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  1. Rob, Interesting that you would use the term "shroud" concerning the cover over the Symphony, considering the gnashing of teeth and wailing about Crystal/Genting's financial condition on other threads here!😲🙄🥴 Patty
  2. This cruise will be cancelled. I predict on April 28. They are doing rolling cancellations in order to secure funds for refunds. Of course, as always, time will tell. Patty
  3. The last time I looked, the Serenity is scheduled to dock at Singapore tomorrow. I "heard" (take that with a grain of salt) that Genting has a close relationship with the dock owners at Singapore and that they can dock there cheaper than any other port. There is logic to that, if it's true. Patty P.S. Posted this before reading Keith's post that they aren't going to Singapore - maybe Malaysia - what a mess!!!
  4. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Patty
  5. Sure, if there's something there to eventually return to. Are you absolutely positive that Crystal will ever sail again? And they are still in trouble with no income for who knows how long before Crystal maybe, might, someday sail again.
  6. I'd vote for option 2. I have a cruise booked for Oct, 2020 and did not make an early payment. At the first of June I will have to make a decision. If not much changes between now and then, I'll probably cancel, get 75% of my deposit back and 25% FCC, which may or may not ever be useful. If you've read my other post today, I'm not too hopeful about Crystal's future, but maybe that's just a result of being "locked" in the house for almost 3 weeks now!! Still waiting on my June cruise, rather hoping Crystal will cancel and I'll get all my money back. 😏 Patty P.S. Life has been good and I've had a great ride if I never sail Crystal again! 😍
  7. This is a distinction without a difference. Yes, they will be called back whenever (if ever) Crystal sails again. They were used to being off 2 or 3 months, but if it goes 6 or 9 months, how do they pay their expenses? Almost all except those from the engineering department are in the service business. What is the situation with the service jobs in their home country? I think we know the answer there. Laid off, furloughed, whatever you want to call it, it don't pay the rent! 🥴 Patty
  8. Yes, I heard it yesterday, and the person who told me heard it from someone who was laid off. Is it permanent or just a furlough, I don't know. Patty P.S. I'm a bit surprised that this took 24 hours to make it to Cruise Critic. 😲
  9. Hasn't this been the way that it "always" has been; those in UK loose their entire deposit if they cancel before final payment is due, versus the US where it used to be a full refund if canceled before the final payment is due, and now with a small admin fee? As I remember reading, this predates any current situations. Patty
  10. Just checked on one of the websites that reports where all the ships are currently located. The Serenity reported 21 minutes ago from the Indian Ocean, sailing at 8.8 knots and scheduled to arrive at Singapore April 4th. 🙂 Patty
  11. How about a series on how you are surviving Quarantine 2020??? Sir, Sir, where are we? - The kitchen Sir, Sir, where are we? - The dining room Love to all the gang!! Patty
  12. Does Genting have docks that they own in Singapore? Might be cheaper to keep her there for the time being. Just throwing that out there! 😏 Patty
  13. I'm scheduled to leave for Lisbon 10 weeks from tomorrow. A lot can happen in 10 weeks, or not........ Patty
  14. How exciting, a gift in my mail box, some day! 😍 Patty
  15. It's a cash flow problem (on top of Crystal being a "small" operation with limited numbers of employees). Who knows what kind of financing Genting (and all of the subsidiaries) has. They have to be bleeding cash now. It's not just Crystal but Star and Dream, if you are just talking cruising. Assuming they can acquire financing, it's not a matter of snapping their fingers and the ready cash is available tomorrow. And it's not like it's just Genting. The whole world is in a precarious financial situation. But, be my guest and go ahead and complain. The money will come when the money comes, or maybe it won't.
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