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  1. We stayed in Parsippany last time we cruised out of Cape Liberty..Hampton Inns was lovely and about $100 cheaper than those near the port. Only a 30 minute drive to port,
  2. We stayed here, right next to St Marks Square, steps from water buses & taxis. Yummy continental breakfast, helpful staff. Good rooms but no elevator. Hotel Wildner
  3. When the ship changes the itinerary always contact the vendor and read the fine print...
  4. There was one day we were starving after an excursion, we dumped our stuff in the cabin & ran up for teatime. I saw the sinks & dragged DH with me to wash our hands...many of the washrooms on these excursions don’t have hot water & soap. Yes you can use sanitizer but love this option in the buffet.
  5. The Oceanview buffet on the summit has sinks with soap so you can wash your hands before getting food.
  6. After barely making a Mediterranean cruise thanks to flight delays, we always fly in 1-2 days before. We booked the Hampton Inn, spent our day picking up some items we forgot at Walgreens, walked along the beach then hung out at the pool area which is great then met our roll call peeps for dinner. Our flight was 2 hours late leaving Newark but I wasn’t worried...thanks to planning our early arrival. Nice to relax in beautiful San Juan too
  7. Excellent report, we were on the Bernards tour...we spent time at the beach with the very rough water.
  8. The air conditioning is too high in the evening...otherwise no complaints
  9. So far so good, we were on this cruise to and enjoyed dinner in Oceanview a few times. DH was hooked on the Indian food
  10. On the last evening chic night, DH had the beef Wellington with a side of lobster tail, I just had the lobster tail this was on the 1/4/20 summit Cruise
  11. Hey while Sakari didn't get to do the ropes course, she learned a great new skill - chess! I hope she did get to do it in the end.
  12. No need to apologize- you could have easily skipped doing a review given your difficulties getting around!
  13. Thank you! I’m hoping to travel light but DH seems to love overpacking
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