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  1. We're booked on the 12 Night Eastern Caribbean on 9/5 and am wondering about switching to BTB Eastern and Western or an Eastern on Equinox and maybe Bermuda on Summit. Being from Florida, the flight/quarantine situation in NJ prior to a cruise might be prohibitive.😕
  2. Waiting to see if our 9/5 12 Eastern Caribbean 12 nighter will be dinged! Not holding our breath either. ☹️
  3. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5632/?et_cid=3363839&et_rid=129340431&et_referrer=newsletterPopup
  4. Purchased Chester's book the other day and began reading it today. Have enjoyed it very much. Whimsical and witty much like his posts. Would recommend it to anyone who likes to read cruise reviews.
  5. This is an excellent post and advice. All of these posts offer great advice and perspective. Anytime you get to travel to and within Europe you are in for a wonderful experience. Take what you can from these great posts, plan a wonderful cruise, explore, immerse, enjoy, and relax. Write a wonderful cruise review that we can all read when you get back and we'll all point back to this thread and say, "hey, we helped them plan that cruise!" LOL
  6. Isn’t there some kind of saying though that great minds think alike? 🤔 🤨 MisterMet
  7. I’m glad you like how I think😆. I’ve been accused by many of being a little goofy, mostly by MrsMet! Appreciate your comment. Enjoy your sail away party to your pool! MisterMet
  8. After Celebrity announced the latest batch of cancellations running through July 31 including our 10 night RT from Venice to the Greek Islands on the Constellation, the 3 couples that were going requested refunds. We were quoted 30-45 days, but we all expect that number to double. The aggrieved travelers later gathered for the following ceremony at our house: It seemed the proper way to end the whole thing. We’ve decided as a group to look into something if, and when a vaccine is developed. It makes me sad though that my favorite thing in the whole world to do won’t
  9. Trip and Pam(she’s GrazieMommy on CC). We’re here year round. We still have 2 FCCs booked from our last Equinox cruise so we too will be taking a refund. We probably should not have made the last payment but it was March 24, right when all of this really began. Enjoy the Cape whenever you get there. Hopefully we’ll meet before then. Trip
  10. 6443. Walked by your place this morning with my Golden Graziella. You live next to Tony and Robin? Great people. I’m really bummed about our trip but am trying to focus on the bigger picture. Lost a wonderful friend to the virus. As a NYer originally, its hard not feel the gravity of all this from many perspectives. I hope that for the industry’s sake things can return soon, but under the right conditions. Caution over speed. We’ll get back on the seas eventually, and we’ll all have a wonderful time like always.
  11. Oville, Good to see your post. The Waverly Green crew of 6 that was all set for a June 22 departure from Venice is now planning a “social distancing event on our lanai refund party” and we’ll be looking into 2021 Eastern Mediterranean departures. Neither Italy nor Greece are open to tourists yet.😕 Can’t imagine any Europe season any time soon. MisterMet Of Waverly Green
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