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  1. No. I will not allow. Even 2 traveling together can’t shift
  2. The big difference in the two ships is in the boutique. On one, the couch is perpendicular to the sales counter, on the other it's parallel. I was waiting for someone else to point it out.
  3. Today's rate is about $1.13, so they are charging you about 5%. Use atm's in Europe. O's rate is worse.
  4. I would cancel the O transfer and arrange a car service/Uber from the port to FLL.
  5. Several years ago my flights were EWR to Frankfort to Barcelona. My flight to Frankfort was cancelled. I arranged EWR to Madrid to Barcelona. Made the cruise, Oceania reimbursed Madrid to Barcelona flight.
  6. And the A's and B's are identical. Differences are location and amenities.
  7. As someone who has been in both, Viking has an inferior product when you actually compare both. Their included tours are brutal, often just a bus tour. Their food tries, but is not up to Oceania. Their customer service is terrible. Some of Vikings itineraries are outstanding and different and their decor is modern, their bathrooms wonderful. But lack of solo pricing, prohibition of children, and early payment policy leaves them off my radar. They have forced O to make several changes for the better. O life, modernization of the ships, non bottled water. O is doing well.
  8. There were several local taxis when I disembarked in Southampton.
  9. What part of the 3% service fee means they will charge your non refundable OBC and not your credit card?
  10. No way to use OBC in casino unless it is refundable,
  11. I'm no expert, but on last years Regatta canal voyage, we went to Cartegena for a "technical stop". No one was allowed on or off, but we waited there for 1 hour. I assumed this was a "distant foreign port" stop. Agree with the OP, but I didn't verify the route.
  12. ,no corkage on O provided beverage.
  13. On the small ships, unless there is poor weather, you always go to the area under the lifeboats.
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