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  1. Actually, no! But they don't charge for them, do they??!! That would be the ultimate nickel-and-diming!🤯
  2. I don't think it's appropriate for someone who wasn't on board with us to tell Bob that he's not stating the facts! Everything he's said in this thread is factual even if it never happened on any of your cruises. Ryan did a great job organizing all the Meet & Greets but O didn't provide an area, staff/officers, or signs. We still met, but as Bob said, sometimes it was difficult with non-CC people all around us, making it hard to tell who was who. Hopefully this won't happen again.
  3. I don't want the Medallion and it's app...is that an option? I'll be on the Regal for 15 days in 2 different cabins.
  4. I still don't get what the purpose of the Medallion is FOR ME...(other than profit for Princess). Please help me...why would I need it? A card can open my cabin door, I don't drink alcohol so won't be at a bar, I've been on the ship before so won't get lost and I'm going solo so won't lose family/friends. Is there something else that's super important that I'll miss without it?
  5. This is totally accurate!
  6. I'm on the Regal in 2 weeks and staying for 15 days. I have no interest in this app or the Medallion...do I really need it? Has it taken the place of a cruise card? I thought they said a couple years ago that people could have a cruise card if they didn't want the Medallion?
  7. Those beds are skinnier than a twin bed...it's hard to turn over without falling out. Pushed together, they make a Queen sized bed. True twin beds, when pushed together, make a King sized bed.
  8. Wow...I'm going to be on the Island for 2 months. You've all depressed me! The itinerary is fantastic and unusual so I didn't really think that the ship would be so horrible. Personally, I won't go on the Sun or Grand again, but have enjoyed the other Princess ships I've been on. Hope I won't be sorry I've spent so much money to go on a crappy ship.🥺
  9. I loved the filets in Polo on Insignia!! Juicy and tender, but delicious flavor. Steaks in other venues were very good (especially Waves), but not as flavorful as in Polo...IMHO.
  10. Good tips! While I was on the world cruise, my daughter came over once a week to be sure the faucets were dripping (in winter), flushed the toilets, drove the car around the block and watered the plants. But the car ended up dying in May...was the starter. I'm going on a 2 month long cruise in January and February this year and was hoping to make her responsibilities fewer, so if I can do things to keep the car "healthy" without being driven then I will. I appreciate all the tips!!🚘
  11. To Bob Brown: You posted a link for something that keeps a car battery charged (or something like that) but I can't find it...can you repost it, please? My next cruise will be for 2 months so I'd like to get something to help my car. Thanks!!😊
  12. This thread is getting me excited to see everything in the Cape area in February, 2020. I'll be on the Island Princess and have an itinerary that includes Amalia Glacier, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Cape Horn and Falkland Islands. Is the Amalia Glacier in the Chilean fjords?
  13. On a Princess cruise, I went to Qaqortaq for a day and spent a day cruising the fjords in that area...FANTASTIC!! I would like to go back. rkacruiser described many of the activities I did (same port?), as well as looking at all the rock carvings that are in the town. The people were very friendly but things were expensive because they had to import everything. It was chilly and I needed a pair of gloves...only one pair left in town (simple knit ones, like from Wallyworld)...cost $40!!!🥺 Sailing the fjords was incredible!! Tons of HUGE icebergs right near the ship...way more than in Alaska.
  14. I was on Insignia when it left POM on 7/11, 7/18 & 7/28 and we pulled out on our own each time.
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