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  1. Saturday morning traffic is much better for LGA. For our cruise we chose a 7:30 option from LGA to Miami. We found it perfect as it got us to the cruise port in plenty of time. I found the Miami traffic worse then the NYC traffic on a Saturday morning. Me-because I worry 😥 I'd pick the 7:00 for that just in case something happens. I'd rather be in Miami too early then in a panic in the LGA airport. 😉 NYC traffic early in the morning on a Saturday is not bad at all either.
  2. Sorry-can't help with that question. Never needed to stray from the beautiful sundeck offered to us on Seaside!! It was a slice of heaven! Oh-and I think you will love the outdoor grill as my research tells me Meraviglia has one. 😊 We had almost all of our breakfast and lunches out there.
  3. Ok-Here's my thoughts. My husband and I were on the Seaside and now thinking of booking Meraviglia. My husband is a vegetarian [only eats seafood] and I do not eat seafood. I am actually a fan of comfort food. Although we could almost always find something in the YC restaurant-there were a few time we did not like any of the offerings. Solution to this was checking what they were serving in the MDR as sometimes they had a more appealing menu to our taste. The concierge at the YC desk will make your reservation in the dining room that caters to anytime dining so you can walk right in when you would like to eat!! Also-I know many put their noses up to this but we ate in the buffet one night and really liked it. We also ate in the butchers cut one night as that was one of the perks to having a black card and even with the limited menu choice offered to you with this perk, we thought that the food was really good!!
  4. Where should the past cruises be located? Mine from November is not anywhere. unless i'm looking in the wrong spot??
  5. yes-they had one channel that had a free movie loop. They were OK. we are huge TV watchers at night and we need it to run all night and we always had enough to keep us entertained.
  6. I just figured out-silly me. What football is to us is not the same for you!! 😕 Sorry!
  7. We sailed out of Miami and they sure did!! I was not sure if they would have the Thursday night game but they even had that!! ⚜️
  8. Oh i know. We did an NCL sailing that left on Monday the the 21st and it was cold. But I could not complain because when we left NY it was 10 degrees. It was still a bit chilly in Key West. Did not feel real warm until we arrived in Nassau.
  9. I've got her in mind for January 20 when she's in Miami. I want to get out of the cold NY and head to some warmth every January!! I know, my fingers crossed it's ready for us!! I will look forward to your review once she is here on this side of the pond!!
  10. Thank you. Really good info as Meraviglia is my next sailing-well, at least I'm pretty sure!! Really loved Seaside so can't wait to get back on an MSC ship and relax in the YC again!!
  11. Thank you-I never went with him when he got it and because it was not at Venchi so I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought because it was in a kid area-it might be included. Oh well!
  12. on the gelato issue: When we were on the Seaview my husband loved this "coconut ice cream' as he called it by the jungle pool area. Does anyone know if that was gelato and is it included in your cruise fare or is it for a fee.? We were grandfathered in to the old package and what you got with that one being in the YC so I have no idea now what that was as we paid zero extra for it or anything else. The only thing I will miss is my caramel latte and hubby will miss the milkshake.
  13. Just came back from Jade and no smoking on the upper deck of the Haven. Closest spot to the Haven is the Pit stop bar.
  14. OMG this was very funny. I guess I'll plan on spending a very quick day on the beach! Although it is quite sad in many other aspects too. at least you did not sugar coat it!👍
  15. I knew about the upper berth. i was hoping to use it as storage but does not look like I can. Does anyone have a picture of it pulled down???
  16. I knew you would love it Jules. I look forward to our next MSC with or without those great milkshakes! Sometimes the menu was a bit too rich for or taste so being able to go over to the butchers cut was great. That was really good!!
  17. If you're not using the upper bunk-can you pull it down and use it for storage or would it be in the way if left that way all day?? my 2 older sons will be cruising with us on monday. i thought one in the room-one on the couch and hoped to use that upper bunk as a closet!! LOL One son is fairly tall so I thought he could reach.
  18. thank you so much!! Perfect information. I just wish NCL was more forthcoming about the construction on the Island and when it will be completed. it can leave a bit of a sour taste is some customers. With Royal having so many new things that are complete on coco cay you think NCL would be a bit more in a hurry. That being said-won't sail on Royal anymore and coco cay is not cheap anymore to partake in all those renovations.😦
  19. I am following this thread for sure as I'll be there Next Monday. It has been explained to me that the lagoon area is no longer available as that is going to be part of the new Haven area. Although I will be staying in the Haven, I find it sad that this can no longer be used for everyone. it used to be such a nice quiet area. Can someone tell me where is a nice quiet place now on the Island to relax and be able to be by the water and have lounge chairs??
  20. I have not been on Escape but have always been able to get my vanilla vodka and ginger ale!!
  21. Excited for you Jules!! Have a great time. When we arrived the porter took us to the tent so my husband tipped him. They take care of the bags but the butler only escorted us and the team at the YC tent said follow him. We were so excited that's all I remember about the bags!!
  22. Debde

    YC umbrellas

    I was on Seaside and there were no umbrellas. Plenty of spaces with shade to move your lounger. You could rent a cabana but because the YC was NEVER busy with plenty of seats I felt it would be a waste to rent one.
  23. All meals in the YC restaurant are very good. Between the restaurant and the outside area, you will enjoy breakfast!! Note: It took me two days to realize they had cooked to order eggs and omelets outside by the grill area!!😕
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