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  1. Haven't read the posts since I was last here, maybe you guys have already spoken about this, but we watched The Haunting of the Queen Mary on Sky Cinema, there is some real video of when QM was first docked ion California, Captain being interviewed, and the film was shot in the ship.... there are some good scenes, thought of you here, wonder if anyone has seen it? Timing goes from 1938 to present day, jumps on and off, apparently the 1938 is well done as in looks of the ship goes, made us even more willing to go for QM2 Transatlantic this year 🙂
  2. agree with this 🙂 Don't remember if we asked for cream on room service, but I asked and was given cream in my coffee at lunch and dinner 🙂 As for the amount of cream designations in the UK... I have to admit I was puzzled because in the cites I lived in Brazil & Argentina, there was only cream, which you could use to whip too, well, this was way before the internet. Here in England, my mother in law gave me the explanation about fat contents and what to use in which case, great, but.... I had fallen in love in the USA with "creamers" which I tried both in liquid and powdered form. After looking intensely where (London), I found the only one available to buy, which was Coffee Mate, only that one flavour, original or light, red and blue lids, but nothing like the flavour galore I had in the US, anyway, was fine...only we have been unable to find the light one for almost a year now, the red is so intensely sweet, but even if I wanted to buy, it has gone up so much in price, it isn't worth it.
  3. we almost bought the premium soft drinks package for later next year sailing for 35 a day each of us (can't remember right now but I'm almost sure is US $), thought about buying after reading this thread, we thought if we pay now, will be saving if the package increases price.... then to be sure, we looked at the final bill we payed in September. Our conclusion was as you point out: No way we would be spending $35 a day each in soft drinks, the alcohol we drunk, the most expensive were the bottles of wine at MDR,I can't drink much alcohol as my medication galore doesn't much allow, then the amount of soft drinks we would consume would never amount to £35 a day each.... my daughter pointed out that with the amount of on board credit we have this time, we could cover drinks with that and still have some money left for hairdressers and maybe something else without having too spend of our own money....
  4. Belated Christmas & New Year's wishes to all, hope everyone had a great time, I couldn't read it all as I had 3 or 4 pages full of posts and I am painfully slow at reading at the mo, but enjoyed those photos! The weather here is the very worse I have faced in 30 something years in England, hope with all my heart that those of you in areas affected (not just in the UK) with floods and speedy winds are staying safe. I wonder how affected the ships that are sailing around the areas of the storms are doing... this made me re-think as we realized late that the cabin we were given for next Christmas is right in the very front of the boat...we booked on board so as we were booking an access cabin, I assumed it would be placed in a balanced place... called Cunard see if we could, not change, but cancel that booking and buy another in a different cabin, we asked for a cabin in the region of the one we were in September in deck 6... we would have to pay more money, not too much, but we would also loose some of the onboard credit we were given, so we decided against, we want to book another cruise and also have some other travels we need to do, which makes the need to keep saving... Once again, hoping you all had a great Christmas, wishing you all the best for this new year 🙂
  5. not sunrise, Queen Victoria this past September, on the 12th that if I'm not mistaken was our Gala Night, As I said, not sunrise, but loved having this view in our balcony all the week through....I am picking some photos for the scrapbook pages, just thought I share....
  6. Barbara, what an amazing view to wake up to!!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous photo!!!!! -the Jakarta one particularly, had not seen this last one when replying..... but wouldn't mind waking up to any of your photos ❤️
  7. @rakkor thanks! I knew about the Instant Pot pressure cooker, we cook a lot with a stove top pressure cooker, and then some 10 years ago I got an electric slow cooker which we use a lot. When I heard of the Instant Pot (which had both features at the time) it was expensive... I got then a King's Pro, which is supposed to do the same....it was a gift, I had by then already known that in these kind of things, it is worth paying more....my thing was trying to cut down on the amount of washing up (our pans are brilliant but not dishwasher safe) as it was then that I started to get worse with mobility. That Kings Pro was used twice... because it was small, when we used the frying function it would end up steaming stuff, not sure how to explain, but we gave it away. I did look at the Instant Pot Pro Crisp, but the smallest is that the smallest is 5.7 L and weights 8 kg, the Ultimate weights 10.6...as product dimension actually isn't that big, I think it maybe more or less the size of the 3.8 Ninja air fryer but I would never be able to move it 😞 I was looking for a 2, 3L maximum, more as a way of not deep frying anymore, cutting down on both health risk and the gas bill... Ended up late last night getting the 3.8 Ninja on Amazon, we'll see how it goes 🙂
  8. I am enjoying your posts so much, we started travelling with my daughter from 7 month old, some of our most amazing memories were made with her as a toddler.... like yours, our girl started enjoying great food very early.... your photos are so beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!!!! ❤️
  9. on a non cruise o TV/stream related thing.... any of you have an Air Fryer? I have been tempted too buy but we are tight on space, I know in the States there are 1.1, 2L & 2,2 sized ones that I can see YouTube videos and know people who have them, the smallest I found here is 3L, which I'm reluctant to buy as not sure I can trust the reviews.... The smallest Ninja is 3.8.... I'm trying g to evaluate if we would use it enough to have that much space taken.....
