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  1. Being vacation, perhaps some people just don't pack any; same for patience. πŸ™„
  2. If I am Diamond (thus getting priority boarding) will my Gold status cabinmate get to skip the madness and board with me?
  3. Thinking of trying MSC; cruised many times on HAL, Carnival & Princess. Would you mind sharing what some of those "little annoyances that added up" were?
  4. Can you adjust the daily amount? If so, is that handled by a trip to GS once onboard? First time on MSC (not first time cruising) so I'm trying to understand their processes before sailing. Yhanks!
  5. I L❀️VE this - Life does keep coming & coming and we do need to enjoy & live to the best we can. Even on the days and during the times that seem impossible, the best is the best in that moment ✨️
  6. Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ 🎈 🎁 @summer slope
  7. HAL 4* matched to Diamond in less than 24 hours; showed on booking when I entered the number during booking. Submitted DH same day I received mine and still haven't heard back. Should we reach out to them (if so, who?) or submit again? He's also military - what do we do to get his military discount and do we have to do it every booking? TIA - first time trying MSC and epuld like to get it right so we gave best experience possible.
  8. I did something similar w/the big dog the other day, but it was accidental not intentional (and hopefully a 1 & done) - dropped a CFA peach milkshake on the floor, called him over then stood back and let him enjoy. Then I got the mop πŸ™„ He was up most the night wanting to play, I wanted to 😴
  9. @dfish πŸ™ for you and your care team during tomorrow's ablation.
  10. This. Enjoy your benefits and cruise!! @jlawrence01
  11. Power is restored. All the buzzable, blinking, dinging devices had not even finished signaling they'd come to life when the power company called to say they'd finished repairs. Also got a text. Maybe all the attention is in response to the really really bad press they got a couple years ago during the storm/freeze that knocked out power across the state resulting in much loss of human life (people literally froze to death in their living room chairs). Or maybe they have new leadership that cares πŸ€” πŸ™„
  12. Happy Birthday @JazzyV to your BFF 🍰πŸ₯³ I hope he's making good progress w/full recovery in sight. And hope PCP is able to quickly sort out your issues.πŸ€•
  13. @Seasick Sailor πŸ™ for continued good recovery for your sister. @kazu good to hear from you; 🀞 and πŸ™ you get better sleep and feel better as the days progress; please reach out to your care team sooner than later if your condition warrants it - we (including Ivan) need you healthy. @Nickelpenny the hutch looks great! My morning is not going well 🀨 - Rec'd a call from PT that I missed my appt - alarm didn't go off. Then rec'd a text from ATT they had detected an issue w/my internet service and were troubleshooting. Then rec'd a call from Oncore (electric provider) they are working on restoring service to my area and to call them back if it's not on in 2 hours. I wasn't even aware I didn't have power - I only turn the lights on when it gets dark, don't have TV on during work hours, only look at computer battery when the screen goes dark, and it hasn't gotten hot enough for the a/c to kick on, so I just didn't know 🫣Who knew internet and electric providers monitored services and reached out directly to customers when they detected issues? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ But now the I know, I want my power back, lol.
  14. We've been in 5185 a couple times and consider it the best of the best. The balcony is much deeper than on other decks - these compare it to deck 4. You'll have plenty of room for eating and wildlife watching. We like 5185 because it's center aft, so you get a full view left and right.
  15. @Heartgrove you cruise MSC, correct? If so, may I bother you with a few questions?
  16. Yes still 60 days so long as it's outside final payment. You do need the form, cannot be done via phone call.
  17. Splenda was available on NS Nov/Dec '23 on the Rome->FLL TA.
  18. I'm sure not asking for flooding, but I'd gladly accept the rain if you'd kindly send it our way when you're done with it. What we've gotten is really no more than spittle (maybe 1/4") and certainly will not make a dent in the cracks 🫠 Glad it looked worse than it was and you did not have damage. β›ˆοΈ
  19. I agree @Cruising-along the weather apps are easily confused. I'm listening to rain right now, but this is what Mr Weather says; maybe the little guy has his mask too high & it's covering his eyesπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ And rain start time has been pushed back to 2pm πŸ™„ Your flower and beach pictures are beautiful - thanks for sharing.
  20. Welcome home @StLouisCruisers - glad you made it safely after driving πŸš— for a very long night. You may just be getting close, but you'll make it 😎 Happy we're sending @St Pete Cruiser off instead of bringing them home. Hope your cruise is super wonderful after what it took to get you there. Thank you @Heartgrove for your dedication to our freedom. Safe travels @aliaschief. We got a little rain last night. Just as I was taking a screenshot of the weather, it changed from "light rain" to "cloudy" and the person put her umbrella πŸŒ‚ away. Rain predicted to start again around 1pm. Prayers πŸ™ and positive thoughts for all.
  21. Happy Birthday 🍰 @Sharon in AZ to your DH πŸ₯³
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