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  1. I also want a similar cruise with the new upgrade & casino cash that I have for the one I have booked way more than I want a refund, but not sure when I should re-book. I have many casino offers that look good, but I hate to go through the process of rescheduling this one and then having the next one cancelled. The latest cruise date for the offers I have is in November and would be quite a bit more than the FCC would be. Oh well, I'll just wait to see if the May cruise gets cancelled and go from there.
  2. What if CCL cancels - can I get a full refund? We're suppose to sail in May (not looking very likely), but I got a great upgrade and free play from the casino - so, I'm not going to cancel.
  3. We are also suppose to sail on May 11th (Liberty) - my sister, who is 72 and very healthy, will be glad to hear she may not have to deal with getting a letter from her doctor. I, like you, doubt that cruises will be sailing in May, but we can hope, right?
  4. I received a great upgrade offer - sailing in May on Liberty. Went from an interior to a balcony (the nice bowling alley balcony) for a total of $ 40. Now, if only things will be settled down a bit by May. BTW, in reference to PVP's - my daughter spoke to ours yesterday in reference to a group cruise she had booked. The PVP told her that she has lost a lot of commission due to cancellations and no new bookings. So, to the OP, I can understand why your PVP is trying to book someone for a future cruise.
  5. My sister invited a friend to go on a cruise leaving this Thursday using a great Casino deal. All is paid for obviously, and they both purchased travel insurance through Carnival. The friend can't go due to a very sick dog (I know, I know), and she just found out today. A cousin of ours has agreed to go instead. My questions are: Does my sister just call her PVP and change the person going? Isn't it only a $50 charge for the change? If she does make the change, can the original friend make a claim for the insurance - it would just be 75% toward a future cruise? The friend pre-ordered a bottle of liquor and paid for an excursion - I tried to cancel the bottle of liquor on-line, but it's not letting me. In reference to the CCL excursion, can my sister cancel this once she gets onboard? I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm sure some of you can help me out. Thanks
  6. I'm not sure about the taxes, but if you pre-paid gratuities that should be refunded in full regardless of why you cancel. I had purchased casino cash and had to cancel - that money was refunded within one day of canceling.
  7. I'm priority and always self assist - normally they have us meet very early in one of the lounges or dining rooms. We typically start down 30 minutes before the meet time so that we don't have a big issue with using the elevators. I will tell you that there will be a lot of people using the aft elevators to go to the Lido for breakfast, so we always use the forward elevators. On recent cruises out of Tampa, they have the people with early flights meet at the same location as priority. When the ship clears, they call Diamond and Platinum off and then immediately follow with those with early flights. I would go to Guest Services early on the day before reaching the home port - as people say, the night before debark is a circus at Guest Services.
  8. Update: I spoke to my PVP yesterday and she cancelled the original booking and re-booked me at the new rate. In the end, it only saved me just over $100 . I hadn't thought about the fact that the non-refundable $99 was actually $198 because I booked as a solo & had paid double the deposit . It did give her the commission, but the savings wasn't as great as I had originally thought. Oh well, $100 is $100, right?
  9. OP here. I left a message for my PVP yesterday but haven't heard back yet. If I don't hear from her by later this afternoon, I will call CCL 1-800 # since I booked online myself. The original Bounce Back for a solo cabin (my sister & her daughter booked another room with an offer she had) cost $465.64 with DOU. The new offer is for a Get A Way cruise - the final cost would be $653.64, but I will get $500 free play & DOU. That would be a "savings" of just over $300 if they don't charge the $99 non-refundable deposit. If they do charge the $99, I'm not sure the hassle is worth the almost $200 savings, but I will give it a shot. I'll come back on and let you guys know what happens. Thanks for all the info.
  10. I was on the Paradise recently and received a Bounce Back offer which I booked online. I have a PVP but it was her day off & I just booked online. Today I received a Casino offer that I can use on the same cruise with a much better deal. Although I've paid in full, I haven't reached the Final Payment date. I wondered if I could call my PVP and cancel the Bounce Back & book under this offer? Or should I just call the 1-800 # since I booked online? I've never tried this before & wondered if it's even possible to cancel & re-book. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. They do enforce the 15 drink limit (and it counts toward the 15 if you have CHEERS). You must be playing in the casino to use the Drinks On Us and you can not use it at the casino bar. As for being watched and having to consume the drink in the Casino - I've not only never experienced this, but also don't know who would be "watching". You can order a drink from the waiters while at a machine, then have to wait for the waiter to return (can be awhile if the casino is busy). Once you've received your drink, I would think you can go wherever you want. There's no way someone will follow you around and make sure you continue to play while drinking.
  12. Yes, I use a Tervis-type tumbler on every cruise. When I order a drink, I always pour it into the tumbler to keep it could & not sweat on me. I've taken it with me many times to the MDR.
  13. I asked about this in a call to Players Club months ago - my sister and I had the DOU offer for ourselves and a companion and my niece was going to try to sail with us. I was advised to book myself as 1st passenger, my niece as the second passenger & then my sister as the 3rd passenger. I can't confirm whether this actually works, because in the end my niece wasn't able to go. I would call or email the Players Club to confirm. If my niece were able to sail, I was going to ask that they send me an email with that info & take it with me to show casino manager if there were any problems. Good luck!!
  14. A large group of us (13) on the Paradise in November. We all had the brunch on the 2 sea days. I had steak and eggs - cooked as ordered and very good. A few of the group had the French toast and raved about it the first day; however, they said it wasn't as good the second day, although it was cooked through. The only thing I missed was the pork chop that was on the old menu. That being said, I only ate breakfast food that trip, so the other lunch-type food may have been just as good as the pork chop. I'll make sure that I try the burger when I'm on the Liberty in May.
  15. I just got off the Paradise on Monday. I almost threw out the Platinum gift because I thought it was something from Photographers advertising something. Just before throwing it in the trash, I decided to open it. I then realized that the Platinum gift was indeed a picture of the Mardi Gras. I typically don't complain about free gifts, but it was really weird. I worked on the old Mardi Gras, and even I couldn't figure out what I was suppose to do with this picture. So, I'm not complaining - just thought it was a really odd gift.
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