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  1. Sorry, I know the difference, but most who come to this board don't. Just can't see why you seem to insist that this is your little fiefdom and only those ships you deem worthy can be discussed here. Please find me one thread any where on Cruise Critic that doesn't have some topic drift.
  2. This would be fine by me. As I'm remembering, my 30th "recognition dinner" was a meal at Silk Road (or maybe it was Prego, that's how memorable it was) with the Crystal Society Hostess and 2 of my friends. I had to look at my list of cruises to determine which was 30 and then call up the event from the back of my brain!! 🤓 This is not a complaint of any kind, just a recognition that the event was never a "big deal". Patty
  3. The way I read it the Crystal Society 2.5% discount is available on milestone cruises only. Have I misread? Patty
  4. All true about the laundry on the Serenity, but my heart is with Symphony. A lot of that (well, maybe all of that) has to do with the fact that I've spent 276 nights on Symphony vs. just 97 on Serenity. Symphony is "home".😍 Patty
  5. It was a joke, I'm sure. Perhaps it would have helped if the poster had used a few emojis.🤡🤓😱
  6. Since the OP has come to a decision, I don't see why there is a need to move the thread. Looks like it will "fade away" as LHT28 said. Some people here get too bent out of shape about what is and what isn't luxury.
  7. It is true that there have been a higher number of negative comments about Silk and Churasscaria than other dining venues on Crystal (except for possibly the table arrangement after the Crystal Dining Room became Waterside!). I think part of it is that you'll always find people who have a "problem" to voice their opinion more frequently than people who are happy with a situation. Those who have been on the ships several times over the period since the changes to the dining venues report that Crystal has made changes as a result of feed back, especially when it comes to Silk. There's no way to satisfy all the people all the time. Just look at those who have voiced a complaint about the timing on the evening Galaxy shows, and some are not happy about a 15 minute time difference!! 😱 Patty
  8. You'll be dressed much better than many on the ship!! I've seen saris, kimonos and kilts on cruises!!
  9. Which cruise line? Also, since you are in the UK the rules could possibly be different from US rules.
  10. "Many" will tell you that those 2 are "better" than Carnival, Costa and possibly NCL. Ultimately, you need to try one and see how you feel.
  11. The "big" question is, why have you chosen to "reveal" yourself now? 😳😱🤡 Patty
  12. I agree. I have been on a cruise with Russ and he seems like a nice enough fellow, but I didn't have a different experience when considering the overall cruise than I had with other Cruise Directors. This is just one of the many things about an individual cruise, cruise ship, cruise line, etc., that we will never agree about. As a wise man said, isn't it great that we have choices?!?! Patty
  13. Then it's pretty much "mass market", but not all of them are created equal. Some are a little "nicer" than other. This would include the quality of the included food and the finish of the cabins. Of course, all of that is subject to individual interpretation. "Generally" considered "nicer" might include Celebrity, Holland America, Disney and Princess. Within a line all ships are not equal. The newer ships will get higher ratings than the older ships in the same fleet. There are lists that give each lines' ships star ratings, but the one I know is from a travel agency, and therefore can not be named on Cruise Critic. I have not included lines with ships carrying fewer than 400 or so passengers as those are a different kettle of fish.
  14. For anyone reading this who is not aware, the vanities on the Serenity and the Symphony are very different in both the Penthouse and Penthouse Suite cabins. Look at the layouts on the Crystal site to see all the differences in the cabins between the two ships. Patty
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