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  1. Got out my magnifying glass. Over the door it says something about gifts and collectibles. That's any town on the itinerary of any Alaska cruise. Then what I could read around the picture of the woman I put into Google. Think I must not be reading it correctly as it's something about Hindi sex porn!!! 😜🙄😆 Patty
  2. Am I seeing the top of a mountain over the roof? (Not the clouds on the right, next to the air conditioner or whatever.) It's August. Those two things together scream Alaska. Guessing Juneau. Patty
  3. No clue, Brian. I assume those are changing rooms at a beach. All the movie star names that I can read are American. Don't know, however, if it's actually in the US. Not sure where all Anne has been in the US. First thought would be LA or Miami, but thinking, maybe, somewhere on Cape Cod. I think I remember that Anne has done a New England/Canada cruise. Or not!! Patty
  4. My immediate thought was the Falklands. Then I had doubts. But they say to always go with your first thought! 🤩 Patty
  5. With 106 passengers max, it is my understanding that there is a Vintage Room function very infrequently. Just not enough interest. Remember that they sometimes can't get a "quorum" with 700 to 900 passengers on the ocean ships. Patty
  6. No salon and there's one person who does massages. I don't know if there are other spa services. There are a few excursions that have an extra charge. You can order one of the extra charge wines. There's always extra gratuities. Patty
  7. Someone just posted on the Crystal Society Facebook page that they got "notification" that all Serenity cruises are canceled through December. Didn't say notification from whom. Not a surprise. Patty
  8. I never entered my info on this thread, but I wanted to remark that today is day 90 for me. When I first requested a refund I actually thought that I would have it back by now!!🙄😆😷 Patty
  9. Except that the sign is in English. Would expect Portuguese and then a smaller English sign. I'm usually a pretty good detective about things like that! 😛👄🤩 Patty
  10. Isn't the second photo of the 4 you posted together from Lisbon? I know I've seen that and that's all that comes to mind. Patty
  11. There's a "formula" - OCS for Symphony and OCY for Serenity. Then the last 2 digits for the year - 22. Then the starting date - 0429. Then the number of days on that cruise. (Too lazy to check for you.) 😊
  12. Costa Rica, I think??? Ports on the Pacific side of the country. Patty
  13. Tracie, I admire your positive attitude, but I just can't see committing major $$$ to Crystal until I see how this all works out. I've got $1,300 from the deposit for my canceled by Crystal October cruise on the Dec. 2nd Serenity, although I have no expectation that it will actually happen. Still waiting for my total refund for my canceled by Crystal June cruise. Hope to see you and your posse sooner rather than later on Crystal!! Patty
  14. Several cruises start and/or end in ports that aren't exactly easily accessible to those from the US. There were a few that had some interest for me. However, I'm not planning on making any bookings for 2021, 2022 or 2023 until we see how things shake out with the current "situation". Patty
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