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  1. The pictures of the Papantla flyers were awesome! We saw those recently in an episode of "The Amazing Race" and were in awe. And now I'm seeing them here in greater detail 😊
  2. Yes, thanks for clarifying - what I remembered you saying is in your last sentence. As always, appreciate you weighing in 👏
  3. Hi and welcome! How I wish HAL would cruise out of Galveston, but sadly we must go west or east. 🥺 I hope you find a HAL itinerary that appeals to you; they're not perfect, but we enjoy them very much.⛴️
  4. @luvteaching AK is amazing - I hope your cruises help comfort you. Hugs 🤗as you remember & miss your your DSIL. Cancer sucks.
  5. @mrs_hauntedskipper and the larger balcony is great for viewing Alaska. We were portside deck 6 2 cabins aft of the glass elevator last May in Eurodam - no issues w/the cabin or location. Safe travels- enjoy your cruise!
  6. @CruiserBruce have thoroughly enjoyed following your Run for the Sun!! I look forward to your final thoughts - safe travels home.
  7. Not urban myth - it has been discussed on CC threads that ship water does have more salt. I think @chengkp75 can provide details.
  8. You may not even need to tell them you want to redeem the free drink coupon; when they scan your card, they'll know if you've used it or not. I didn't mention it and got $11 off the price of a chocolate martini. That was Sept, so the limit may have increased.
  9. That's a happy ending! So, what had happened, do you know, with the address change request and apparently phony emails?
  10. I know someone will let us know about Big Wind Day💨 & Street Children. Big day in space. Pass on the meal & drink, would try the wine if the price is right, been to the port several times, but no pictures to post - they're on my computer. Thank you everyone for DH birthday wishes 🎂 he was touched by how many people he's not met thinking of him. This is the best group of people 🤗 @aliaschief pictures are wonderful - today's look like they're from the pages of National Geographic. Yesterday work was B2B calls w/several double booked; today is 0 calls so maybe I can get some work done. I really enjoyed seeing all the fur baby pictures yesterday - we sure have a lot of cute "kids." Wouldn't they make a nice calendar?🤔 Currently 48° headed to sunny 81°. If we hit that today and tomorrow is as windy as forecast, maybe the backyard will dry enough it can be mowed. Have a fan blowing under the kitchen sink and it's not dry yet. Prayers 🙏 and positive thoughts for all.
  11. WOW @aliaschief once again, your pictures are amazing - thanks for sharing.
  12. We have used tumblers we brought from home as well as the large coffee ones we bought on board in GDC & Explorations Cafe w/no issues. They have not put coffee in paper cup then had us pur into our tumblers, they fill directly into ours.
  13. Well said - thank you. Agree. And one HAL ship seems to be particularly popular.
  14. Not @Mary229 I classify opening my cabin door resulting in having an unleashed dog run into my cabin and bark at me as an "unprovoked encounter." Surely you don't suggest the mere act of a passenger opening their cabin door to be provocation?
  15. Had to do that for DH and I - fixed our log in issues.
  16. @StLouisCruisers Ashley is beautiful and Finn is quite handsome!! @puppycanducruise Bernie Woofster is absolutely adorable!! @Seasick Sailor Ollie is precious! @Overhead Fred thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Unrelated topic- cancer has taken O J Simpson.
  17. DH says thank you @Quartzsite Cruiser @marshhawk @cunnorl for the birthday wishes 🎂🥳 After working around people all day, he does not like to go out once he's home. I respect that, so we will have birthday dinner at home. I'll steam some crab legs & corn on the cob for him; I'll have a big salad. He will have a cake 🎂 w/candles for dessert. The small dog enjoys using the big dog for a pillow. I think big dog likes it - he never moves. The cat slips in when he can.
  18. Interesting collection of days - like many others here, I celebrate pets everyday but will certainly let them have their day. Pass on the meal, drink and wine; been to the port but not on a ship. Thanks to @JazzyV @Mr. Boston @smitty34877 @dfish @Denise T @StLouisCruisers @grapau27 @puppycanducruise and everyone else for DHs birthday wishes; apologies if I left someone off. I am sending each of them to him - wonder how long it takes before he asks where all the birthday wishes are coming from 🤷‍♀️ as immediate family gets smaller each year, receiving birthday blessings from the extended & adopted families is touching. WOW @aliaschief on the amazing food porn - looks like they really are taking care of you all!! @Heartgrove Sam is such a beautiful boy. Thanks to everyone for sharing pictures of their fur babies - I will be back to see what gets posted throughout the day. No such thing as too many pet pictures. It was 55° headed to sunny 64° when I checked several hours ago. Not getting out today, but will have the backdoor open if a breeze comes by. Prayers 🙏 and positive thoughts for all.
  19. Prayers 🙏 and positive thoughts DH appointment tomorrow goes well.
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