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  1. Also, if you will do a few trips a year (and are more concerned about medical/evac vs. cancellation), consider an annual travel policy.
  2. And excursions can definitely sell out pre-cruise. One of us got the last slot on an excursion and could not add the spouse. We got on a waiting list but to no avail. No spots were added and no one cancelled.
  3. I have no problem with anyone wearing flip=flops wherever they want. As someone, mentioned before, please be careful. I almost fell multiple times in the pool area of various ships while wearing flip-flops because of wet, slippery areas. And then I had to give them up completely. I was wearing flip-flops at home and one caught on a stair. I went flying down about six steps, smacked my head on the floor, cutting open a big slit above my eyebrow. Hello ER and plastic surgeon. So, just be cautious. Thanks and enjoy your cruise.
  4. Another option if you will do several trips per year is annual travel insurance. However, this is primarily for medical/evac, not cancellation.
  5. I'm jealous. Love carrot cake and somehow manage to constantly miss it on cruises! 🥕
  6. On our May 2019 Horizon cruise, the minimum # of people was not met. We were surprised. It was our first cruise on Carnival. Every other cruise we have been on has had one. Mostly RCCL, some NCL. No big loss. Enjoyed the cruise otherwise. 🛳️
  7. We were on a Horizon cruise in early May (before all the DR news) that went to La Romana. We did a Carnival excursion to Catalina Island. Really enjoyed it and I think I would still go. Perhaps I would now skip what in our case was an included rum punch type drink as we arrived on the island. This would only be out of an abundance of caution. But clearly you need to do whatever makes you comfortable. Please enjoy your cruise.
  8. If you use conditioner. you might want to bring it. Enjoy.
  9. We did not enjoy it and would not do it again. We simply like more standard fare. The "experience" was interesting but not something we really felt strongly about or would want to repeat. As some have said, this is very subjective. Whatever you decide, have fun. 🛳️🍴
  10. Interesting that you were not forewarned. I believe you should have been, as we were. We always give a firm no or no, thank you and just look at the guide.
  11. Just for another opinion, I prefer to ride double and have never felt unstable. My husband and I are usually about 3rd or 4th in the line and go pretty fast.
  12. We have done it multiple times. Lots of fun and that sounds like a good price.
  13. We have been on a whole bunch of Royal cruises and one Carnival cruise. The Carnival cruise was on Horizon. We really liked the food options on Carnival Horizon (particularly the included options - a lot of variety) and the variety and quality of live music. On Royal the ice skating shows and aqua (diving etc.) shows on the ships that have them are excellent. We do love their newer, larger ships. There are obviously many other factors but those things struck us the most. Happy cruising!
  14. My husband and I take one Bonine a day on every cruise, independent of weather and where the cruise departs from. It seems to work well for us. I would not worry about a cruise out of NY/NJ any more than a cruise out of elsewhere. You can have bad weather anytime/anywhere; most of the time it is fine. Have a great cruise.
  15. Good suggestions from Lionesss above. Another thought... If you are going to wear sunglasses, make sure to wear a cheap pair or make sure to have a strap holding them on to your head. Sometimes it is bumpy or windy and I lost my Ray Bans to the sea in Labadee. 😎
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