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  1. We used Ketchikan taxi tours Tim White is the owner. His son Eric picked us up early to take us to Herring Cove where we saw black bears, otters, and many eagles. It was very reasonable for 3 hours and he will give you an overview as well of everything on the island. It is nice to have a car and driver at your disposal. Up to 4 people was only around $300. He even threw his rod and reel into the stream and brought up several different species of Salmon and held them in his hands to show us and then returned them to the stream. He clearly loves his job and goes the extra mile.
  2. Except last year they ended up docking in the New Jersey dock.
  3. Ditto! A few couples dressed up and a few small gifts given out. I love Halloween and always wear at least some type of hat. It was good because we were in Salem like the day before and that was quite an experience.
  4. Thank you for your thoughtful reply and glad that my post may be a lesson to anyone else like me!Good news is that it appears there was a mistake in the blood results. The doctor hasn't admitted it yet, but we got his new test results back with absolutely clear findings. At this point our primary care doctor, who didn't of course want to over step, without saying just be his manner, thinks this was overreaction. So I am ecstatic that we should be able to still go! Trying to convince husband if it is just a matter prevention that at least maybe I can still go, but don't think he likes that idea:) Pretty sure we are not going to cancel after all.
  5. Have any of you had any success in being able to reschedule a cruise due to health issue? This is the first time we did not get insurance (I know stupid stupid stupid) but since we signed up with barely 2 months before the cruise we really felt we were safe on this one and for my husband's age would have been over a thousand dollars for his and would have added almost $2000 to our trip cost. Now his doctor is saying he has a fungal infection in his lungs and he cannot travel. He insisted that it could be life threatening if we did not do something right away so lots of tests are set up for next week. I remember reading somewhere that Seabourn has been known to make an exception. This will be our fourth cruise with them in 2 years and we always book Penthouse level. Do you think it is worth trying? At this point I have done nothing about cancelling. I may try to convince my husband that if it is just a matter of clearing this infection (he is not sick at all) and this came out of the blue, that maybe at least I could go since one of my best friends and her husband have the suite next door. We did pay for it with Citicard and I have heard that it will cover some of our losses. Thanks for taking the time to read and if anyone can give advice, please do. I am ready to be blasted. So disappointed right now and of course worried about husband.
  6. Sounds exactly like what we need. Very happy I signed up for it.
  7. Thank you so much SLSD! I have booked the catamaran. I have seen videos and it seems really awesome. Husband is not great with motion so not sure he will be good with it, but I want to hear the sounds, not just see from a distance. I just hope the weather is a lot cooler than it was at the beginning of July when we get there on the 8th. Want to thank everyone for their input on this post and Swingdancefan for taking the time to contribute! Did anyone take the Tram while in Juneau?
  8. If you would not mind wonder if you can tell us about all of the cruising days and were you able to see lots of nature although not in a port? Do you think it is necessary to do a catamaran to get closer to Tracy or Endicott or if you could see fine from the ship? All info is appreciated as well as a report on updated weather for end of July:) Safe travels. Wish my trip had a roll call but I always find Seabourn roll calls very limited. I hope this trip to Alaska has a bit more active people who actually interact with other passengers, as in the past there is very little intermingling. At least this time we have another couple traveling with us as I have found that most Seabourn people keep to themselves. I think it also depends on the trip. Both of our Canada New England cruises were that way, while Europe was much friendlier. Also have just ordered a few types of binoculars and wonder what others may be using since there is so much time on ship?
  9. Thank you. Enjoy your upcoming trips! Oceania is my next favorite line. We did the Eastern Caribbean with them a year ago and it was wonderful as always. However we did miss a few ports due to weather constraints. Went in February. Favorite ship is the Riviera.
  10. I concur with lots of what is written. Langley I hear you about being together after medical issues, right there with you on that. We are on the Seabourn August 8 cruise and it is a very nature intensive cruise with very little time actually spent in a port. Many of the excursions are Zodiacs off the back of the boat. So I think with the size of our ship we will be getting pretty upclose and personal with the nature along the way. I did book an excursion to see Otters off Ketchikan, but not sure yet what to do at other ports. Can't see taking any kind of boat ride that ends with a dinner - considering our ship. What would be the point? I do plan to walk around a bit in Sitka and will do some sort of tour up to Mendenhall in Juneau, otherwise I haven't scheduled anything. All the best to all of us. I hope the weather is cool. We are also from the hot south of Florida, so looking for an escape.
  11. kkmiausa

    Anchorage Moose

    Oh Katrina so glad you are going now. Please please report back on the weather situation. We are headed there on the 8th of August. I really want to know how to pack since this year has been such an anomaly with the heat wave. I hope it has cooled down some now. Have a wonderful trip. PS I was born in Tampa! Been in Miami since my 20's.
  12. Hi Bill Onboard - we are scheduled for inside passage Vancouver to Vancouver on the 8th of August. What is the weather like now? I know there was a terrible heart wave, but I noted temps in Seattle have gone down quite a bit. How did you dress for day tours? Did you need a coat, or just a windbreaker or was it even too warm for that? All info helpful. We are from Miami and really hope it cools down when we are there.
  13. Fantastic. Can't wait until August 8th! Continue to enjoy. It will be our first time on Sojourn. Have always been on Quest so although basically the same ship am sure there are a few surprises. Thanks for the info on the otter excursions. Coincidentally just saw an nature television show all about them. Quite interesting creatures, some strange things about them too. Glad you are having a great time.
  14. Thank you again. Could you ask Jan if she is on Sojourn throughout the Alaska sailings on Sojourn? Have had her as cruise director on Quest twice before and she is my favorite.
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