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  1. I do expect the US to be more modern than Albania. Different currencies is not a big problem if you can use a creditcard. If you can't use a creditcard I understand that it may be a problem so maybe a card with chip and pin is a good idea.
  2. When do you need a card without a chip? I have never had my card rejected because it has a chip.
  3. I don't know enough about the American system to respond to this post. It sounds ridiculous that it should be complicated and difficult to get a card which work everywhere but I guess there is a reason for it.
  4. I would recommend a card which will work everywhere. Ask your bank and if they don't have what you need ask another bank.
  5. So Americans just have to choose, the easiest card to get or the card you know for sure that you can use. I know what I should choose.
  6. Maybe MSC took some time to change the matching levels. NCLs highest level is still matched to MSCs highest level.
  7. The safest way to be sure to be able to use the card in Europe is to get a card with chip and pin.
  8. How do you know that it has nothing to do with the new Latitudes levels? MSC still match NCLs highest level to their highest level. Nothing has really changed there. I agree with you that the status match changed for other loyalty programs but you mentioned NCL and the status match hasn't really changed there because the highest level is still matched to the highest level.
  9. Get a card with pin just in case you need it when travelling to Europe.
  10. Since you mentioned NCL I think that SeaShark is correct. MSC matched NCLs highest level to Black (now Diamond) and they still match NCLs highest level to their highest level (now Diamond).
  11. We thought that the walk to LeMuse was too windy outside and to complicated inside but the restaurant was very nice! The view from LeMuse wasn't very nice with all the people outside.
  12. Just let the restaurants know as soon as possible after embarkation and I can't see any problem with that.
  13. Are you saying that they will eat like that on the ship? If yes I hope that the restaurant won't allow it because they have other customers too.
  14. We had a forwardfacing penthouse on the Breakaway. It was not a transatlantic cruise but it was from New York in February and the waves were very high. We defenitely felt the movement the first morning but it was not a problem for us and I should defenitely book that cabin again for a transatlantic cruise.
  15. I think that it's a good idea that the best cabins also get the best "experience". Even better should be if they made it possible to choose Yacht Club or Aurea for the bigger suites located outside the Yacht Club. I think that the duplex suites looks really nice but I should defenitely not book them when they don't get the Yacht Club "experience". Now I might think about it.
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