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  1. On Nordnorge outside with porthole, on Midnatsol in inside and on Fram inside, I was able to put my suitcase and backpack underneath the bed.
  2. Ah, yes I see your predicament. Well, the Windstar sounds like a great option for you!
  3. Travel insurance! I had already booked our flights as well.
  4. Who are you sailing? I know when I just sailed Fram in Greenland there was a sign at reception that said to "ask about available upgrades." Not sure about doing it ahead of time. Worth a try!
  5. Just got word today the April 7, 2020 Seadream 2 transatlantic from Puerto Rico to Lisbon has been cancelled. 😥 Our options are to sail Seadream 1's TA, which doesn't work for my work schedule or a full refund of monies paid. Mom and I are so disappointed. 😥
  6. For me worth every penny. 🙂 It's done by lottery since so many people want to do it and it's only offered once per voyage and limited to 30 when I sailed. Looks like it says limit to 24 now?
  7. Onboard during the excursion information meeting and in daily programs. Some cost money, some are simply free hikes led by the team.
  8. In 2016 On Nordnorge there were many hikes led by the team. I enjoyed them very much!
  9. Snowshoeing, kayak and camping extra. I did them all. 🙂 All landings and cruising on zodiacs included on Midnatsol as of November 2018.
  10. Apparently this is something offered now since I've seen lots of photos of it over on FB. Not sure how it's advertised or when it's offered. But it's pretty cool seeing photos taken standing at the hole in the mountain!
  11. Many questions already answered but I'll just give my experience. Regarding excursions, unlike most above, I took every excursion I possibly could. I loved every one and felt they added so much to my enjoyment of the cruise, getting out and into nature and the thick of things. I did a long review of that coastal cruise where I talk about what excursions I chose. I was there mid September 2016 and saw Aurora 5 nights out of 11. Was pretty magical. The tap water on the table is perfect. Here's the link to my review https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2330054-trip-report-ms-nordnorge-sep-25-oct-5-2016/
  12. I booked my two Fram cruises on the Norwegian site with substantial savings as well. Had no problem. When the excursion forms were sent in Norwegian, I simply asked they be sent in English.
  13. There was a safe on Fram inside cabin. I honestly don't remember if there was one on Midnatsol or Nordnorge. I dont' use them.
  14. Hi Fran, the ships are very warm, too warm for me. I wore tshirts in Antarctica on the ship! The waterproof shell is key with good layers (wool) underneath. The wind is what you'll need most protection from when the ship is moving. I also found it very windy at Nordkapp
  15. Hi Fran as a woman with long hair i found the hair dryers on the wall on Nordnorge inadequate. I brought my own on Midnatsol and am glad i did because they had the same dryers. I plan on bringing my own on Fram as well. I love the Arctic Pure hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I did bring a travel size heavy duty conditioner to use every few days since my hair is long. The plugs are typical 2 prong European plugs.
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