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  1. Our ship stores our suitcases for us. I took 4 suitcases then stored 3 of them and put 1 open one under my bed. Won't other cruiselines store extra suitcases?
  2. Belfast, NI...got a manicure, visited the Cathedral of St. Anne (Anglican), shopped at a craft store, bought beautiful Irish wool yarn at a store that only sells things made in Ireland, had lunch in a cafe and got this fast wifi at Starbucks. Nice day. Oh, and for whatever reason, the CC site is letting me upload photos!! Shocking...
  3. Today is Belfast, NI...I saw the pilot boat buzz past my balcony window so he was on the ship...a comfort to know! 😉 Trying to keep Bob cheered up! I heard that Jim is back on the ship...welcome back and hope to see you around. 👍
  4. I read the same complaint on different cruiseline boards...it's not just Oceania! So, good luck with that search. 😉
  5. Yeh, I was starting to get nervous, but feel much better knowing that Bob is still in control!! 😊
  6. Blessings to both of you for a wonderful life together! You found something alot more valuable than any OPoints could buy!! Sorry I won't see you again, but it was nice getting to know you both! 😊
  7. A PH suite is wonderful!! Don't give it up.
  8. CONGRATS!! So happy for both of you! A true love story...they'll have to nickname this ship "The Love Boat!" Look forward to seeing you soon. I second the suggestion that you get married onboard...maybe the day before NYC? 😍
  9. This is SO true!! This has been a warm, friendly and fun group each segment...both the worldies and segmenters. I've enjoyed meeting such great folks from all over the world. What a blessing this trip has been!
  10. They conveniently wrap the port fees and taxes into the cruise fare and refuse to return them to passengers if a port is missed or cancelled. Princess and Celebrity have always refunded these charges to me for missed ports.
  11. It's a nice cruise line. Hope you like it. I'm enjoying a small ship more than I thought I would. Just know that the evening entertainment is poor...I've attended 1 show in 5.5 months. I do love listening to the string quartet, though.
  12. I'm sure I'm in the minority (no flames, please...this is JMHO), but I think it takes much longer to get your food since you have to wait your turn to be served. There's no "line", everyone just crowds up together in a group so no one really knows who's next...it's not organized at all and I've seen people get pretty testy! I agree that it's probably more sanitary, but the reality is that it does take more time than self-service. Also, since people have to tell the servers what they want, they often use a finger to point to the food and I've seen them touch the items sitting there! Gross!
  13. All St. Bart's stops have been changed until November, when they begin stopping there again. My steward showed me the itineraries for Insignia through the end of 2019.
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