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  1. Thanks Dog. So your cruise was not cancelled by Princess? But did you get 100 per cent toward another cruise even if you were the one that cancelled? I think I was more than fair as I cancelled on February 11th and they had options to book it to someone else, and also the insurance paid them for the suite. I had heard in the beginning that since I cancelled after first of February I would get 100 per cent but that was not the case. But did you have insurance? Sorry if I am a pest.
  2. No sorry if what I wrote was confusing. The cruise I had booked was not cancelled by Princess, but I took the precaution to cancel for any reason with penalty as I had the Princess standard insurance which allows that. So yes they are honoring the policy terms, I just feel that because Covid was found on other ships that sailed that same date out of the same port, that they could at least offer some additional credit to me since I acted responsibly. Easily the Crown could have had cases since the Grand Princess had cases on the cruise the week before mine and some of their crew was transferred to the Regal and Ruby who had been exposed to the virus. Luck would have it that none of them went to the Crown Princess. I believe people who were on those cruises got lots of special credits and future cruise offers for their inconvenience. For example, those on the Grand Princess who were quarantined in California the first week in March got their entire cost applied to future cruises whether they had insurance or not.
  3. Yes Dog. You were lucky that yours was to go out the time mine would have returned and because Princess cancelled those people got full refunds and future cruise credit even if they did not have insurance which is what upsets me the most. February was only 28 days, so ours returned on a Sunday I believe the 5th or 6th of of March almost the date of yours. So sorry about your flights and cruise hotels. Yes those cases were diagnosed at the port right after we sailed and we would have been helped by those 3 people as their job was to meet and greet and help with luggage. The company they worked for was contracted by Princess! So Covid was a real threat already at that time. I feel like I did the responsible thing by cancelling. I read the form and it was only for "affected cruises" like the ones that Princess cancelled like yours, so mine was not covered. I have written to my cruise rep from Princess.
  4. I had regular insurance that only allowed me to cancel with a 25 per cent loss of money and future cruise credit. My cruise went out on February 25th out of Ft. Lauderdale. I cancelled on February 11th after seeing the news of China and the Diamond Princess. Other cruises that went out of Ft. Lauderdale that same date ended up with Corona Virus Cases - The Ruby Princess and Regal! That same week 3 port workers who were contracted by Princess came down with Covid 19 their job was to greet passengers and handle luggage. We easily could have been exposed to them, and I highly doubt that that cruise had no passengers with Covid - it was the Crown Princess. I have checked with Princess and only will give me what my insurance allowed on the basic insurance, future cruise credit only not cancel for any reason. Husband has a form of leukemia and that was my main reason, his life and the possibility of quarantine. I would love to know if passengers that were on that Crown Cruise later ended up with Covid. Yet people who had a cruise going out the day mine returned had theirs cancelled and even with NO insurance they got 100 per cent future cruise credits since it was Princess that cancelled. I have appealed this through my Princess agent, I had a Vista Suite so the penalty was $1500, and the cost of the insurance and I cannot get the $4000 back only as a future cruise credit and due to ongoing concerns I doubt we will ever use it. So yes you all who had your cruises cancelled did get a valuable option that I didn't get and even if you did not buy any kind of insurance. Thankfully you have your health and I hope you are young enough and in good enough health that you will be able to use those future cruise credits.
  5. They in my opinion have already stopped trying to prevent community spread
  6. Only because we may have to or lose over $6000. But it would only be if they find a cure for the Covid 19 and if we live to take it. My son who is 32 believes it will all blow over since only the old and immunosuppressed will die, while most people under 60 won't have much of a problem, more like a cold for a few days. So, I am not ruling it out but if I could get my money back instead I would go for it. By the way, there are already 4 more passengers on the Grand Princess positive for Covid and those were only the ones tested who showed symptoms, the rest of the passengers haven't gotten their results yet. So again, why on Princess? But our government is at fault for not having test kits weeks ago so these people could have been separated. Now they are letting the ones who were tested yesterday without test results yet, fly back home and out of quarantine. Tests should be done on everyone who has been on a cruise ship in the past 2 week.
