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  1. I have stayed in both the Pearl and Jade in the Haven and would not trade the peace and quiet for anything. Of course you miss the restaurant and bar but still, the service by the pool area is just fine. Breakfast and lunch were served in Cagneys and dinner in the MDR is fine with me.
  2. Thank you. Please let us know how you navigated all that when you come back. I have to wait until January!! 😭
  3. Where is the separate security line for Haven guests? I though all go through regular security then you are sent to Haven check in line. Huge bonus if NOLA has a haven security line now.👍
  4. I've sailed a couple of times from NOLA. Although the last time was a few years ago. It is easy and not as confusing as the port of Miami can get a times. They use the Julia street terminal, if still the same and I found it easy on, easy off the ship! Haven boarding is easy so not really a bad time to arrive. Enjoy-I'll be on her in January. Let us know how it was.😃
  5. Absolutely agree with this. YC menu does change everyday for those week or over cruises that makes the YC restaurant have the slight edge. I learned on both lines to check the MDR options and have the concierge book dinner for us if the YC menu was not to our liking or the Haven menu got tired.😉 Also I thought MSC could benefit from an O'sheehans type restaurant but I'm thinking there is the European touch to that line. Although both lines had good options in the buffet-NCL won there for me. Once in a while dinner in shorts and flip flops at the buffet is a winner!!LOL
  6. I've been on the MSC Seaside and really liked it. I found it a slight bit more formal then NCL but not that you would feel uncomfortable. My husband lives in jeans and collared shirts and he was fine. Food is subjective but I do prefer NCL. MSC pool area blows the doors off NCL. The outdoor grill and bar is such a winner. My husband loves his TV and the pay per view movies included in the Haven cruise fare on the 'away' and newer ships wins him over!😊 I'd sail either line be it in the Haven or Yacht club and I'd be happy. NCL still has deals once in a while but MSC is by far cheaper. As for the post on kids. Have never felt on any of my cruises kids 'take over' any area. I also sail off season though. If you don't want to sail with a bunch of kids-for sure don't pick any time school is out!!
  7. I've found this on all my NCL cruises in the Haven. You made me laugh because my lazy tush never had to get up either as they always seem to check on you. I would often ask the bartender for two to start my laziness on the top decks and they always accommodated me. Even said don't worry-we'll come check on you!! LOL
  8. Thank you and also for the pic. Thinking of booking the ship when she gets to NOLA. ⚜️ nice to know it won't be too windy.
  9. Great pictures GA Dave-question for you-The getaway does not have a retractable roof-correct?? If that being the case-how windy is it there on sea days?? I'm also thinking it would be the luck of the draw with mother nature if she chooses to rain on your parade.😉
  10. Saturday morning traffic is much better for LGA. For our cruise we chose a 7:30 option from LGA to Miami. We found it perfect as it got us to the cruise port in plenty of time. I found the Miami traffic worse then the NYC traffic on a Saturday morning. Me-because I worry 😥 I'd pick the 7:00 for that just in case something happens. I'd rather be in Miami too early then in a panic in the LGA airport. 😉 NYC traffic early in the morning on a Saturday is not bad at all either.
  11. Sorry-can't help with that question. Never needed to stray from the beautiful sundeck offered to us on Seaside!! It was a slice of heaven! Oh-and I think you will love the outdoor grill as my research tells me Meraviglia has one. 😊 We had almost all of our breakfast and lunches out there.
  12. Ok-Here's my thoughts. My husband and I were on the Seaside and now thinking of booking Meraviglia. My husband is a vegetarian [only eats seafood] and I do not eat seafood. I am actually a fan of comfort food. Although we could almost always find something in the YC restaurant-there were a few time we did not like any of the offerings. Solution to this was checking what they were serving in the MDR as sometimes they had a more appealing menu to our taste. The concierge at the YC desk will make your reservation in the dining room that caters to anytime dining so you can walk right in when you would like to eat!! Also-I know many put their noses up to this but we ate in the buffet one night and really liked it. We also ate in the butchers cut one night as that was one of the perks to having a black card and even with the limited menu choice offered to you with this perk, we thought that the food was really good!!
  13. Where should the past cruises be located? Mine from November is not anywhere. unless i'm looking in the wrong spot??
  14. yes-they had one channel that had a free movie loop. They were OK. we are huge TV watchers at night and we need it to run all night and we always had enough to keep us entertained.
  15. I just figured out-silly me. What football is to us is not the same for you!! 😕 Sorry!
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