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  1. If you look at the deck plans for Wind Star, Wind Spirit and Wind Surf, none of the cabins are in the very prow on those ships. The cabins star about a third of the way back. The Amphora and Stella Bistro restaurants on Wind Surf are farther forward (and higher) than any of the cabins and we haven't found the ride rough in them. I've read the cabin review thread and didn't feel that any of the issues mentioned there would make one of the cabins unacceptable to me. Sometimes one person has reported a cabin as noisy that another person found to be fine. In the motor ships, I might b
  2. When it says Call for Availability and I've checked, there weren't any guarantee cabins available. When it shows a price, there is probably one available. They only started offering guarantee cabins in the last couple of years and they are only available some of the time (possibly when the ship is starting to fill up so it let's them sell cabins to people who are willing to accept any cabin while retaining some cabin selection for those who find that important). When they have them, the price is usually slightly below the lowest category price. More recently, I've noticed a guarantee balcony c
  3. We've also gotten the 125% FCC certificates promptly after the cancellation was announced. Waiting for the certificate isn't delaying the refund by more than a few days so I doubt delaying refunds is the goal. They may be hoping that when people see the 25% larger figure that they are tempted to use the FCC after all. It may just be a way of avoiding having a refund request and the sending of the certificate cross in the time so that someone gets a refund and uses the certificate which then has to be straightened out. They could prevent this by having customers request either the refund or the
  4. I'm hoping that we can get the two shots before May. It seems like there are several vaccines in the pipeline with promising results. A second one is supposed to be near approval. Multiple sources should improve availability. I also don't want to go on a ship (or any other vacation other than driving to a spot where we can hike) without it.
  5. Immunity might last a lifetime - it does for some diseases. In any case, since those of us not in the trials will be getting it months after the trials there will be warning that the protection is waning and a program of giving boosters can be started. A vaccine verification would include a date so if it was too long ago a booster can be required. Anyway, I expect that vaccine protection will last at least through 2021 so they won't need to worry about that until some time later. We've already seen that requirements for a PCR test have limited effectiveness since someone who has b
  6. We are booked on that May 1 Greece, Israel and Egypt cruise. At this point, I'm not very hopeful that it will sail. We'll see. Also, a little concerned about being on the first cruise after such a long hiatus. Our fall back was one of the Fall cruises out of San Diego which was cancelled along with all of the Star Breeze US itineraries. Windstar says that they expect to have the new Star Breeze itineraries in time for the Bon Voyage 2020 sale Dec 17 on 2021 and 2022 cruises. I guess we will wait until that sale to book anything else unless I spot something good on 7 for 7.
  7. We're booked on one of the San Diego cruises affected by this. I hope they don't cancel the cruises as I'm quite looking forward to a low key cruise (something we can get to with a short flight or a long drive and that won't need much planning - just relaxing with ports we mostly know well from previous land visits). If the CDC sticks with it's 7-day limitation on cruise length, the Star Breeze schedule would have to get re-jiggered because a lot of the West Coast sailings are longer than that even though our departure isn't. With one or more vaccines possibly available before the
  8. On November 12, Windstar announced cancelation of all cruises until late March. Resumption of cruising varies by ship/region: Wind Spirit – March 25, 2021 – Tahiti Star Breeze – March 27, 2021 – Caribbean Star Legend – April 7, 2021 – Mediterranean Wind Star – April 13, 2021 – Mediterranean Wind Surf – April 24, 2021 – Mediterranean Star Pride – July 6, 2021 – Northern Europe* I wouldn't be surprised to see more lines announcing cancellations. Late March or April is perhaps because that's the earliest that vaccines might be available enough for people to take before
  9. They had been offering some pretty rock bottom prices for late 2020 and early 2021 to try to get people to book with all the COVID uncertainty. After not sailing for about a year (assuming that cruises are able to start back up in April), I don't expect they can afford to extend those prices to the rest of 2021 and 2022. I'll rebook the same cruise if I find the price tolerable or book something else where I like the price. We had already cancelled our January Tahiti cruise as we didn't want to make final payment. We decided it was likely that COVID risk would still be too high for
  10. I get the Windstar promotional emails only very sporadically. I've decided that I don't care much about it getting fixed. Instead I check the Windstar specials page once a week, usually on Thursday or Friday, to see if any of the 7-for-7 specials are of interest or if there are any other sales on. I did get the Welcome to the Enhanced Yacht Club email with my new Yacht Club status. After I saw the Exclusive Private Sale mentioned here, I happened to look again at the Welcome email and realized that it also included announcement of the private sale, but one had to scroll down past
  11. Actually, small pox has been eradicated with no naturally occurring cases since 1980. https://www.cdc.gov/smallpox/index.html#:~:text=Thanks to the success of,occurring smallpox have happened since. However, that was possible due to factors particular to that case. It wasn't a disease with an animal reservoir. It doesn't happen to mutate rapidly so once they have a vaccine it stays effective and getting the disease or the vaccine confers life-long immunity (unlike flu for example where they have to continually adjust the vaccine and which you can get over and over). I do
  12. I finally found a letter in my email. It came October 19, but I was expecting a snail mail letter like my husband got and failed to notice the email one. So, if anyone didn't get a paper notification, you might look in your email for an email with the subject: Welcome to the Enhanced Yacht Club.
  13. I've sailed on all three Windstar ship types: motor, small sail and larger sail (Wind Surf). I'd be equally happy to sail on either the motor ships or the sail ships though amongst the sail ships, I prefer the deck space Wind Surf; it just has so much deck space amongst the top 3 decks. I was on Star Legend for Alaska where scenic cruising forms a big part of the itinerary and it has good deck space for viewing the scenery and enjoying sailing. I'd slightly prefer the sail ships for warm weather sailing, but wouldn't hesitate to take one of the motor ships if that was the itinerar
  14. They aren't very consistent. When my TA checked last week that they had added our loyalty numbers to our 1 May cruise, the list of what we got as a result included the $175 OBC (tier 3 for my husband plus tier 4 for me). After the private sale started, she checked and they wouldn't add the extra 5% "Private sale" incentive. I can't complain much about that because our current fare was under last June's one week sale and the price is about $1000 less than the current price. Possibly your cruise was able to take advantage of the Private Sale because it could be refared to the current
  15. We've gotten the Welcome Back or book-on-board discounts and they worked the same way. The price is discounted 5% and the result discounted another 5%. That produces a 9.75% discount, slightly less than a 10% double discount. I don't see any sign of "exclusive pricing" if that was supposed to indicate a lower price before discount to enhance this sale. The sale is shorter than their other sales. October 26 through Oct 30 when other sales are usually at least a week long. Doesn't give one much time. Even more so since they have bungled notification. Since it's a "priva
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