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  1. For those who know me, they know I'm a Crystal fan. However, I do want to correct something for those who have never sailed Crystal river and are reading about it here. Only the Mozart has the herb garden and starting in the spring of 2020 the Mozart will be marketed through Genting's Asian operation, so probably very few westerners will be booking it. That being said, the food on the Crystal river boats (I've done the Mozart and the Bach) is every bit as good (if not better) than what is served on the ocean ships. The 4 river boats that will be sailing starting in 2020 hold 106 passengers maximum, so you can see how they are able to serve the highest quality food.
  2. Not Ryndam (but a good friend of hisπŸ€“) and as I posted on the roll call, inquire at the front desk at the beginning of the cruise when the M&M will be held. Invitations are sent to your room, but it has happened that those who have registered fail to get an invitation. Patty
  3. The first and last full days of your cruise could be cold, cool, warm , probably not hot. It's January sailing from Texas.
  4. Yet I believe meclizine, the seasickness medicine, is OTC in the US but requires a prescription in Canada.
  5. Those are outdated capacity numbers for the Crystal ships and do not reflect the capacity since the latest dry docks. The current numbers are 980 for the Serenity and 848 for the Symphony.
  6. Were you near HOU (Hobby Airport) which is much closer to Galveston or IAH (Bush Intercontinental) which is much farther away?? What day of the week? As others have said, the answers to those questions can make a big difference.
  7. Going to assume they are the "left overs" from when the waiters in the then Crystal Dining Room wore them before the change to Waterside and their more casual attire. Patty
  8. Nancy, I think that was the Sofitel It's no longer a Sofitel but one of Accor's lower level brands as the hotel was getting a little long in the tooth (Rob told me he was an architect on it when he was not long out of school! 😱) and I don't think they wanted to spend the money it would take to bring it back to the Sofitel standards. Patty
  9. Didn't take much research to find that the Azamara smallest cabins are 158 sq. ft. vs 202 sq. ft. on the Crystal Symphony. I'd call that substantially smaller on Azamara.
  10. It used to be that you could use a milestone on the cruise for that milestone, but now it is required that you wait for the subsequent cruise, i.e., 20th milestone on cruise 21. Just another change. I mind that less than having to pay in full earlier than previously, but look at it as it is what it is. My option is to no longer cruise with Crystal. 😏 Patty
  11. Absolutely keep posting both. I always look at the menu and do a fantasy order. Less than 3 weeks and I can order for real! Patty
  12. To all of you asking about the space on Crystal's river boats (all 4 are identical), the petite suites don't have much storage space at all, but work for a solo, especially if you are on for 7 days. I was on the Bach for 17 days, a back to back, and found it too confining. However, I went into the next larger cabin and they are much more spacious and should be fine for a couple. One thing I thought was a real problem in the petite is that you have to get down on the floor to use the safe! πŸ˜πŸ™„ Patty
  13. The Portuguese Tarts have been smaller than the previous iteration for a while, but the ingredients seem to be the same. I had found better crust on the Serenity in the past, but my last experience on Symphony had improved crust. Patty
  14. Yes, and be sure to also wear your white fanny pack! πŸ˜±πŸ˜›πŸ€“
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