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  1. That made me smile, not quite carnivoreian as she likes salmon, haddock and other forms of soft fish! Thanks, that sounds good.
  2. Absolutely, and you have nailed the point that some are overlooking or not fully comprehending! The position we are in, with our Journey bookings for 30 Nov and 7 Dec, is that the pricing for CC Suites has reduced significantly and to a level that definitely attracts. The problem is we got a fantastic deal for an inside cabin (same cabin each leg) which included $500 OBC on each leg. The website TA we used (USA based) has been really helpful in contacting Az, and has outlined clearly the response....which is that, for those rates, we need to cancel (lose 50%) and rebook. Aside from that, we lose the OBC which I expected....however, the value we place on any OBC is only about 50% of it's value as we would be using it for the sake of spending it! Right now we are sticking, but I haven't given up on a different answer in the coming days and weeks, andour TA knows we are following daily!
  3. This is all fab for me, and looks sumptuous in the photos. However, my DW does not like 'up market' fish dishes and I am wondering what the non-fish alternatives might be? Right now, it looks like we might be dining alone in different venues!!
  4. Please, no!! Azamazing it is not, and we would rather remain in cabin than attend such. We have concluded that, for our first Az cruises, this particular experience which is so much marketed as their USP will be AWOL....sadly!
  5. After 45 cruises, on 15 different cruiselines, the one thing I have learnt is that the onboard experience does not necessarily mirror shoreside service which is typically poor on most lines! As an aside it is quite normal, when booked via a TA, that the cruise line will not engage with you directly and deal with the TA only. With regard to the paid upgrade, I am encouraged by your success and will try again as my experience was similar to the initial response you had. I would always expect that promotions received, like OBC, would not automatically link with a new reservation unless the new reservation offers the same incentives. If I end up being successful with a paid upgrade, no matter how painful the process, I will be impressed as they absolutely are within their rights to stick to the 'available only for new bookings' mantra. Azamara will be a new experience for us, and I am extremely positive given the honest and (in my view) balanced opinions about the product across all the various threads.
  6. hamrag

    TA Balcony Deal

    That excludes 153 taxes and fees payable, so it's $2552
  7. Breaking news....after finding an option to bid for our cruise, via the Azamara website on Friday past (prior to then, it said I was not eligible) I received an email a few minutes ago inviting a bid!! 🤣 Hopefully others will receive same.
  8. hamrag

    TA Balcony Deal

    On the UK TA site I often use, the GBP guarantee price equates to $2400ish, a V3 $2450ish, a V2 $2500ish and V3 $2600ish all with good availability. On the USA website I use, the guarantee, V1, V2 and V3 are all identically priced at just over $2500ish including port charges etc. but with $325 OBC per cabin...that seems an incredible deal to me!
  9. No email for us, I went into the Az website and found the option to bid there for 30 November on Friday past. Not worth it for us, this trip is much more about assessing everything else Az offers for future cruise options and decisions....and enjoying some Caribbean sunshine during winter, at an incredibly low price!
  10. Interesting that minimum bid prices are fluid, at least to some degree, so I will keep checking....thanks for pointing that out. Right now, for us currently booked inside, it is just not worth bidding....for a V it is a minimum (weak) $500pp, and for OV it is a minimum $200pp. With the OV, you could end up with a smaller cabin i.e. category 08 on deck 6 which are 143 sq ft....who in their right mind is going to take the risk of your upgrade from an inside (158 sq ft) getting you a window but with even less space?
  11. To clarify....I did not receive any email, but accessed the upgrade bid 'system' via the Azamara website. This was for 30th November, but our following cruise on 7th December is not yet showing for upgrade bids.
  12. How was your OBC dealt with, in relation to the cancelled tours, were you able to carry it forward, under the circumstances? And also a huge thank you for posting daily in relation to your voyage...we await the French Connection next!
  13. Ditto, did not bid.....although I am UK, booked via USA website hence dollars is the currency!!
  14. That really sucks, and leaves you almost idealess (not really a word, but you know what I mean!!) as to how you use it. Under the circumstances, would they allow carryover to the follow-on cruise.....otherwise, more jewellery?! As soon to be first timers on Az, we are intrigued by so many outstanding reports re White Night. Other lines have such, and they are far from special, so what is it that gives the Wow factor?
  15. You slipped that in quietly, or maybe I haven't paid close enough attention to previous posts! Checked out the itinerary, and it looks fab. Checked pricing, and there are a couple of insides left around £1200 on the UK site I often use.....USA prices equate to £2100 for the same cabins!! That's excellent pricing for a cruise in very popular September in the Med...sadly the only direct return flights that would work for us are pushing £500 each. 😞 Do continue to enjoy, as we wrap up with tropical temperatures around mid-teens.
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