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  1. In wonder if St Martin, the french side or St Marteen the dutch side will have that requirement they are part of the EU
  2. we have not had connecting doors for a couple years but always need when they kids were young, you can close the door anytime you want but can not lock it.
  3. I had read on how some people felt there were too many people on the tour, so booked a private tour with Cosol, it was fantastic and we loved the fact it was just the 4 of us, we had as much or as little time at each stop and the driver was fantastic, watch our belonging while doing the mud bath. for us the additional cost for a private tour was well worth it.
  4. I just went through the entire process and it is not there. I love RCCL but boy I hate their website
  5. Booking for 2020 so no issue with dates, just very strange, I was just curious to see if others were having that issue, or just a glitch
  6. That is the issue is that now it does not have the box anymore, it only has the box for dining and for tips not for deposit, and I am booking an interior cabin this time.
  7. It used to be that we could choose refundable or nonrefundable up as we started the booking process, then it got moved to the end of the booking process after you had added the guests, now I cannot find that option anymore. Is there any way to book a cruise with a refundable deposit online?
  8. taking the bus to port authority then having to get to cape liberty does not make much sense, if you could get a bus to Newark it would work. driving to cape liberty from Scranton is really easy.
  9. Also keep in mind when you are leaving, On my cruise the ship leaves at 3:00 p.m. so you need to be a the port no later than 1:30 p.m., for me that would be cutting it way too short, and I would not be able to enjoy myself.
  10. yes you can get a seabreeze, I also got cosmo, martini, long island iced tea.
  11. You also order small portions of the pasta, the appetizers are all great.
  12. no need for an app to use your phone, or other device, I actually found that the new format is very mobile friendly.
  13. I also do not remember the meal deal, I wonder if that is new for the anthem?
  14. my roll call does not show up under manage followed content, anyone else having this issue?
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