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  1. undoubtebly some one who sits in the board room was reading these thread topics on tipping.
  2. it has been convenient service to rely on for long over seas trips. Expensive yes, but not having to lug around and worry about luggage making connecting flights is a bonus. They do ask that the luggage be sent 10 to 12 days prior. Directed to be sent to the hotel where we will be reunited. There has been no damage to the luggage or contents.
  3. wonderful, lots of room. quite, lots of closet space, barrel chair, comfy sofa, a little wet bar, real nice bed and large deck with loungers for sipping evening cocktail and morning ones too.
  4. this might very well be the pre boarding exercise of the future
  5. do I have to have a shaved head to get that mask ?
  6. not me, I just ask my secretary what's up.
  7. I couldn't get that to open without having to pay someone something 🤨 so, lets try this one .. https://www.fox5vegas.com/coronavirus/2-deaths-29-hospitalizations-from-breakthrough-covid-19-cases-in-clark-county/article_b0bcf590-aed4-11eb-96f6-0f6498101c5a.html
  8. Hank, for the most part I agree however; the way our government is set up , I don't see this happening. Especially with that free choice thing .
  9. 🤨 so the swifty part doesn't apply anymore ? I have a greater chance of contamination on the elevator at work than on a ship where passengers and crew are vaccinated.
  10. ya, but don't ya feel naughty ... even a little bit 😃
  11. Bwaaa Ha Haa Haaaa ... No reservations needed for those eligible for Club Class Dining. I feel so naughty. 🙄
  12. I think the photo of me turned out pretty good .
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