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  1. So if price dropped before final payment and assuming all perks are the same then they can adjust the price so final payment will be less than original?
  2. I would imagine the flights they were supposed to be on are canceled as well. So should not cost anything to rebook to a better time. Worst case scenario, spend a few more days in Japan
  3. Hi everyone, since they updated the ship, I read they also put in new TVs. Can someone let me know if the Millennium has the USB or HDMI plug on the TV ? Thank you.
  4. Will they notify if the bid is unsuccessful? We have 4 days to our cruise and have not heard anything yet. We bid about 2 weeks ago. Thanks.
  5. Prior to June 1st, our shareholder credits is about 70% success rate
  6. I booked a celebrity cruise on May 24 this year during a 2 perks promotion through a TA and shareholder credit was denied. Canceled and rebook the same cruise because of a better offer, 4 perks about the same price. Paid the cancellation fees. New reservation code. Applied shareholder credit again and got accepted. So ended up gaining 150 and 2 extra perks. Hope this good news continues. Usually hear back from them within a day. Sometimes within the same day. Rarely it goes more than 2 days
  7. Just thinking about this. I didn’t see where you can select a table for 2 when making the online reservations (did I somehow missed it?). So does that mean it only reserve us seating for 2 at that time but not necessary a table for 2?
  8. Thanks everyone. I have canceled my WaitList and will stick to Select (Anytime). We usually go for very early dining, so I think this will work out best. Haven't been on a Celebrity in 1/2 year and am already getting forgetful on these important things! 😄
  9. I remembered on our last cruise we ran into some problems with our dining. I can't remember exactly (please correct me if I'm wrong). But I think what happened was we booked Early Dining. Our preference of table of 2 was not honored but host wanted to put us in a group table. Then I think they won't put us on anytime either until we insisted heartily! And then we were able to dine with table for 2 during anytime as we always show up early, so there was always a table for 2. I think that's what happened. We just booked a cruise and am trying to avoid this all over again. For whatever reason (brain fart) we booked anytime and asked to be Waitlisted to Early Dining for 2. I have a feeling the translation will get lost and we will end up with a group table for Early Dining again. Should I just stick to Anytime dining and forego the wait-list? Anytime dining do allow table for 2 correct? I was told by some cruisers you can actually book reservation times for anytime dining online. Is this true? Thanks.
  10. Ah thanks. Sounds like I don’t need to bother with it.
  11. Interesting post. I usually spend a couple hours a day in the casino, averaging 10 - 20 bucks a hand at black jack. Been doing this for many past celebrity cruise. I know this is not amounting to much as far as getting perks from the bets, but does anyone know if I have any free stuff coming my way and I don't know about?
  12. Don't worry, worst case scenario, there are plenty of luggage tags from the porters where you drop your luggage.
  13. Can you find out if they replaced the mattress in the oceanview, balcony and suite cabins? Last couple times the mattress were terrible. Thanks.
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