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  1. I concur, I visited friends and family in the bay area over the holidays and at that time some where ill. Unfortunately we had no idea at the time what it was and I lost a good friend to the virus.
  2. this has been kinda like watching a soap opera in slow motion. I'm optimistic Carnival corp. will maneuver through this difficult time and like you stated will come out leaner in the end. I think the difficulty lies in a segment of the customer base that may be short sighted.
  3. " CCL will get good deal on oil price too " that's interesting
  4. thanks for the heads up, & we will check our's
  5. Carnival is planning on salvaging that itinerary even if it's just part of it.
  6. we, my wife & I had same symptoms in January. Threw us for a loop, finally went to an E R , was prescribed zpak. Two weeks later symptoms started to reside. At one point it felt like I had cracked ribs from coughing so much. Hang in there N Y ♥️ & 🙏
  7. we'll be on that Discovery cruise with ya, keep it positive. poor yourselves a glass of Symphony Hill cab and relax.
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