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  1. So they're going to cancel my airfare even though it's listed?? Not right...they should have grandfathered those who were given a written invoice saying they would get airfare.
  2. Rio...Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugarloaf mountain, favelas, Sambadrome (I was lucky enough to be there during Carnival last week and went to the parade!), Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. Just Google it.
  3. Me neither...why did they hide this for so long??
  4. Yes, confirmed...sailing September 2020. When (date) did they stop including airfare? Haven't seen anyone posting that.
  5. Just checked My Account...still lists Economy airfare and my specific room number. When did they stop including airfare? I booked this in August, 2019.
  6. Since when?? While I was still onboard my 19th cruise in August, 2019, I booked my 20th with the onboard rep. I paid the deposit and she said I would get economy flights for both of us included free. She gave me a specific cabin. My TA is now ready to do whatever needs done to finalize it as my free cruise (it'll be in 6 months). Have they changed the rules on me?? Yes, I'll ask my TA, but I'm asking you here because you wrote this post. Please elaborate with details...thanks!
  7. She must think of herself as a real hottie! 😂 I seriously doubt if any of the crew or staff would ever bother her. Men's clothes and couple pictures is definitely odd.
  8. I was in the same jeep as Wayne...agree that there were some frustrations, but we were some of the few who got to actually mingle with hundreds of penguins totally up close! I feel so blessed!! I think our local guy was really just a driver and not a guide...we all had to ask him questions or he was silent. Very nice guy, though.
  9. My current ship said absolutely no, but off-the-record suggested emailing Princess corporate and request. They said it was successful for someone.
  10. What a blessing to get onto Easter Island...despite all the tendering chaos! That small indigenous pineapple was so sweet and juicy!
  11. Still Platinum, Elites and Suites currently on the Island. My cabin is right around the corner from Explorer's so I often go for a light dinner.
  12. Definitely DON'T get a connecting room or by the elevators...I had one and it was the worst room EVER!! (I think it was 4021). The people next door weren't noisy but I could hear everything they said and their tv. During disembarkation at ports, everyone is walking down the halls...crowded and noisy.
  13. I went on the Princess 6 day/5 night Galapagos islands and Machu Picchu overland tour..FANTASTIC!!! Machu Picchu was the most majestically beautiful place on earth that I've gone to...totally worth all the travel and cost. There were only 22 of us and Princess did it first class...in a beautiful boutique hotel in the Galapagos (came with seals and iguanas wandering around) and a 500 yr old former monastery in Cusco where we each had 2 room suites with 1.5 baths and a walk-in closet! Guides were excellent too. The traveling was pretty exhausting, though, as we took 5 flights in 6 days plus trains, buses and ferries!!
  14. I've eaten alone in both the GDR and specialty restaurants...no big deal. Just tell the hostess that you're a party of one. I always take something to read during dinner if I'm alone...they don't care. One thing I usually did was to ask that my whole dinner be served together at the same time...I rarely order an appetizer so usually got a salad and entree. Since it all came out together, I didn't have to wait between courses.
  15. Thanks...glad you enjoyed it. Waynetor (who did a world cruise on Oceania) is also on this South American cruise and started a Live From thread...I'll probably add to it occasionally. You can find it on the Princess board. So far I'm having a great time! There are quite a few solos and our Cruise Critic roll call solo members have been eating dinner together every night (16-25 each night)...it's a fun group and several have sailed Oceania before and some have done world cruises too.
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