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  1. You will be able to board anytime from around 11.30 no matter the time stated on your paperwork.
  2. It clearly states that venchi, including chocolate martinis are EXCLUDED from ALL packages....that means Premium Plus also, so venchi is now chargeable for everyone no matter your status or drinks package.
  3. We def did on Preziosa in February past, and also got a handful of the low end Connoisseur Selection included...as well as Nicolas F champagne!
  4. Please note I have edited my post, as it was less clear than I intended! With regard to above, I would agree....but, when someone says the spent the whole day walking it generally would not mean 24 hours! To be fair, if they said they spent all day walking it still generally would not mean 24 hours. So, yes I agree, confusion reigns!!
  5. It's an interesting distinction to see MSC use both terms. For me, to say there is a 'whole range' of something really means a wide range i.e. extensive, but not everything possible. The use of the word 'all' however is clearer and ought to mean what it says on the tin i.e. nothing is excluded. That would be fair enough if the term 'whole range' is used for a lesser drinks package, and 'all' for a higher drinks package. The fact that the new premium and the old deluxe packages have broadly the same status in the drinks package hierarchy indicates to me there may be a dumbing down going on for the coffee/non-alcoholic drinks and less will be included with premium than deluxe!
  6. BC is fantastic, and we missed it on our February Prez trip....none of the others appealed, so we did not use our Black Card free speciality meal voucher!
  7. Based on the evidence provided I heartily second this opinion, on the basis that the YC package is somewhere between Premium and the low-end of Premium Plus. Therefore, given that even Premium Plus does not include Venchi, the YC package almost certainly will not!
  8. Every bar has a menu, and lists the Connoisseur Selection...that means all other drinks are available to YC guests, and also includes NF Champagne in the bars which serve it! We found it all to be very straightforward, and encountered no problems whatsoever.
  9. Sverige, the YC drinks menu states clearly that all drinks are included except the Connoisseur Selection towards the back pages of the menu booklet. As you are aware, although not listed, Nicolas F Champagne is also available for YC guests.
  10. Do remember that there is no YC dress code that is different from any other area on the ship. That said, our 2 YC experiences have been that in the YC restaurant guests dressed very well, and according to the dress codes on board i.e. elegant one night per week, and smart casual every other night...no shorts or flip flops evident!
  11. Firstly, Genoa is a nightmare port and highly disorganised. Secondly, the arrival time listed is guideline only. Thirdly, no matter when the ship docks no one can disembark until the local authorities clear the ship. Fourthly, the only way you have a chance is to retain all your luggage until you disembark and there are many others doing the same thing.....and most requiring taxis when they exit the cruiseport. You will need every one of those variables to work in your favour, so the chances are low indeed.
  12. That extra 21 minutes could make all the difference.....
  13. You ought to.....The couple I previously referenced as upgrading to Premium + on Preziosa certainly did, because they bored the pants off everyone else telling us about the fabulous wines available to them. There is no doubt at all in my mind that the Sommelier spent most of his time around them when we dined at a time when they were eating! So, premium + becomes ever more attractive for you Bea!!
  14. Jean-Philippe is a franchise, and MSC simply provide them a space on the ship to operate their business under contract. It is totally outwith MSC control, and correctly chargeable. Gelato is available free to YC guests during the daytime in the Polar Bar deck 19 aft.
  15. If you are referring to disembarking at the end of your cruise, then if the ship is scheduled to arrive at 8am it will be impossible to be at the train station for 8.30am unless you are the Captains' partner!
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