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  1. in Europe Med; I cannot resist to go and lunch in France and Italy , however In Scandinavia were a glass of wine is costing a fortune and for sure never in caribbean ports ! so in North Europe and Caribbean : compulsory buffet lunch 😝 not luxury in full...
  2. I will not deny an evolution ... Same on airplanes : on my first business intercontinental BA flight there was half a lobster with mango dressing, trolley with cheese and another with sweets and fruits , Chablis and Napoleon Cognac. Last February to Barbados , 3 shrimps stew and cheap wines no cognac. At least market place was better as on other companies however the best lunch buffet is on Hapag Lloyd.
  3. i cannot qualify the arrogance as slight rather "extremely high" 😝
  4. vistaman

    bordeaux pier

    he was already gone for many years - your cruise ws on the Symphony !
  5. doing very different items in the cruise business is not working: remember Cunard pre Carnival : the QE2, the 2 old NAC ships Vista and Saga, 2 Goddess , Cunard Princess and Countess and they took over Royal Viking Sun and add very bad management as well ...
  6. I do not like that - on every day - on old C it was not on every day ... One of the several reasons I left SB , however the lunch buffets on SB were far inferior on those on C. On SS and Regent some non - buffet restaurants are open for lunch !
  7. i can fill in the names 😁 L and V are manager on Regent ( I met them both ), and I stayed on the Endeavour the Dutch hotel manager on that ship moved to SB it seems the - imho - best bartender A came back to the Serenity I am really curious for the Symphony! Is it true new C is closing the main dining room for lunch on every day in port?
  8. I will be on the Symphony 3rd June so wait and see - the senior headwaiter R on the S did not come back ...
  9. i was told when cruising on another luxury company at least 7 headwaiters are not going back aware 3 in higher functions on other lines and one F&B manager is now hotel director on that particular company and i remain of my opinion new C never had to take back one HD
  10. i am not aware now, but before Covid those ships " ro ro" were taking up to 12 passengers! as from 13 a medical doctor is compulsory !
  11. Last year they promissed me 250 $ obc as old C damaged pax and 150 $ as Diamond ex Black MSC pax - both confirmed on paper and email on board : 150 $ nothing around the 250 so i went to one of the " hosts" 😝 and said 250 was missing - i had a paper that mentionned the past crystal pax dammage- so he changed the 150 into 250 - you cannot have them both we have to earn some money as well ...a receptionist ( that was his function) going over such an item ?? hotel director was "occupied" and "not free" - otherwise said too busy with the + 100 TA i am still waiting - 7 months later - for a reaction and i clearly made the notification i wanted to be contacted after the questionnaire meanwhile the sales responsable for my country resigned and his supervisor - the person who promissed EJ to be the ultimate in luxury - is ignoring me very aware i am not a novice but one of the most experienced cruise pax in Belgium. Who will fill up those 2 ships and what with the further 2 ???
  12. vistaman

    bordeaux pier

    see the enclosed pic : Crystal Serenity reaching the old cruise terminal - new terminal is in front of the old castle the call was in 2006 - i was on board - horrible captain said a lot of unpleasant items about my hometown : he was afraid of the swing and did not like the 4 hours bridge in 2004 he tried to avoid Antwerp as well on the Symphony!! pretending it was not deep enough
  13. vistaman

