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  1. I booked a cruise last year and put down Refundable deposit that’s due in May haven’t called them yet, cuz I’m dealing with another cruise that’s been canceled was thinking about sending email rather than calling..l want my deposit back....
  2. Good for you your thinking about your father 🤗
  3. Just got email NCL/casino certificate getting full refund to my cc account. I looked on NCL app it’s totally empty no existing cruise exists.
  4. What do you mean? Wait until right before our cruise to rebook what cruise are Referring to?
  5. Agree, in fact that’s what I plan on doing same here leaving in a few weeks also. enjoy your vacation 😎🛳️
  6. Good for you that you’re getting out there 👍 it’s not good to depend so much on mates we have to be self efficient and know what’s going on. Check different sites it depends on where your looking to go. Cabins are based on double occupancy so you’ll have to pay double even if it’s just for a solo traveler. happy travels 😊
  7. I’m taking a Norwegian Cruise (Joy) 7 day Cruise inside cabin I got email from the cruise line stating that I have the option to bid for an upgradeThis is the first time I ever received something like this and I’ve been on several cruises any input would help thanks
  8. That’s the thing I don’t know where on the ship I would be?
  9. It’s bidding for an upgrade I’m on the Norwegian joy inside cabin and the bid started off at $225.00 This is for a seven day cruise to the Mexican Riviera
  10. Has everyone one done or Taken advantage of a cruise upgrade I just got a email from cruise line stating To upgrade I have an inside cabin they’re giving me the option to Oceanview or balcony I’ve never did this before any input would help thanks
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