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  1. My feeling is the requirement will depend on your passport.....
  2. But you do not know which Government(s), so how can you say that with certainty. Do bear in mind MSC is an Italian cruiseline, and their Government will be pulling the main strings. Royal Caribbean are not an Italian cruiseline, and will be operating under different Government guidelines. 😉
  3. You do know that MSC are not part of the RCI group, yes!! The solution is in your own hands....cancel, and then book with Royal Caribbean. 😉
  4. Absolutely, and as a UK resident the rules MSC have imposed seem fair to me. I speak as one who, under current rules for Schengen territories, may not be able to board the cruise we have booked for November. The UK Government has given the middle finger to Europe for years, and for some reason believe we are still a world power.....nope, we have given Europe cause to ignore our constant whingeing!
  5. For us, on the identical Preziosa, it was an easy 5 minute at most amble. Obviously mobility for others may be different and, IMHO, that is the only reason why it might take more than 5 minutes.
  6. Albeit a tragedy, that is an old story from about 3 weeks ago and remains the only death 'associated' with Virtuosa. There is no firm evidence his covid was contracted on this cruise, the family admitted that he was unwell during the cruise and did not report anything regarding such to the Medical Centre on board....instead they kept 'mum' on the illness. There is much that for me does not add up in the family account.
  7. I noticed the following today, whilst doing a repositioning cruise dummy booking on the MSC website. which is news to me, as it potentially means we can board if our repo goes ahead in November....perhaps it's been there for a while, or recent new wording??...: Non-Schengen residents (except for UK, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, USA, Cyprus, Croatia) are currently not allowed to sail with us because of international and national travel restrictions, for cruises till end of September 2021.
  8. I tried a dummy booking, and the Barcelona variant sailing 2nd November at 16 nights remains bookable. There is only 1 cabin available, and it's a Grand Deluxe Suite in Yacht Club. With regards to Genoa, if it is November that triggers whether or not to sail, perhaps they would delay it for a day and sail 1st November then make up the lost day somewhere along the way? The other thing I notice is that it is scheduled to land Miami Thursday 18th November, but the first Caribbean sailing is Saturday 20th November, so that alone provides a degree of flexibility.....although that 2 days is probably to enable new crew to board, and for the CDC to inspect the ship etc.
  9. Yes, it's called cruisecritic! 😉
  10. I didn't want to start a new topic, and this thread seems semi-relevant to my post as follows. We are booked on a 17 night repo on Seaview Barcelona to Martinique, in a YC Deluxe Suite. This morning I received an upgrade bid invitation for a Royal Suite cabin. Minimum bid is £4,360 per person i.e.£8,720 per cabin!! The MSC full price for our cabin was circa £3,500 pp, but with Voyager Club 5+15% discount and TA discount we paid about £2,500 pp. It's been a while since I laughed so much, and the £8,720 would be a 'poor' bid....so funny! 🤣 🤣
  11. Indeed, it's a pleasure to read and learn from such posts....thanks Nunagoras.
  12. Unfortunately most of the world does not understand that Ireland is not part of the UK....guess it's because the island is split North and Eire!! You are doing waaaaay better than the UK, and we in Scotland overall seem to have the highest rates.
  13. That's been our experience also on 3 YC cruises.
  14. Many thanks for thinking of us Bea, much appreciated, but we wouldn't hit the US and won't be travelling through there either. The main boarding port for the Caribbean winter season with Seaview is Fort-de-France in Martinique with Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe as the secondary boarding port. That covers the non-Brits element flying from Europe and also many locals on these islands. We saw that on a 14 night cruise 3 years ago, and boarding appeared to be bedlam as we returned to the ship and watched the masses board up until 9 or 10pm in Martinique particularly....has to be seen to be believed, the locals didn't need to bother about luggage weight or quantity and we saw many pulling 2 large suitcases for a 1 week cruise. The main way the Brits do this cruise is from Barbados, where the ship visits fortnightly, meaning only 14 nights is possible....that's what we did. From Martinique and Guadeloupe there are two 7 night itineraries which repeat. What needs to happen for us to travel is the rule re only passengers from Schengen area countries boarding to be scrapped before November. That is currently in place through end September, but has been moving out every month since April when it was originally due to end. We just need to remain patient, and suck up the cost of last minute flight bookings if we are able to board in Barcelona....the only restriction there is to have a PCR test within 72 hours of boarding....time will tell.
  15. Erm, on Virtuosa two weeks ago our two solid large brown chocolate ships were delivered mid-cruise.....beautifully presented and packaged in the transparent plastic box as always! 😉
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