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  1. You will be well satisfied with the YC package, and have no need to upgrade. After a couple of days, even if you wanted to upgrade you can still do so for the remaining days.
  2. Yes, that makes sense as the beer bottles are cumbersome but spirit miniatures are not! I have read on these threads, not often but occasionally, of passengers emptying their minibar twice a day and going home with their 'swag'. Most who do that would not be posting such on these boards, so I wonder if this is prevalent and the powers that be have decided to remove this particular YC perk as it was intended for cabin use only? I am not criticising anyone who would take a few snacks on a port tour for example....we have done that a few times.
  3. Absolutely correct, you got it in one!
  4. hamrag

    Included wines.

    In the upgrade packages, according to Az website: Cognac Premium Package: Napoleon Ultimate Package:Napoleon, Hennessy VS, Courvoisier VSOP
  5. Simply go to the muster drill dressed for dinner. When the drill finishes, go directly to your dining room! 😉
  6. Precisely....it is not just about what areas on the island may be deemed to be fit for purpose, but the unfinished areas that exploring passengers might end up in. Health & safety issues abound, and MSC or the Bahamian Regulatory are not going to risk potential lawsuits....this is going to cost MSC a shed load of cash, as clearly every cruise passenger that misses OC now will receive an evoucher equivalent to 20% of the cruise net cost and every cabin $100 OBC. Apart from being a PR mini disaster, it is going to be a huge financial hit....do the math!!
  7. Deary me, your cruise stretched out for 22 days and now it's almost done....Till the next one! Thank you so much for taking us on your journey, from afar....and wear something warm on the flight, your gonna get a temperature shock back home!!
  8. Definitely not, it will be Premium or more likely Premium+. The Yacht Club package includes Nicolas Feuillatte, so if Premium includes any champagne it will be that one only. Premium+ offers a couple of others.
  9. What about our 'precious UK'....no Welsh cawl, no Scottish haggis or deep fried mars bar, no Ulster fry.....(s)he certainly does have a sense of humour! 🤣
  10. That is when you speak to the Bar Manager to find out the alternative they plan to provide....if unsuccessful, then Hotel Director is the contact!
  11. I posted this a few days ago on the rollcall, but no takers so I will access the wider Az audience! There is a football (USA, soccer) match on 8 December when we are in St Maarten on Az Journey that I would like to see....Rangers v Celtic, it's a Cup Final and will kick-off at 11am local time. Can anyone advise if there are any bars in St M who show live sports, in particular UK football? Is there anyone on the 7 December sailing from San Juan also planning to view this match.....even if your team is other than mine, we could be 'friends' for a couple of hours? 🤔 Many thanks, in anticipation.
  12. That made me smile!! Back home, for those of us who cannot yet cruise for a month at a time, today was beautifully sunny albeit a balmy high of 5C....no sunscreen necessary! 🤣 Loving your report of the voyage, and anticipating many more great insights and photos....a huge thanks for taking the time.
  13. 😊 That is great, and the least you deserve with a 22 nighter....I'd forgotten all about the newspaper perk, it's a lovely touch and one we particularly appreciate on sea days....and you will get another chocolate ship each, so make sure you have a dental appointment lined up when home. 😉 Been following you all the way through, and thoroughly enjoying your posts....many thanks for the time taken.
  14. I would place that sign directly beside the food, and insist on doing the 'sniff test' before serving anyone anything! So, we have a most delightful 4 year old grandson, and he is taught to wash hands after toileting (nothing unusual about that, I hear you say)! The funny bit is, that when we are there he immediately comes over and says Gran/Grampa smell my lovely hands....that is the 'sniff test'!
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