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  1. Are there kiosks so one can load their gift cards on their account?
  2. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I’ve been reading of sold out hotels. I’d be booking a refundable hotel in both cities.
  3. I wash in cold at home. I send a bag of laundry nearly every day on the ship and include everything except clothing I hang dry or dry clean. I've never had a problem and been doing it for years.
  4. I just took my grand kids—5 of them ages 5-11 along with my DD and her husband on the vista sailing you mentioned above. They loved it. They really liked the kids club and asked to go every day. They really enjoyed the beach at Grand Turk and had a lot of fun in the pool at Amber cove. We did not get off the ship at half moon cay and just enjoyed the water park on the ship all day. We stayed in a family harbor suite and connecting balcony room and the family harbor lounge was a huge bonus for breakfast and snacks. They have asked to go again so we are going on the same ship mainly because finding connecting cabins for a group of 8 is not easy. I was used to the older carnival ships such as spirit breeze dream victory and triumph so navigating this ship was a little more difficult for me but we all had a good time.
  5. This is great advice however per my broker it is not a bad investment IF you are going to get the OBC AND you are going to use said OBC AND you cruise often enough AND you have the disposable cash to do it. Lots of caveats to make it worth while. It would not be a good investment for me if I can't use it for that reason.
  6. not trying to beat an already very dead horse but ... Nearly every cruise booked by every individual is on a sale of some sort and not just casino discounts. Are they singling out casino discounts and not approving those or ALL discounted cabins? I'd like to verify in any way possible because I sold my stock right after I stopped crusing for a while and want to repurchase. The ROI is excellent for those who cruise alot.
  7. can you elaborate. I have a couple of casino offers that are a "reduced rate" (not really) but just have OBC. Whats the "rule" re stockholder credit?
  8. go to aarp.com. Along the top right just before your name it says AARP rewards. click there then scroll down until you see show all rewards. a red bar in the center of the page. click that and then look for carnival gift card.
  9. My BFF just got hers and it took 2-3 weeks! I was shocked!
  10. I was able to snag no single supplement on carnival valor 5 day august 10 sailing. Not sure how. I was just looking and bam! So I booked it! Yay me!
  11. For more information than you probably want easily explained look at "What is going on with shipping? Sal Mercoglianos YT.
  12. Honestly if you’re new and want to sit down the last seat may not be available. If you are interested in playing and are willing to receive guidance just ask. Most of the players are very friendly. Heck even the dealers will help if you ask. OTOH if you want to muddle your way through and make a bunch of bozo plays some players may get up and leave. You are correct it is your hand to play.
  13. Completely fair question. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting at a full blackjack table when everyone plays "right". I could be wrong, but everyone's odds are better in this case. I am a rule follower, so I try to play by the rules of the game. I guess I twitch just a tad when blatantly obvious bad plays are made. This is my problem and no one elses. That said you are absolutely correct. They are their hands to play. I just don't have to stay and suffer the downstream consequences, therefore I don't.
  14. I retired July 1st from a private medical practice. I now work 7 days a month (I choose my days) so I don’t lose my mind. After 28 years of 80-100 hour work weeks it took a while to figure out my new life. I now have a bunch of cruises booked so I’m getting there! Yay me!
  15. I just sent this post to my email and will print out for reference for my August Valor cruise. Thanks for this!!
  16. You can always ask, but I don't think so.
  17. and where was this large batch of delisciousness bought?
  18. I've got a Panama Canal transit coming up and about 7 others booked, but I do like the longer sailings so will give that a look. Thanks!👍
  19. Are there no more St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua itineraries? Or were those only out of SJ. I can't remember. I would love to hit some of those islands again.
  20. ...and ideally 35% DEET such as deep woods off or cutter I think
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