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  1. I just checked, and my trip is now showing on the app (it wasn't last week), but still no Apex info. But I can tell it's coming, and I am so excited!
  2. Cruising is a great way for mobility-limited people to visit many places without having to travel between them! But you have to plan well. If you use a scooter in a large store, you will definitely want a scooter on a cruise ship. Even if your cabin in right in the middle of the ship, it can be a long walk from end to end. You need to make sure the scooter will fit through the (narrow) door of your cabin. If you can get a wheelchair-accessible cabin, then you are fine, and you may be fine otherwise - people on here can advise. For shore excursions, most will not be able to accommodate a scooter. If you can walk at all, and have a traveling companion, I recommend you get a manual wheelchair, which can be folded up when you go into a tour bus or taxi and then available for you to move around. If you are flying to the cruise port, then you may want to consider traveling with a manual chair, and then having a small scooter delivered to your cabin for use on the ship. Have fun!
  3. I've looked at several cabin tours posted by people who have sailed in these IVs, and it looks like exactly what we want. Especially for a northern Europe cruise in April.
  4. We had originally booked that Edge sailing - and the itinerary is spectacular. But we changed to Apex Northern Europe Capitals because we wanted to do Northern Europe on an E class, and Apex is only in northern Europe for those first few shakeout cruises and then will be in Med with Edge next year. So we will do that Med itinerary next year! But now I'm glad we changed because Italy seems like it is going to be on coronavirus lockdown. Of course, by the time April gets here, it may have moved to northern Europe and we may not get to go...
  5. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed, and sets my mind at ease,. We will plan to hail a wheelchair taxi when we arrive, and if that doesn't work the walk is not too long either for me or for hubby's wheelchair if we start the day fully charged!
  6. We are cruising Celebrity Apex out of Southhampton in April. Hubby uses a power wheelchair full time, and cannot walk at all. We will be staying in London for two nights before the cruise, and wanted to take the train to Southhampton on embarkation morning. I see that the train is completely accessible (yay, UK!) but it does not go to the cruise port. So here's the question: Will we be able to find a wheelchair accessible taxi at the Southhampton train station, or is there any way to make a reservation for one in advance? I assume the walk from train to ship is too long? Luggage is not an issue because I will also be taking his manual chair, and that makes a great luggage cart. So we could walk if not too far. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I have been looking at those cabins (one on each side) for a future cruise. We like a balcony, but the price difference can be large. I'm glad to hear the feedback.
  8. I'm sailing in April, and so eager to see it launch too. I fear it may not launch until just before the ship has its first sailing at the start of April.
  9. My 21 year old nephew had the time of his life on Celebrity a few years ago with his grandparents, aunt/uncle, and mom. He found other people his age, and they found things to do all day and wayyyy into the night. I wouldn't be too worried if he's good at making friends.
  10. OK, thanks! I will immediately cease looking forward to it! (There is plenty more to be excited about). I think we will try to sailaway from the deck outside the SEA spa (we are AQ) if everyone else doesn't have the same idea. I wondered, because when we were on Century many moons ago (2008) someone was airlifted and the helicopter never landed but hovered above the upper pool deck. We were in the last SS before the deck so I got great shots.
  11. We have to book Accessible cabins because my husband uses a powerchair full time, can't walk at all, and we need both the extra turning radius and the roll in shower/grab bars. I have been on the Disabled forum on Cruise Critic for more than a decade, and I have seen lots of complaints from people needing an accessible cabin who were unable to get one, even after repeatedly asking Celebrity to confirm that everyone on their cruise needed those accommodations. I have never seen someone complain that they were an able-bodied person in a HC cabin who got kicked out. I know they don't have any notations in the booking record about who really needs the features and who doesn't. So they would have to call around and I just don't think Celebrity (or any cruise line) has the manpower or incentive to do that. So, it rather seems to be "honor system." As someone who cannot cruise without a HC cabin, I am always delighted to see HC cabins available for last minute booking. So I hope you don't take it. But I really can't blame you if you do. The accessible Sky Suite is same size as a CS, but without the bedroom.
  12. It's great that you now get cans all the time. I used to go out of my way to the one bar that served cans. I used my mug for lattes and other coffee drinks, as I prefer mugs over small cups. AS I said, it's no trouble at all to just bring a couple Yetis along.
  13. Thanks for the questions and heads up. Our last Celebrity cruise was in 2014, and we definitely got a travel mug with the soft drink package. We have plenty of Tervis and Yeti travel mugs at home, so we'll make sure to bring them along!
  14. Me too, same cruise! AQ accessible for us. See you at the Cabin Crawl!
  15. Where is the Helipad on Edge/Apex?
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