    bordeaux pier

    same in my hometown but we - so Antwerp - is having a real terminal 😁
  14. and the Tanqueray 10 as well !!!😝 and extra for VSOP Cognac !!!πŸ€‘
  15. I forgot to mention tickets for trams are not sold on the tram or bus anymore pay by bank card of CC in the whithe small automat
  16. yes i do recommend that excursion ! the small street is Vlaeykensgang with a very good restaurant the " red light " district is reduced to 2 streets and there is window prostitution as well I will not deny the beauties of Bruges - but it is always extremely crowded - if you have the bad luck 2 sea monsters are in the port of Zeebrugge ( so + 3000 pax ships ) ...not fun ! if you are looking for a drink after the tour there are plenty occasions on the market place the Town hall is a flemish Renaissance building ( see the contrast with the gothic cathedral ) and in summer with plenty of flags - all the flags of the European Union + all the flags of the countries with a consul in Antwerp ...
  17. cheapest way is the so called Airport express at 10 € by coach every 2 hours as from 4 am calling at the Crowne plaza hotel - outside the center by request and in the center at Rooseveltplaats ( not so convenient ) with luggage and taxi ?? direct train from airport 2 trains every hour direct to Antwerpen centraal at 11 and 41 past the hour first class is 17 € ( take first class !! ) the taxis in Antwerp for the moment do practice a rate of 90 € - biggest and most serious company is Antwerp tax ( they have a website ) taxis in Brussels do charge far more !!! personal transfer by van : for many years i do use annlivens.be 75€ website is in Dutch but you can send an email for info
  18. probably you never saw the buffets on Hapag Lloyd : Europa 2 and Europa ...
  19. 11th July is the holiday of the Flemish Community : so on Groenplaats before the hotel and on Grote markt - Market Place - some festivities are being organised. The hotel is somewhat 400 meter from the cruise terminal. The Rubens mansion is closed for refurbishment until 2030 ( yes it seems very complicated ) You can go to the cathedral with 4 world famous paintings by Rubens entrance 12 € You can go to Vrijdagmarkt where the Plantin Moretus museum is located - Unesco item an old printing house where several " fast " portrets by Rubens are shown and also the small store A lovely small museum is Mayer van den Bergh with a famous old Brueghel "Mad Meggie "- lange Gasthuisstraat - close to the hotel - you can see a Rubens for free in the Carolus church on a pleasant square Conscienceplein near the hotel Do not miss to visit the Vlaeykensgang - a small street near Oude Koornmarkt Worth to see the Central Station - take tram 9 or 15 in the metro and leave in Diamant The Royal Museum of Arts is further away : take tram 4 direction Zwaantjes on Groenplaats in front of hotel 2 other museums : museum aan stroom MAS a 66 meter high building on top the most famous and most expensive restaurant in Antwerp ZILTE with 3 Michelin stars ( only 2 in Belgium ) and Red Star Museum about imigration to the US - both to reach by tram 7 in front of the hotel you can buy a basket of real fries "Max" with one of the 15 sauces 😁 for restaurants you can consult Michelin guide or Gault Millau on line difficult to make recommendations : real belgian food is aside the Town Hall - Zeven Schaken generous portions - Maritime on Suikerrui is good if you like fish
  20. I am booked on that cruise as well - I will send information asap - are you staying in the Hilton ?
  21. Regent is having a few calls in my hometown Antwerpen. If you want information feel free and ask ...
  22. avoid the Marriott Athens : i made the bokking by myself - very poor and bad service for a high price ! if you have to book by yourself try the Intercontinental I stayed in the Grande Bretagne as well - extremely good , now i will try the neighbour King George in October.
  23. I finally got my 2250 dollar minus some "transfer charges" πŸ€‘ in my country that is done otherwise : so mr A with 60K , myself with 18 K and Mrs B with one deposit of 3K all the same 2250$ here they divide the available money in view of the debt so % degree
  24. i had the same experince a few weks ago on regent
  25. I had to book BA long distance to Barbados last month joining the Splendor. I did it by myself I took BA just because it was the most convenient way , living in Belgium and not willing to change in the US I travelled business - Club World ex Heathrow - unfortunately not the best experience on board. A far cheaper sour Champagne , no more rosΓ© Champagne , cheap wines - there was no single French wine - and steak replaced by stew and they made it very clear cheese or dessert - not both - no more cognac only Baileys or Cointreau on the way back they ran out of ice rather fast - lukewarm soft drinks ??? poor breakfast For long distance i do prefer Swiss or Lufthansa ,( the catering is better on Swiss, the planes are bigger and newer exception for the 747 - on Lufthansa ) far above BA
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