  7. We in Miami got the news that an MSC ship had a woman positive for Covid on the March 8th return, she found out after she got off, however, the ship finished another leg of the trip with hundred or more that were on her voyage and returned to the Port of Miami today. No screening at all. All left to go home and 3500 people to fly back to wherever they came from. This is unbelievable.
  8. i am so so afraid and wish I had faith. Cancelled cruises seems so trivial now. Please prepare and have supplies and isolate until a treatment is approved. They are out there!
  9. i am 70. i don't look it or feel it and have hbp controlled but husband is 80 with severe underlying so we will never be both cleared. So I am out $6000 if we syrvive the virus. I have bought all the possible cures so hope we survive. Loss of cruise credits is least of worties. Just want to live. have my first 4 month old grandchild. All best hope to everyone😇😥
  10. At any rate I am happy I made my decision to cancel. That cruise went out on February 25th and did not end until March 6th right in the midst of the coronavirus outbreaks on Diamond Princess. Now we find that 4 port workers tested positive for coronavirus at the Ft Lauderdale Princess cruise terminal my husband and I could easily have been exposed to them at the time they were infectious so our health was protected. We dodged a bullet. It never occurred to me we could have gotten it at the terminal, was more worried about once on board with passengers who had flown in from all over the world and truthfully some of those people on the Crown Princess could turn up positive, we just don't know yet. There can be at least a 14 day incubation period and we are well within those days now.
  11. My insurance was through Princess the standard plan to cancel for any reason with 75 per cent toward a FCC. I stated that with the coronavirus threat that since my husband is older and immunocompromised I could not risk him cruising so I took the hit. We normally would always have gone unless there was a medical treatment change but our doctor was honest and said at the time there was no health indication for him not to travel while I am sure many people got their doctors to write a letter advising against as I am sure they would now! Also since it was a Vista suite they if awarding 225 per cent cruise credit would now have to give me $15,000 cruising credits they would be better off just refunding me my money. I guess they hope we will just never use it.
  12. I cancelled my cruise on February 11 for a cruise on February 25. I had a Vista suite so quite costly. I had insurance and they told me I would not get my insurance money back now they are giving people 100 per cent refunds even with no insurance so I feel insurance costs should be returned. Also since this has all unfolded we should be able to get our money back instead of a future cruise. But we may not have to be worry since it is highly unlikely we will survive this virus epidemic. I don't think people realize how serious this really is and how it will tear this country apart. Cruising should be the last thing on anyone's mind it should be preparing to hunker down for at least the next 3 months probably far longer and I wish you all safety when those less fortunate and less prepared than we are become desperate for food and basic survival. I would refer you to a movie Contagion from 2011. It is even referred to on the CDC website to see how things can unfold. For those of us over 55 it is life threatening
  13. Since my husband is in the demographic warned not to cruise due to higher morbidity risk, instead of having to use future cruise credits I feel we should be able to get our money back or at least transfer it to another name so someone can buy it from us or we can give to other family members or friends who may want to use it, similar to how an airline lets you change names with a fee
  14. No matter what you do on a cruise ship with people in close proximity there will be a transfer of this virus. Some people mentioned taping the vents shut, but whenever you open the door to the hallway you are inhaling air from everyone else. We have to breathe of course and we can't eat or drink with a mask on so have to remove them when dining. Even if you have every meal at a specialty restaurant where there is more distancing you are still being waited on by crew who could be infected. I know people will say you are not protected at home either, which is the case obviously but if you wear a mask when you go out, constantly use handsanitizers and gloves, etc. you can better protect yourself. You can have your supplies delivered to home to avoid public exposure. This is not going away for at least a year if ever! Take the precautions you need. Whenever you go into a port again you are upping your exposure and everyone elses in that location. I forsee many countries closing their cruise terminals and we will be cruising to nowhere.
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