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  1. Many carriers have first in some planes and "only" business in some planes so front of the plane is not always the same.
  2. That's what we found too on Meraviglia. Absolutely great value for money and we couldn't have asked for anything more.
  3. Yes, that is the reason. I work as a teacher and my salary is lower than the average salary here.
  4. You can choose not to say anything but when people ask it's good to be able to answer.
  5. You are not meant to cruise on Divina! Enjoy Meraviglia!
  6. I think that it's easier to increase the fares if you can say that you also have raised the quality. It must be harder to increase fares if all you can say is that you do it to pay your debts.
  7. I agree with you that some extra profil will be required to finance all dept but I hope that it can be both. If the major cruiselines survive they will probably have to raise their prices to finance all dept but if they shall get enough customers willing to pay more they may have to raise the quality too. If every cruise is raised $1000 and half of the money is used to pay debts and the other half is used to raise the qualite the cruise will be better. I understand that not everyone agree with me but I'm prepared to pay more if the cruise is better. If more of the luxury lines had more roundtrips it might be easier for me to try one of them.
  8. Around 30% of my disposable income is close to what I normally save. The difference is that I may now save for other things. It's a good thing that people save more money but less spent money also mean that businesses depending on people spending their money get in trouble! Lots of people now shop less and eat and drink less in restaurants and bars and in the short run that's a problem for many. In the long run it may not be a problem if everything goes back to how it was before the pandemi when this is over. If many realize how much they can save and change their behavior lots of businesses will be in trouble.
  9. Maybe two good things will come out of this: 1. If any of the major lines goes out of business the luxury lines may have more round trip cruises to fill that gap. When I have researched there has been very few roundtrips and hopefully that can change. 2. If prices go up a lot maybe the quality has to go up too to attract customers with more money.
  10. Is it still a 11 night cruise or is it shorter? How has the itinerary changed? We liked the Meraviglia better than Divina so we should have liked the change.
  11. Maybe no point to deliver her on time if they have cancelled the first cruises!
  12. MSC have confirmed that we will not cruise on the Seashore in July. I'm not sure yet if they will cancel the cruise or if they will move us to another ship. If they move us to an older ship they will have to reduse the price or we will cancel even if we loose our $1200 deposit. We will not pay full price for an old ship. I understand the situation but will rather cancel than pay full price for an older ship.
  13. I have vacation now so for a few weeks I feel rather safe but when I go back to work I can also be infected there so then I could just go on a cruise instead. I should probably not choose to cruise from Florida anytime soon.
  14. May I ask why you then have over 9000 posts on a cruiseforum? Most places are only visited for a few hours on most cruises. Do you choose cruises with many overnights and if yes, do you think those stops are enough to explore the places? Are you mostly doing reposition cruises without portdays and see the cruise as transportation between two ports or is it the seadays you are looking for? It is a serious question because I'm curious about how you are thinking.
  15. You can hope that the next set of guidelines help you or that BA cancel your flight and refund you. Except for that you took the risk and bought cheaper, non-refundable tickets and may have lost your money. That's how it is. I hope that the next set of guidelines will help you.
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