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  1. I've read that some ships are allowing any leftover punches to be added to your cruise card as a credit toward the coffee drinks...sure hope I can get it to happen next month because I have 37 punches left on 4 cards - 2 of which were totally unused - that I would love to be able to use on my next cruise. The value is roughly $90!
  2. Last month they still had Splenda (yellow packets).
  3. I was in a full suite on the Regal last month...got bar soap and ship postcard, but the cheap paper tote bag had replaced the canvas one. There was stationary but not personalized.
  4. Got those in a full suite last month.
  5. I've done 14 muster drills in the past 2 years on Oceania, same process each time...NEVER had to bring lifejackets, went to either the GDR or the Lounge to listen to the Captain and CD speak overhead and tell staff which cabin you're in, then had to walk out on deck to stand underneath the appropriate lifeboat. Took 30-45 minutes, unfortunately.
  6. I think you'll find many kind people onboard too. Have a great cruise!
  7. I Facetimed while on Insignia once or twice a week for 7 months! It definitely works...internet isn't too slow.
  8. I just experienced this and everything rolled over...only a bill at the very last day.
  9. I was recently in a full suite and a deluxe balcony on Regal. I think the suite TV was a little larger than the balcony one.
  10. Not the rubber pool kind...yes, there are nicer ones...I have many of them in lots of different colors.
  11. I wore casual short skirts and nice flip flops in all restaurants for 7 months...no one ever said a word.
  12. Last month I took an upsell from deluxe balcony to a full aft suite (with huge wrap around balcony) on Regal for $85/pp/day. I was super happy and loved the perks! Only disappointment was that they have stopped giving the extra cruise credit for being in a suite, even though you have to pay for the upsell. Funny...this was the first cruise I've ever booked directly with Princess AND the first upsell offer I've ever received...coincidence??
  13. I thought I remembered you saying that your amount was more than others would get. In all fairness to those considering a world cruise, I would suggest that you state the amount of OBC that would have normally been given to all passengers instead of the extra that you personally got...just so no one has any mistaken ideas about your cruiseline. 😊
  14. I was meaning that there are things to see and do near the port that are within walking distance. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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