  10. @techteach Watched latest episode very early this morning, Cunard again mentioned... my daughter has been very busy and -I think she feels she would be betraying Downton Abbey LOL- has not watched any of it.... she tells me if they film in any of the Queens, she is willing to catch up and watch it with me..... 😁
  11. yup, we stayed in when Queen Victoria stopped in Alghero in September... we had even payed for the tour, but (as I have stayed a few times in other threads) for us the experience is life at sea, not so much the ports 🙂
  12. @ClipperinSFO funny, this was my daughter's argument for going for it.... she has been already converting her friends to Cunard, the con from her point of view is that not only we'll be in Lisbon Xmas 24, but she has been hammering me for years how she has never really felt the urge to go to Portugal in general, she is considering this because the port isn't important... thanks so much all, once again 🙂
  13. Thank you all 🙂 and yes, @ace2542 I think it is to do with cancellations as it came through a travel agent, waiting for my daughter to make her mind up until 18:30 deadline for us to book or not 🙂
  14. mmm true, we loved the Chart Room QVic... was first place we sat down embarkation day, had a wonderful chat with a barman and some pax, and went back almost every day of the week ❤️ awww thanks!!!!! you made my day 🙂 When we were booking on board, Queen Anne was suggested but I said to my daughter I thought first voyages would need adjustment. or the kind of thing exlondoner mentions.... Thanks 🙂 they sent us 5 emails in the past 48 hours, with details of what can be booked, so I suppose some cabins are still available? I said no to QA when we booked on board because I thought something of the sort could happen, my daughter now is telling me she knows some of the QV crew will be assigned to QA so maybe we should consider.... I think I would be more at home after the maiden voyage, but at this present time, the dates of the maiden voyage are good for my daughter, taken that doing a solo trip will cost me almost same as having her with me, I'm aiming for sailing together. The one downside of Cunard being so fabulous and exactly what we love is that financially is a bit more expensive.... I have looked at cheaper lines offers, but after looking at a few, most being those huge ships which are most definitely a no no, both of us decided not to look at nothing else anymore, we are just looking at Cunard's 🙂
  15. Hi guys, gonna pick your brains again, taken that your info and opinions made our first Cunard sailing be marvellous, and our next isn't until Christmas 24. We booked because we wanted to be on Queen Victoria again, don't want to fly, but there is soooooo much time until then, we are looking into booking something for 2024. Just saw they will have Coward's Brief Encounter at the Royal Court, which is kinda attractive to us. Would you book a first voyage? all opinions welcome 🙂
  16. same here, when I click or even hover over the account, this menu drops down, which includes Manage my Booking & Log in/Register
  17. Today I got the last Cunarder on an email...does it mean they wont send the paper version to newer passengers? or may I get one on the post later?
  18. not Cunard, and very very old (2010), but was just organising albums to move to EHDs, thought I d share 🙂 eta: needless to say, is a sunset
  19. I find it difficult to navigate the galleries in general... sometimes seeing a beautiful photo, c licking on it to know where in the world or the ship's name...people rarely post the info? I perfectly understand not wanting to post personal info, but the name of the ship or the location? is it me not knowing how to look?
  20. oh yes, agree all the way (in all!)..... Downton was amazing in so many ways, the characters were brilliant, the acting talent marvellous, was also very special to us, we watched together every Sunday, was a bit of a ritual, streaming wasn't anywhere near what it is today... I have been told to watch Monarch of Glen, will look at where we can access 🙂 yes...but the fashion....!!!!! 🤩 also would need to make a parenthesis from, say, 38 to 48...then would have 5 years or so to sail with stabilisers!!!!!! 🚢 🛳️
  21. @NE John I always said I was born in the wrong era... not sure I would be very happy in the 1880 or even before 1920s, but most certainly would have loved sailing with Cunard in the 1930s onwards! Do you know the series? The Gilded Age?
  22. In general, if I read the book and loved it, 90% of the time I rather not watch the movie, but agree on the fact that some films based in books can be done wonderfully. I LOVED The girl in the train book, my daughter gave it for my birthday the year it had just released. When they decided to do the film but moved it to New York City, as much as my love for New York is as great as my love for London, I decided not to watch the movie, there are certain things in the book that had worked in my mind perfectly located in London. Then there is The Woman in the Window. I read it voraciously, loved every minute, then when the film was advertised...Amy Adams does not fit the picture I had in mind and I think they changed the plot slightly, my daughter watched it and didn't like it much. Another reference to Cunard on TV/streaming : The Gilded Age latest episode shown in the UK this week has Carrie Coon talking about Cunard. 🙂
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