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  1. Sure seemed that way from the posts complaining about refunds.
  2. Take a look over at the Silversea forum. You'll see folks that are "fuming" over the SS delay in announcing changes, including a long-time Crystal cruiser who left for greener pastures.
  3. Looked at my wave and wind forecast app....you folks are in for a rough ride pretty much all the way to Hawaii. Wear those shoes with the grippy soles. And handrails are your friend.
  4. THE FINEST CUISINE AT SEA® You forgot to include the registered trademark symbol. The legal beagles will be coming soon.
  5. Perhaps this is due to Oceania over-promoting their product. "Best cuisine at sea" and other luxury pronouncements may be a bit much for a premium-level line.
  6. An email saying "We are fine - having a great time. Will send you pictures when we get home" would seem to get across the exact same message without hogging bandwidth.
  7. Not in my experience. Which should be equally valid.
  8. Oh so true. Do the grandkids REALLY want to see them? Think back to your youth, and the interminable slide shows you sat through of someone else's vacation. Or the 8mm movies. Folks just accept technology without understanding all that goes into making it happen. I used to say that there needed to be a "drivers test" before anyone could use the "information superhighway" (as it was often referred)
  9. Pointing out the difference between possible and desirable.
  10. Too many believe that Starlink = home fiber internet. Wrong. Starlink is just an improvement on what a ship may have had before. It's not any kind of land based equivalency, I regularly get 900+ Mbps at home, but am under no illusion that I will experience anything close when at sea. Sadly, too many people think that they will.
  11. Looking at the docs, plus reflections and it seems that they have used up the old "blue waves header" paper and are making the full transition to the new corporate identity using "Tiffany Blue". Oops...I meant "Crystal Aqua". It's just such a ubiquitous color - on the room service menus, reflections, note pads, and more.
  12. For those chomping at the bit for a place to dump their spare cash -- bet they are hoping for it to be installed during the "dash around Africa" with no passengers aboard. My wager -- The Lounge stays. Most under-utilized space on the ship will be converted - thus, Pulse will be no more. Inside info - no. Logical thought - perhaps.
  13. Those last two words are so true. It's not a simple decision, like should the buffet stay open for a late shorex. Talking multi-millions, plus human lives. But as Tripacian said, whatever they decide will be criticized by those who didn't get an outcome that THEY want.
  14. OMG. In contrast to Louis, the Discovery Princess next door toots out "The Love Boat" theme with its multi-tone whistle. Fortunately, they don't do the whole song. Is Perry Grant aboard that ship?
  15. If someone needs to be prompted at the entrance to the Marketplace, they will be oblivious to any kind of consideration elsewhere on the ship. Case in point -- the fellow who took the white ceramic nut dispenser and put it up to his lips to pour the nuts into his mouth. You either know what to do or you don't.
  16. You don't have an agent, you have an order taker. Big difference.
  17. Yep...that's the name. Couldn't place it. Will have to write it down, if only so I can properly avoid.
  18. Over the years, there have been Avenue entertainers that pretty much DON'T want folks to have conversations. They are the attraction, and the focus, and if you want to talk among yourselves - how dare you intrude on my show. Don't know if that's the case you're experiencing. Trying to remember the over-the-top entertainer that turned the Avenue into a floor show -- and hoping he never returns.
  19. Don't take that AC flight. Lots leave later in the evening.
  20. Same as for coach....research, research, research. Also recognize that airlines have learned to truly monetize the first class cabin, so you won't be finding "deals". For example, on an upcoming DL flight, they will sell me an upgrade to F for a measly $540 for a two hour flight. And for the record, DL is currently monetizing 80% of their F cabin systemwide. No need for them to sell the seats cheaply.
  21. I assume you mean "non-stop" which is not the same thing as "direct". They are not synonyms. You would never get a "direct" or "non-stop" from the UK to/from Bali. Because none exists.
  22. Just because there are flights from JFK to KEF, and just because there may be a contract with Icelandair, does NOT mean that there are any available contract seats between JFK and KEF. Because it's not about the seats available on the open market, it's about the seats that SS (or any cruiseline) has available. "Fighting" won't make seats appear out of thin air.
  23. It's when you get a new passport AFTER receiving your TT number. The passport doesn't automatically have the TT attached, so you need to add that new PP number. In your case, you had the PP, then got the TT - reverse order.
  24. At my renewal, the number stayed the same. Passport numbers, OTOH, do change and you need to update your TT number to be linked to a new passport.
  25. Flying is the worst part of cruising.....if you accept cruiseline-provided air. You get what they have in their contracts. Nothing more.
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