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  1. 😄 " Get rid of the MDR instead." I didn't see that option.
  2. how do you want the head stone to read ?
  3. other than a mid night visit to the loo, I wear ankle socks.
  4. my sister has the gift of opinionated gab. A bonafide no filter Felicia, knowing this is half the battle, dealing with it is another. I have resorted to using body language the she understands. When her inquisition becomes uncomfortable, I turn face her and stare. That's her cue, and usually works, if not I turn and walk away and since it's usually about her, she excuses herself and follows me. At the table I'll carefully lean over and whisper " you have something in between your teeth " (code) she either stops talking or excuses her self from company.
  5. well, this thread has been an enlightening look into my fellow c cer's psyche
  6. good to know that someone else has the same mindset
  7. Hey a fellow Myrtle Ave. cruiser 👍
  8. My wife and I are there ( and the casino ) with ya buddy ..... 270 day's +/- a day or two in Barcelona..🤗
  9. November, where ya headed in November 😁
  10. heaven help ya if ya forget something at the grocery store
  11. awww .... I/we just dropped 8 k on the expectation of having a great relaxing, fun and memorable vacation, whats another couple hundred. 😁
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