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  1. Our Seashore cruise in July 2021 has been cancelled and they gave us three options: 1. The same cruise but on an old ship + €200 onboard credit. 2. All paid money back. (Don't know when!) 3. Rebook and transfer all paid money to the new cruise. We have rebooked to Grandiosa departing one day later than the cruise we booked first. We got a new price, more than $2000 less than our originally booking. We are happy, so far.
  2. But on MSC you can get that! Compared to NCLs Haven the Yacht Club is available on a beer budget and Champagne is included!
  3. The ships are similar so let the itinerary decide. We should prefer Jade because it's a roundtrip but we should prefer Gem because it doesn't go to Turkey which we try to avoid. If I have to choose I choose the Jade and just stay on the ship in Kusadasi.
  4. That can always happen. Maybe it's more likely to happen right now but it can always happen.
  5. If you feel that the price is right and if you know which cabin you want, book now.
  6. We will decide when we shall make final payment if we shall cruise or not. If we decide that we prefer not to cruise, for example if people need to wear masks on the ship, we will cancel our cruise and loose our deposit. We don't expect any refund of the deposit if we cancel the cruise. A closed pool is no big deal for us and if we must use ships excursions we will then decide if we shall do it or if we shall just stay on the ship. We don't expect a reduced fare for that kind of things.
  7. My experience is that they normally know the gatenumber long before boarding if you ask at the desk in the lounge. The gatenumber is showed on the boards late but if you ask they can tell you earlier so you might be able to choose another lounge if you wants to.
  8. They vary. We are booked on Grandiosa in July and will choose shorter excursions to be back around lunch. If shall go Into Rome it will have to be an all-day excursion and at least one portday we will stay on the ship.
  9. I really hate when people ask for a restroom stop on a short excursion. This was a good way to do it to make everyone happy!
  10. We can also say that fat people, drinkers and smokers shall forfeit their rights to medical treatments. Do we want that?
  11. When did I specifically asked you? Just because I quoted you doesn't mean that you need to answer my question, anyone can do it.
  12. I like the way the food looks but assume that the food in other restaurants, where they served you at your table, had the same quality. If yes I see no reason to go to the buffet.
  13. I was told that staff at hotels in the Bahamas expect 15% tip so it's 15% of what? The cruisefare? The bill when something is sent to my cabin? Or what? (Read post 96 if you don't understand why this is relevant.) I don't necessary consider leaving a plate of snacks in my cabin to be "good service" but just someone doing their job. If they only do their job my scale starts at $0 because NCL encourage us to tip for "good service" and not for someone just doing their job. I must make clear that I do tip because we normally do ask for some things and get "good service" so this is not about me not wanting to tip.
  14. I will try to do that if you tell me what was unclear. It's possible that my English isn't good enough but I really don't know what I wrote that was hard to understand, unless it was what I already explained in post number 113.
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