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  1. Now with the cruises shut down...WHERE will all the ships be "Parked"?
  2. Butter, you want BUTTER.... huh.... (no butter for you)
  3. We are onboard REFLECTION (due to return 3-13) and have not heard any MEDICAL alert news... seems everyone is fine (?) We do notice that the BLU restaurant seems to be more than 1/2 empty most of the time....
  4. HOVERING at the MARTINI bar? Nah, just go to deck 3 and the PASSPORT bar 😉
  5. Grrr, need another MARTINI BAR.
  6. UH OH,....... CDC is not recommending not to cruise !
  7. We are on board now, Sunday March 8, Great cruise, food in BLU is much better than what we remember from a few years ago, we have been on RC, Princess MSC and Norwegian mostly.. Our only complaint is that we have not been able to get seats at the MARTINI BAR.
  8. I'm thinking to open a PEN DESK at some secret location on the ship and sell pens to Cruise Critic travelers (exclusively) Any suggestions.......... 🤣........
  9. Unbelievable....4 pages about Pens and pencils... I ALWAYS have my own pens, BUT THAT is not the point...It's just another CHEAPENING The pens re ADVERTISING and a SOUVENIR.. Whoever thought this was a saving, is making a big mistake...it's a MARKER.. (pun intended) Must be a recently promoted executive who needed to make a "SHOW" Sorry Celebrity, you screwed up on this one....
  10. Keep cutting, you'll drive US to other Cruise Lines...
  11. Nickle and dime cheapening....what's next? These are not expensive pens.....????? 🖊️
  12. I'm thinking to bring a few (hundred) pens and selling them...(No choice of logo)🤣
  13. We are getting very concerned about the CORONA virus and are wondering about cancelling. Since we are both seniors (me at 85) this is a big worry. Has anyone been thinking about this...can we get a refund through our insurance?
  14. OK, bringing my own PILOT GELS
  15. We BOOK AQUA BECAUSE we want BLU for dining...letting others in is not OK in my opinion.
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