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  1. So far 3 cancelled all out of Bayonne I have 2 more booked and not hoping for much
  2. I was wondering if it was for the bottle instead of just a glass
  3. So got the email that we all expected today basically telling me that I can choose 125% FCC, lyft or full refund, no mention of other options for a cruise, our cruise was on August 3. I have a feeling cruises will not be starting by then
  4. got an email fro Royal, my cruise was August 3 empress of the sea to New England/canada ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. Earlier today, the Canadian government advised they were extending their cruise ship restrictions until the end of October 2020. So, we’re sure that leaves you wondering what will happen with your upcoming sailing. We are too! But not to worry, we’re figuring it out. We kindly ask for patience, as we diligently work on next steps. We know that you probably have a lot of questions, which we’d love to answer – but since this is hot off the press, we just don’t have those answers yet. And, regrettably hold times on our phones are quite long. So to avoid any frustration, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding. We commit to sharing a full update with you on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. As the world begins to cautiously go back to what it was, we respect each port’s decision to evaluate travel restrictions. We remain optimistic that this soon will pass. In the meantime, stay well and we’ll be in touch very soon! Sincerely,
  5. I hope that was incorrect if that is the case I want my money back, I always plan everything in advance
  6. I hope that was incorrect if that is the case I want my money back, I always plan everything in advance
  7. I have not called yet, send a message via website then another one via facebook no answers yet
  8. I also got about 40% of our FCC and still did not get the taxes and fees back on my credit card, at this point not sure I trust them to get it right I just want my money back, and no refund from on board purchases
  9. lost it for May 10 oasis on the cruise, it was a mother/daughter cruise to celebrate our birthdays. So sad.
  10. It must have been a glitch (I know shocking for Royal) this morning it is fine and I can book whatever I want in the cruise planner, I already had 1 cruise cancelled really hoping this one goes.
  11. i am not expecting anything i was just saying in the cruise planner it is telling me the cruise is cancelled
  12. I have empress scheduled on August 3 going to Canada and New England, I have not received any notification about that cruise (I did on my May 10 cruise on Oasis that is cancelled), I went to the cruise planner today, and got the dreaded notice that the cruise is cancelled, which seems strange only cruises until July 1st for Canada should be cancelled at this time. Anyone else having that issue?
  13. the medical care in Europe is great, I am sure that we will have people from Europe wanting to cancel as the cost of care in the US is so expensive.
  14. we missed a port in January and we were refunded the port fees back without asking
  15. where are you getting that the diamond lounge is vanishing, that is false, Majesty never had one, and I have not seen any of them disappear.
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