. The shuttle in Lisbon went a long way to go not very far. I walked between ship and the centre stop in half the time. I only went on the shuttle as I erm… wanted to in all honesty. My second trip from ship to town I walked there and back. It’s not just Mrs RL that requests regular cat updates. The joys of messages and networks means we get updates too. He makes a guest appearance on my shuttle bus map. The tram 10 in Valencia looks a go-er too from the shuttle drop off to the centre-ish. May require a change onto the metro too.
  19. Ditto with Admiral. Upload booking confirmation with itinerary and I scanned the missed port letter from P&O. Used Admirals online form, quite intuitive. 72 hours later I had a call. No contesting it from them as no alternative port offered. I couldn't fault it really. I just hope this doesn't mean my quote next years jumps as I made a claim.
  20. On Iona the announcement was a letter would be prepared and delivered to cabins, and it was during the last week. One for each person.
  21. Did my first one following missing Alicante on Iona a couple of weeks ago. Claim submitted on Monday, call today with the offer, should have it within 10 days. Amazes me how companies can take payment within hours and it leaves my account but takes days the other way. Ho-hum.
  22. Beach House is bookable, you don't always have to in advance but an hour or two before. If you really want to go then I'd advise booking just in case. Olive Grove seemed really popular in 2021 and we struggled to get in. The last two weeks I got in twice with no problems at all. It wasn't full on either visit. I did get a "tut" from the host for rocking up seven minutes early on the first visit. Quays is good quality and turn up and eat. Keel & Cow I did for the first time, joined a virtual queue and was at a table within five mins. If the steaks are still from Onley Grounds then this is ironically my nearest farm shop to home. We had the 32oz tomahawk and it was amazing. Not done any of the others so can't comment. 2 formal nights on my 14 nighter, one on day three, one on the penultimate sea night. Plenty did dress up and plenty didn't. You won't be out of place doing either. As I keep saying my food doesn't taste any different because some are in black tie and I'm not. You are obviously limited to areas if not in black tie but to be honest not that many.
  23. Iona seems to be heading to Tenerife vice Funchal too, was that as intended?
  24. I’m 45 and not one person I know in my generation or those younger play bridge. I’m sure they are out there somewhere. Dancing is probably a little more popular thanks to Strictly. But board games and RPGs are increasingly popular. More change afoot methinks with these changes in what is offered.
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