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  1. I think that it's ridiculous to believe that 500 passegers are willing to leave the ship if they aren't allowed to board again. Ship's rule does not mean that they can force anyone to stay on the ship.
  2. Which rule is that? Local authorities decide, not the cruiseline. The cruiseship is not a prison. You are allowed to leave the ship but they may not let you back on.
  3. The rule is that noone goes ashore unless on a cruise sponsored and controlled excursion but I think that what they mean is that if you do it you are not allowed to board again and who wants that? The cruiseline has every right to make the rules onboard and you have to follow them but if you don't they can force you to leave but that doesn't necessary mean that they are allowed to force you to stay on the ship if you wants to leave. People can be restrained by security but can they really do that when docked? Are you sure that isn't only when at sea? If you don't follow the rules w
  4. Thank you for showing me that but I can't see anywhere in that text that they are allowed to force anyone to stay on the ship.
  5. Amazing that they are allowed to force people to stay on the ship! Do you know how that is said in the terms and conditions?
  6. I doubt that they can stop anyone from leaving the ship but they can defenitely stop people from boarding again.
  7. No, you can't! Some kind of cheap sparkling wine, yes, but Champagne, no!
  8. You can't get Champagne for $2.99, or $4.29, anywhere!
  9. That the minibar isn't included and that drinks delivered to the cabin isn't included is two of the reasons why we prefer MSCs Yacht Club. We love the Haven but for a few years now the cost has been too high, especially compared to the Yacht Club.
  10. I haven't really researched it but my understanding is that the cost for the excursions in Italy have been decent and not marked up
  11. I absolutely agree with this. Lots of people in the UK are vaccinated so they seem to have rather many cruises this summer, but many are short. Many in the US are vaccinated too but from what I have seen here your authorities don't seem to be in a hurry to allow cruises. (Maybe I have missunderstood that, I hope so!) In the EU too few are still vaccinated so it's still difficult to require vaccinations for cruises here. Hopefully that will change but most people want to book a cruise for this summer NOW and not later.
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