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  1. A friend has booked a land tour of Noumea starting in a week. That's a 50/50 at this stage with the airport locked down, etc.
  2. This may be of interest to persons taking a taxi in N.Z. where taxi meters are no longer compulsory but are used by the taxis I prefer. https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/taxi-fares Negotiate a fare prior to getting into a non-metered taxi or you could end up paying more than you expected to.
  3. When I asked why she had a grey card she only mentioned her number of cruises. I think she denied having a suite when I asked her. Maybe she did not want to appear to be elitist, or her hubby could be a secretive casino fiend. The suite answer is probably correct. She also mentioned that the staff seemed to kowtow when they noticed her card.
  4. On the last night of a recent cruise on Explorer a women joined us at Trivia wearing a grey cabin key card. I had never seen one before and asked her how she got it. She said that she had done around 15 cruises on P&O Australia. She also said the only benefit was tender priority which she was reluctant to use because of the abuse from people in the tender queue. I didn’t fancy enquiring getting more information on this from reception as they were busy. Instead I would google it the next day when I got home. The only thing I found was related to the Casino club. Does any of you more erudite CCers have any more information on the scarce grey card entitlement and privileges? I am just curious as that was probably our last venture on P&O Oz so I won’t be chasing one.
  5. It looks like she will be heading north to the Bay of Islands tomorrow night to make up time. This is unfortunate for the folks booked to do the Hobbiton or Rotorua tours from Tauranga tomorrow but it would be better than ending up on Takapuna beach today though.
  6. When my DW's suitcase hadn't arrived 2 hours after boarding I went on a search around the deck we were on and saw it sitting in a crew only area through an open door. I wandered in and grabbed it then took it back to my grateful spouse who was starting to get very anxious. It was correctly labelled etc. so I put it down to crew not being bothered to deliver it in a timely fashion. This was in the days prior to Covid when ships were adequately crewed. My sympathy goes out to the lady who had to wear her hubbies jocks and the same outfit over and over.
  7. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/bring-send-to-nz/bringing-and-posting-items-to-nz/check-if-you-can-bring-or-send-an-item-to-nz/ The fine for undeclared prohibited items is a bit cheaper in N.Z. at $NZ400.00, plus confiscation.
  8. Here's what you are missing. We had to take remaining amenities from our our cabin on the Majestic last month to avoid contamination issues. Sorry.
  9. We are sorry to hear of your dad’s passing Stu. Condolences to you and your mum.
  10. My DW is Queen of the Luddites but courageously decided to order a special iced coffee on the cabin Medallion program on the Majestic 2 days ago. First I knew was when 3 of them were delivered to our cabin. 3 were billed on our folio account at over $6 each plus 18% tips. After a discussion with room service 1 was credited. Technology is becoming a form of elder abuse for a lot of boomers and the great generation.
  11. Well it’s a long story Yvonne. Keeping to topic, we were originally booked on the Royal from Hawaii to Auckland. That was cancelled and we took a LA to Auckland on Majestic replacement. We had 2 nights in San Pedro before boarding. Embarkation was a cluster. Shorty after getting to the Port we got into the general queue - none separate for Elite even though they are “humbled by our loyalty”- which came to a grinding halt soon after. Luckily we were under tent cover but a lot weren’t and were in the blazing sun for over 30 minutes with no water offered or seating for seniors. We were on board in 2 hours after arriving at port. Anyway Lahaina, was cancelled after we booked as was Pago Pago with Tauranga subbed in.
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