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  1. As I posted before Princess is owned by Carnival, it also owns Seabourn, HAL and others that have smaller ships. I would happily travel on them so the money would go back to the same corporation.
  2. Sorry but it is a potential doomsday for my husband if he were to get it. He is in the demographic most likely to have the worst outcome - his age, and his underlying leukemia with a compromised immune system. We have taken 7 cruises in just the past 2 years. We are avid cruisers and in our lifetime have taken 20 plus cruises but this time is different - the fact that this virus has no cure at this point and the rapid spread. Anyone traveling now could risk exposure, whether it be family members who have been to Asia, friends, or even restaurant workers, service agents, etc who have contact with those who have been in Asia. So that is why I do not want to put us in a confined space with 3000 plus people and prefer to stay at home where we monitor where we go and what we eat. On a good note, I did find that Princess has one smaller ship that only accommodates 800 passengers and plan to find a replacement cruise on it later in the year when this has passed or at least has more information.Yes size matters - the confinement would be more easy to maintain if something were to happen and the source could probably be more easily tracked.
  3. We frequently cruise on Seabourn which has limited number of guests around 450. It is owned by Carnival. I would be happy if we could apply the cruise credit to another Carnival owned cruise line that had fewer passengers per ship. That would be goodwill.
  4. Tanzer I don't get your meaning tying it to flight delays due to weather? Certainly you don't put the two in the same category? I just choose not to put my family in the position of possible quarantine for weeks on a cruise. Now with the coronavirus any suspected flu or virus of any type on a ship will be a red flag and and reason for further testing. I prefer not to be in that position. I am paying the price of losing at least $1500 to do so. I just felt in this time frame of the few weeks due to the coronavirus unusual circumstances that instead of making us rebook with Princess in the next year that this time we could just have gotten back 75 per cent of our cruise fare without having to rebook. Obviously that will not happen but I think the goodwill that would have provided would have been valuable to Princess. It appears all of you would still go, so perhaps I may be the only one they would have had to make the exception for.
  5. I never suggested that the people who supply the food come on the ship but that the food be dropped off at the ship and distributed so it would not be prepared by personnel that had not been quarantined
  6. I appreciate all of the well thought out comments and civility of most of them. I am still happy that I canceled the cruise as my husband has leukemia and I cannot risk him getting any kind of infection and it is more important to me that he stays well. I did buy the insurance through Princess and did that because I expected that if he were to be sick we would be able to cancel the cruise with a complete refund And in any other circumstance I would not have needed to buy the more expensive insurance Just to cancel for any reason did not make sense to me but that was before the coronavirus!When he was still working we did buy that level of insurance in case a business reason caused us to cancel. I would like to think that everyone would follow the rules and admit if they have traveled to Asia in the last few weeks but I don’t trust people that well so in my mind it’s better to lose the money then possibly risk losing a life. I wish you all well and happy cruising and I will cruise again but just on a smaller ships.
  7. That's good to hear. I have received no such notifications, maybe because I cancelled last week. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy your cruise! We were looking forward to the Crown Princess. If you are not already in a suite, maybe you can score an upgrade to our Vista if you are on that cruise 🙂
  8. So, would you want to go on a cruise next week to the Caribbean where last week Caribbean Princess had to turn around with Norovirus? And pay premium price as well? I doubt many of you would still want to go while the coronavirus is a worldwide threat. We don't know where the other guests are flying in from and if they could also have been exposed and we end up being quarantined. They could have brought in outside company to feed the passengers with MRE's equivalent.
  9. I posted a new topic on this but my 2 cents. I bought the basic insurance through Princess the one that allows cancel with any reason but rebook at 75 per cent within the year. I want my money back minus the 25 per cent and not rebook. I feel in light of the abhorrent circumstances on the Diamond Princess as well as the Caribbean Princess that had to return to Ft. Lauderdale early that they should make exceptions to anyone cruising in the next few weeks. Our cruise is to go out February 25 from Ft. Lauderdale. We booked a suite so we are already out over $1200 taking the penalty and having to rebook before next year. I do not want to again go on a Princess ship for any reason. This from the most recent articles on the death of 2 passengers: The authorities have said they are releasing only people who have tested negative for the virus and are showing no symptoms. But experts on infectious diseases have pointed to deficiencies in the quarantine protocols on the ship and questioned the decision to let them go free.
  10. It has become increasingly clear that Princess was negligent in controlling the spread of this virus aboard the Diamond Princess. In particular the fact that the crew was not isolated and were allowed to continue to prepare foods and deliver them to passengers. We took a cruise on Princess last year with our family for the first time in many years as we usually cruise on the smaller ships of Seabourn and Regent with far fewer passengers 450 to 500 compared to 3,000 plus. My husband returned home and had to be hospitalized from a severe lung infection. We are both nonsmokers and were in good health . Now I had booked another Caribbean cruise and paid for a suite, so to cancel had to take the penalty to rebook another cruise at 75 per cent within the next year. I do not want to cruise on Princess again. I do not want to risk not only illness, but quarantine possibilities. I think they should in good faith waive the penalty of 75 per cent and the rebooking with their standard insurance coverage and refund 75 per cent of our booking which was over $6000 and not require us to rebook with them? This seems reasonable after the terrible way this crisis was handled. All thoughts are respected.
  11. We used Ketchikan taxi tours Tim White is the owner. His son Eric picked us up early to take us to Herring Cove where we saw black bears, otters, and many eagles. It was very reasonable for 3 hours and he will give you an overview as well of everything on the island. It is nice to have a car and driver at your disposal. Up to 4 people was only around $300. He even threw his rod and reel into the stream and brought up several different species of Salmon and held them in his hands to show us and then returned them to the stream. He clearly loves his job and goes the extra mile.
  12. Except last year they ended up docking in the New Jersey dock.
  13. Ditto! A few couples dressed up and a few small gifts given out. I love Halloween and always wear at least some type of hat. It was good because we were in Salem like the day before and that was quite an experience.
  14. Thank you for your thoughtful reply and glad that my post may be a lesson to anyone else like me!Good news is that it appears there was a mistake in the blood results. The doctor hasn't admitted it yet, but we got his new test results back with absolutely clear findings. At this point our primary care doctor, who didn't of course want to over step, without saying just be his manner, thinks this was overreaction. So I am ecstatic that we should be able to still go! Trying to convince husband if it is just a matter prevention that at least maybe I can still go, but don't think he likes that idea:) Pretty sure we are not going to cancel after all.
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