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  1. I like to wear some shorts and a top or a romper.
  2. I do wear heels on dress up night and that night only. I don't wear hose.
  3. How did you switch? I'm considering switching from MTD to early dining.
  4. I usually wear shorts/capris and a top along with slides.
  5. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water! Cruise food is so rich and delectable, you'll want to stay "regular". My first cruise I overindulged in eating, especially all the foods that were heavily sauced and cheese filled without staying adequately hydrated. I enjoyed my cruise, but I wasn't able to move my bowels for a while.
  6. I understand your point. I probably should have quoted the op response in my first response about Lysol. Will do next time to cut down on confusion.
  7. I do wonder about this, even when I stay at hotels. It's the reason why I always travel with a can of Lysol on every trip. I spray down everything when we get to our room.
  8. Great review! I'll be taking this exact cruise in August! Glad you & your family enjoyed it!!
  9. Mostly interiors and balconies for me. I've done an ocean view before.
  10. I don't mind an inside cabin, but a balcony is my preferred room. I like that RCL has an option of an interior room with a promenade view! They're the only cruise line that I've traveled with that offers this option, which I think is cool.
  11. Unpopular opinion, I've mostly flown in the day of my cruises. I'm not opposed to flying in the day before and have a couple of times but majority of the time it's been the day of.
  12. The furthest I've traveled is to California from Maryland to cruise.
  13. I do wear heels on dress up nights. My heels are usually open toed or open back, so I don't wear pantyhose.
  14. I had Covid last December, the first 5 days I stayed in my adult onesie. The last 5 days, I wore regular clothes. I didn't wear any makeup.
  15. Card for me, although a wrist band is a good idea.
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