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  1. You made your payment to the travel agency, correct? As an American, we know that's a no no, but I know things are different in the UK. Just to be clear, is your refund from the agency? You have no idea if the agency received any money from Crystal, so this could be the agency making you whole, having nothing to do with Crystal? Patty
  2. I highly doubt that there is any "system"! 🙄😏😵 Patty
  3. Mardi Gras, 2021, in Galveston is Feb 5 - Feb. 16. During that period hotel rooms are much more expensive and a minimum number of days is required. Of course, it all remains to be seen, with Covid 19, if cruising and/or Mardi Gras will happen.
  4. Not sure it has happened, yet, but almost assuredly, will happen eventually. Patty
  5. Thanks, Timbuktu123, a very rational post! Patty
  6. I don't think that there is one person who posts here that is happy with the way Crystal is handling (or not handling) their refunds, but I might suggest that the doctor prescribe a chill pill to him/her self when he/she is using a description like "dirty trick". Perhaps such chill pill might make you less "disgusted". If venting is helping, then, by all means, go right ahead, but, as a non physician, I don't think the build up of the bile is all that good for you.
  7. I agree. I disembarked the Symphony Feb 16 after what has been come to be know as the Flying Dutchman cruise and I can say that everything on the ship was as good as ever, maybe even better, as we sailed through the South China Sea looking for refuge! (That's a little bit exaggerated, but only slightly!) Patty
  8. That article is from 3 1/2 weeks ago. It doesn't seem that refunds have picked up since then. Stopped holding my breath waiting for my refund months ago!😲 Patty
  9. Yes for sure to the vaccine as no vaccine has ever been 100% effective and this one won't be either. Patty
  10. As I read this, since I am a solo traveler, I would be required to eat all meals by myself. I can do that while at home. No thank you! Wonder when (actually if) things will ever get close to the good, old days? Patty
  11. Is Crystal a "Chinese" company? It is my understanding (but I could be wrong), that Genting Hong Kong was established when the British still "owned" Hong Kong. The "owner" of the whole Genting empire is Malaysian, but is ethnically Chinese. Either this person doesn't know what they are talking about or we have been "mislead" about Genting. Patty
  12. I have 39 Crystal cruises and have had the same email address the entire time. Went through the same routine as you. I did enter another email address I have for junk mail and do get the "generic" emails from them at that email address, but nothing like the ones from Crystal Society that indicate they know I'm a "regular". Oh, well,.......😏😵😜 Patty
  13. Please go back and review everything Vince has posted on this topic. It is no where as easy as you have portrayed it here. Now, that still doesn't excuse the slowness, except that they ain't got the money to refund everyone. 😜 Patty
  14. OK, and I can't seem to get back on the Crystal email list at all. 😲😜🤩 Patty
  15. I always assumed that, but you know what they say about assumptions! 😲 Patty
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