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  1. Almost identical to paddle tennis, broadly along tennis rules and very similar court layout but with a racquet more akin to a giant table tennis bat and the tennis ball has air removed so is slightly softer than a tennis ball.
  2. My understanding is that paddle tennis is available, courts and nets and equipment all on the ship.
  3. We had no Az sailings booked, but have landed very nicely with the rescheduled cruises. Our TA advised that Az had reduced pricing, with better Caribbean itineraries than the other 'Cuba' revised cruiselines. So we have booked the two back to backs from San Juan 30th Nov (your final leg?) and 7th Dec. Incredibly, with the Az OBC for back to back bookings we have an additional $300 OBC for each sailing i.e. $600 total.....as we sometimes say here in Scotland, it's cheaper than staying home!! Great to read that this has worked out for you, and your flight times look absolutely fine to me.
  4. The elevators outwith YC go to 15, from memory, so that is the YC entry point. Both decks 15 and 16 are perfect locations, wouldn't choose 14 as it seems somewhat 'out of things'....but is better than not in YC!!
  5. Yes, although the chocolate products were never included on Meraviglia because it is not Venchi.
  6. I cannot find a cruise listed for the 7 nights from 10 August 2019 or 21st September 2019. Are any quick upgrades planned for these dates, or has the ship been chartered for those weeks?
  7. hamrag

    Drinks query

    If the drinks package is upgraded to Premium or Ultimate, do both cabin occupants have to do so? For me, I would want to have the malt whiskies available only with Ultimate but my DW would be satisfied with the basic package. Thanks in advance.
  8. Similar comp for us in the UK, same sailing £400 future cruise credit. We are holding off on a decision until we find out where and what the alternative sailings will be.
  9. Aurea deck is available to YC guests but, as you say, why would you?! The outdoor grill on Meraviglia is fab, especially for lunch where they will cook fresh your order of e.g. lamb/beef/king prawn/salmon/chicken...all superbly cooked!
  10. We have 44 cruises, on 14 different cruiselines and the YC restaurant food is def better than MDR food on any of those lines....it is not quite up there with the best of the specialty restaurants, probably above mid-point between the two. The tables for 2 are close enough for interaction with the neighbours which was mostly how we got to know, and arranged to eat with, others some evenings....and lunch on a couple of occasions. Lunch in YC restaurant is definitely worth having, we did so each sea day and anytime we were on the ship at lunchtime. On most other cruiselines we usually just do buffet for lunch.
  11. We did both, but when we dined with others we had previously socialised with them and agreed to eat together. If you mean do they ask if you want to share, then no that is not the procedure. Incidentally we sailed Meraviglia inside cabin YC, and would not hesitate to do so again....because of the YC experience. Sure, it wasn't all perfect, and I can relate to a very few of the comments posted. Our Fillet beef/steak orders in both YC and BC were sublime, but I agree the menu at times left us somewhat 'whelmed'. A few months later we sailed Preziosa YC, and the service and restaurant menus were half a notch better. Would we do same in Meraviglia again?.....yes in a heartbeat.
  12. Ahhh, I didn't realise you were already booked...thought you were trying to find a way to join this cruise on YC!
  13. No worries, we did b2b cruises on Mera last year, the first was an inside and the second a deluxe suite. In cabin terms there is no comparison, but YIN is much less costly and we can def cope with that. TBH, it was the last YC available when we booked for 28th Oct and on the lowest YC deck i.e. 14 it is somewhat distant from the main action! That said, the whole YC remains available and we are so disappointed the timing does not work out (MIL 90th birthday, and we both forgot as at booking time she had not turned 89....boohoo!!).
