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  1. The Jewel of the Seas has a Transatlantic sailing at the end of November from Rome to Galveston. We have been sailing out of Fort Lauderdale on Celebrity but recently booked this one.
  2. Its all about keeping your hands washed and a little luck. I have had it once in around 50 cruises. It was not fun. My wife was of course in the same room and never got it. Norovirus does not really concern me. The new Coronavirus gives me some concern.
  3. I am the original poster. I called back for the third time this morning. They are saying it was a technical glitch. They are supposed to have an IT guy working on it and think he will have it fixed in a week. At that time I will have to get a new password.
  4. We may have gotten it straightened out. They are saying it was an unusual technical glitch. RCL IT department is working on it and should have it fixed in a week. I will then have to change my password to log in to the website. thanks for your responses.
  5. thanks , its gone from the upcoming cruises list and I have tried to re add it.
  6. Five days ago one of our upcoming cruises disappeared off the RCL website. We called RCL twice and they told us both times to make sure we were using Google Chrome and to just wait a couple of hours. We installed Google Chrome but still have only one upcoming cruise visible. RCL shows the cruise on their end. Any Ideas?
  7. We received our seapass cards at check in but had to wait to around 1:00 pm to enter the room and drop off luggage.
  8. Sorry, I don not like going and standing in line at Guest relations for any reason especially something that should be handled by the ship. Not a good way to start off a vacation.
  9. My wife and I returned a few days ago from a ten day Southern Caribbean sailing on the Reflection. We were one of the first couple of hundred persons to board and we headed to the Al Bacio café and ordered two coffees. A short time later our waiter came back with our card and bill. I had noticed him talking back and forth with a guy who I think was his supervisor. On our bill the waiter had only written a description of our coffees but no prices; he then informed us that they were slow in getting newly arrived guests credit card information into the computer and that we would have to take our copy of the bill to guest services in ordered to be charged and to verify the purchase. We waited until the next morning and went to guest services. When we handed the lady behind the counter ? She looked at us like we were nuts and then asked, " Whats this ? Where are the prices? . We explained and she said, " These will be free". Three days later the coffees showed up on our bill. In my opinion El Bacio should start taking care of their own business . A trip to Guest Relations is not a good way to start off a cruise. On a positive note the food , service, and ship were very good.
  10. Thanks, it sounds like I wasted $200. The guy that sold it onboard was a great salesman. Live and Learn.
  11. Today I was going thru some old papers when I found a Celebrity Open Passage which I had purchased back in 2012. I had placed it in my safe and had totally forgotten about it. If I remember correctly this has no expiration date. Is this correct? Also can I use this with a travel agent or only Celebrity. Its been a long time and I have sailed Celebrity several times since I purchased this but I totally forgot about it and I am totally in the dark. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Clark
  12. If I carry my Passport, X Press Pass, credit card and money in my travel vest I could board the ship should all my luggage be lost. Correct ? I have printed the E Docs in the past but they really are not necessary. Correct? Thanks Clark
  13. This song was released in the " Summer of Love" 1967. I was a twenty year old kid in beautiful Southeast Asia and listened to it on AFN. The song probably brings back fond memories for many but not for me.
  14. We received one of the MOVE UP bidding deals from Celebrity. I am considering bidding on a Celebrity or Signature suite. Both suites appear to be the same 394 square feet and the balconies are the same size also. It appears there is somewhat of a difference in the layout. Is there any real differences? Any preferences anyone? We will be sailing on the Reflection. THANKS
  15. We stayed at the Olivia Plaza in May this year. Very Clean, Modern. Rooms are large by European Standards and its close to public transportation.
  16. I am sure they would recognize the electronic boarding pass on your phone. I am old and old school and have never used a boarding pass on an I phone . The last time we were at FCO was in November 2015. There had been a fire and the place was an absolute mad house with security attempting to route passengers around the damaged area. I hope you have better luck.
  17. You should be at able to print your boarding pass in the computer center 24 hours before your flight.
  18. Personally, I would allow one hour from port to airport plus another three hours to get thru security and to the gate. Total 4 hours after exiting the ship. The Italian airport personnel and security staff can be slow and not at all helpful. A lot depends on the flight load for the particular day that you will be traveling. This airport can be OK or it can become a madhouse. TIP: Be sure to have your boarding passes printed before arriving at this airport.
  19. thanks, for your response. This answers my question. I have used OBC for many purchase but never gratuities.
  20. What I meant to say is can it be applied toward onboard gratuities?
  21. We have a large amount of onboard credit for an upcoming cruise . Most of this credit is from Celebrity. In the past we have spent most onboard credit on onboard shopping or excursions. My question is if we do not spend this can it be applied towards our gratuities? thanks
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