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  1. 🤣... so if your a tour guide and you have 45-50 in your group, T A's come in handy.
  2. wonderful video, loved it. I see someone has a sweet tooth 😄
  3. 🤣 I donno, I can't shake the idea that being stuck on an 80th floor elevator ride with you, will lead to me questioning my sobriety.
  4. clo, your on holiday and should be relaxing, not worried about what they do.
  5. we'll be spending more time at the Bodega Bay abode.
  6. .... "The unprecedented scope of cancellations has also resulted in bottlenecks due to credit card processing times, stay-at-home orders, and other mitigating factors: "One PVO also explained their staff has been reduced. Another specified that in refunding passengers, they are dealing with 13 different currencies." Cruise lines also pointed out the difficulties that arise when customers dispute charges with credit card companies rather than waiting for refund, a situation that put increased burdens on lines to avoid double-refunds, further taking time away from the refund process." This is an informative article from contributor Aaron Saunders today . Cruise News Federal Maritime Commission to Weigh In on Cruise Line Refund Policies https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5490/
  7. so, off the grid kinda cruiser .... better safe than sorry..
  8. agreed, when on holiday time and how long it takes, gets little to no consideration from me.
  9. informative answered nine out of ten questions I was curious about.
  10. 👍 that's the attitude we adopt in CDC .... . . . . . . . California Department of Corrections
  11. I can see this being the future but, I personally want to see (in person) whom I might be sharing a life raft with. 😄
  12. are ya gettin out to the course and palyin'?
  13. intro session and I'm glad because it would have easily turned into a session.
  14. 37:00 lol .....😄 that guitar is a Antonio Tessarin we ordered ahead and picked up in Brazil before boarding.
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