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  1. We have sailed YC1 i.e. balcony suite on Meraviglia and Preziosa, and a grand suite on Ovation. For us the key things are Restaurant, Lounge and sun deck area and would rate as follows: YC restaurant and coastal kitchen are equal in quality and service. On Meraviglia the restaurant is within the YC area, so it's only a couple of minutes from most cabins. Butchers' Cut on Meraviglia is superb, and the free Diamond (black) card menu there is perfect for us. The lounge in all MSC Yacht Club areas is huge, and a true amenity, serving snacks and drinks from 6.00am until well beyond midnight....far superior to the limited RCI offering. The Top Sail sundeck areas in the Yacht Club are extensive, with a drinks bar and grill food bar....breakfasts are just OK, not great, lunches are very good and they grill your meat/poultry/fish fresh to order. We love this area for lunch in the Caribbean. The Sundeck area has a small pool and hot-tub, which many seem to enjoy. Some other thoughts: There is a Yacht Club seating area in the theatre. One of the YC privileges we enjoy is to be chaperoned to the front of any queue on return to ship.....there are butlers circulating with a YC paddle, and it's a wonderful perk returning from a hot caribbean port! Space, privacy and excellent service in the YC in an extensive area which is a ship within a ship....but the rest of the ship is available when you want it, and then you can return to your private enclave! I agree that RCI theatre entertainment is better, but would describe MSC as reasonable rather than terrible.....occasionally good, and they are trying to improve this in the Caribbean particularly. Are you aware that, as a Diamond Card holder, you are entitled to 5% discount with MSC in addition to any other discount you get from a TA or on-line? MSC also have 'Voyager Club' discounts on select cruises, offering a further 5/10% discount and even a small number with 15%....all in addition to the guaranteed 5%. To summarise, Yacht Club every time for us...without a doubt!
  2. And, it hasn't yet been applied....from memory, 8th June is the start date.....go figure, you couldn't make it up!
  3. Fogfog I have misinformed you, for Spain the quarantine restrictions lift from 1st July.....my reference to June was incorrect, apologies.
  4. The only guide to what MAY play out, is that Spain have announced that there are no quarantine restrictions from June. No other EU country in the Med area has announced similar to date, although the government noises coming from Greece are currently positive ....to the best of my knowledge. Cases in Turkey are ramping up, and that is very close to Greece!
  5. It was staggering, unbelievable! Actually, if you think that was bad, I just saw the evening news with footage from beaches on the south coast of England on what was a hot and sunny day there today.....yikes!! Yes to the three sets of laws, with the addition of the PM and his Ministers in the same category as Cummings. Fortunately, being a devolved nation within the UK, much of our Government is from the Scottish Parliament.
  6. If you are referring to my use of 'Uncle Albert', it was he who introduced that name on a previous thread....that is the context, rather than the namecalling you infer!
  7. Well said, and on this day when the USA will hit > 100,000 Covid-19 deaths as they celebrate Memorial Day and the UK Government are in crisis because of our PM failing to sack his chief advisor for blatantly failing to observe lockdown (quite apart from the fact we have by far the worst number of deaths in Europe with > 40,000), let's give much thought for those who mourn and have truly suffered with loss of loved ones due to Covid-19. Cruising, and when it might re-commence, has absolutely no relevance right now when we consider all of that!
  8. I would say the answer to that question is.....you don't seem to understand ppl....! 😉
  9. You have overlooked the reason I made the suggestion, which ought now to become clear to you if you read all of the appropriate quotes!! 🤔 Is it clear to you now? 😉
  10. That makes sense, on that basis the current pandemic should now be called the USA Virus....sorted!
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