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  1. I will be on the first cruise out of Bayonne, will certainly be very interesting to see. I have cruised on Anthem, but there is not much space when you pass under the bridge
  2. the current set up works well or just entending to the music hall during happy hour, and it would be a waste of space most of the day until the evening the lounge is generally empty
  3. Thanks I look forward to your report we will be on Oasis in May with UDP and am curious to see what happens on port day.
  4. It was more expensive, I think maybe $20 more a person, and then we left a tip, the driver was great and we were able to stop as long or as little we wanted, we loved it and would do it again, for us it was well worth the extra cost.
  5. wow that is a big jump again it was $19, went up to $22 a year ago and now $25.
  6. I have the same situation, it all depends on what passport you are traveling with, I always put down my country of birth, but travel using my US passport so that is the citizenship I use.
  7. which date is it for? I am cruising January 5 and did not receive anything.
  8. I was curious and just checked for my cruise and the wording is the same for both 3 or 5 just change in the number of meals, no lunch included: Experience five of our specialty restaurants and enjoy great savings when you purchase the 5 Night Dining Package for your cruise vacation.
  9. on one the anthem cruise which mentions coco cay instead of San Juan what is interesting to me is that it is actually states day 4 which is the day we are supposed to be in San Juan.
  10. there is 4 of us generally and give the bartender $5 for every round. or $1 per drink if not together.
  11. They also have a $65 day pass that includes some drinks a BBQ lunch umbrellas and beds as well as watersports, email them they are very responsive
  12. did you do the day pass, for the day?
  13. completely disagree, my kids have the same status as we have and have "earned" every single one of those points, we always traveled in attached rooms, and they always paid full price, even as an 8 year old.
  14. Does messaging work with the new App? You used to be able to message Iphone to Iphone, but heard that does not work anymore, hoping to be able to message to others on board with the App
  15. In wonder if St Martin, the french side or St Marteen the dutch side will have that requirement they are part of the EU
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