  14. Nikki If you are trying to bag a YC cabin, currently sold out, we have a YIN (YC inside) reservation on deposit which we will almost certainly have to cancel prior to final payment. Upon reading your post, I had a look at the T&C's for our booking with the UK web agency we book 75% of our cruises with and it states if the booking is transferred to a 3rd party.....then going on to say what happens. In essence, for an admin fee of £50pp our booking could be transferred to your name. This cruise is a Voyages Selection Departure, with a 5% + 15% discount in addition to 10% discount from the agency. Also the standard $50pp on board credit applies. So, with your own Voyager Status you are entitled to the same discount. The cruise and pricing details follow, if you are interested, please provide your email or other contact means and we can take it from there. Cruise: Caribbean Cruise Ship: MSC Cruises, Meraviglia Depart: 28/10/2019 [ New York City ] Duration: 13 Arrive: 10/11/2019 [ Miami ] Dining: Yacht Club - Stateroom: 14013 [ YIN ] - MSC Yacht Club Interior Suite on deck: Angkor Wat Note: Transfers: No Transfers or Cruise Add-On Packages Purchased For a detailed view of your itinerary please. CARIBBEAN Mon, Oct 28: New York, United States (Depart 19:00) Tue, Oct 29: (Depart 00:00) Wed, Oct 30: (Depart 00:00) Thu, Oct 31: (Depart 00:00) Fri, Nov 01: Philipsburg, St. Maarten (07:00 - 17:00) Sat, Nov 02: Fort de France, Martinique (08:00 - 18:00) Sun, Nov 03: Bridgetown, Barbados (07:00 - 19:00) Mon, Nov 04: Saint George, Grenada (07:00 - 14:00) Tue, Nov 05: Willemstad, Cura�ao (13:00 - 23:00) Wed, Nov 06: Oranjestad, Aruba (07:00 - 19:00) Thu, Nov 07: (Depart 00:00) Fri, Nov 08: (Depart 00:00) Sat, Nov 09: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (09:00 - 23:00) Sun, Nov 10: Miami, Florida (Arrive 07:00) DINING Dining Preference: Yacht Club - PASSENGER DETAILS Title: Name: Date of Birth: Contact Number: Email Address: PRICING DETAILS Item Name Passenger 1 Passenger 2 Total Cruise Line Fare £1,937.19 £1,937.19 £3,874.38 Discount (193.72) (193.72) (387.44) Cabin Fare (includes NCCF) £1,937.19 £1,937.19 £3,874.38 Non-Refundable Service Fee £39.99 TOTAL COST: £3,526.93 RESTRICTED RATE SELECTED You have selected the following restricted rate: Non Refundable Fare Friendly reminder: This fare is deposit non-refundable! If you’re OK with that, continue on. Or, select another, more flexible rate. PAYMENT SCHEDULE Type Due Date Paid Date Amount Cruise Deposit 22/08/2018 00:00 23/08/2018 £239.99 Cruise Final Payment 26/07/2019 19:59 £3,286.94
  15. As first time Crystal, we had the same issue before sailing a couple of weeks ago. What we did was immediately upon boarding, went to Prego (opens 1.30pm boarding day) and made a reservation for our party of 8. Because it was only a 6 day cruise, and included 2 late ports, we only booked one specialty which was Prego. There were a few options, and we chose final night at 9pm but were there and seated very promptly at that time. We got the centre restaurant circular table, and there were 2 other 8 tops which were rectangular. Our family, who were keen to do the sushi restaurant had difficulty getting a booking even for 4 people but found a way. The other 4 of us are not Sushi fans. This restaurant is immensely popular! The Churascaria (spelling??) is walk up, but we had real difficulty there and ended up having to wait 45 minutes beyond our arrival. The restaurant manager ensured we were looked after with bar service and some nibbles while we waited, it was not a problem for us and the waiting time passed quickly. We did speak to the restaurant before going, and they had suggested an indicative time....I think around 8pm, but this one is seriously popular. Silk is not so popular, we didn't dine there as a group and I do not recall seeing a table set-up for 8 there. Waterside was never a problem for an 8 top, and we ate there 3 times as a full group, although we are late diners and it was generally about 8.30pm.
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