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  1. Hi Strenz! That sounds perfect! We will be there on the Wind Surf in March. Can hardly wait. Too funny about the goats. I will get such a kick out of watching them:-) I so appreciate the information!!! Pam
  2. Thanks for all this good info! How long of a walk is it to Plage de Pompier at Les Saints from the tender pier? Is it pretty clear where to go up that hill? Pam
  3. Mr. Delaney, In March, we will be on the Wind Surf for The Classic Caribbean itinerary and in June we will be on the Wind Spirit for quite an adventure starting in Noumea, with stops in Fiji and other amazing islands, and disembarking in Papeete! I am so excited!!! I am a teacher and was so excited to have this cruise offered at a time of year when I am able to cruise! And that is good news about the OBC! Thanks for your reply! LTCOP
  4. Mr. Delaney, Thank you for the opportunity to ask you these questions! We are anxiously waiting to board our 20th Windstar cruise in March. We just keep coming back! I prefer to take care of all my cruise related purchases before boarding for a cruise, so that once I am on board, I can start to relax and not have "business" to take care of. So I am wondering why customers are not allowed to use their onboard credit before boarding to book shore excursions or other services such as the All-In package. As it is now, if I purchase the All-In package ahead of time, I am having to wait to purchase a certain amount of shore excursions on board, so I can use up my onboard credit. I would enjoy having everything all taken care of before I board, so I do not have any "responsibilities" to take care of after I board. Thanks again! LTCOP
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