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  1. We ordered a six-pack of the Binax Now directly from the manufacturer for much less than Celebrity is charging. They were delivered in two days.
  2. I had the same question for one of my clients who need proof of insurance. I called X and they said it was reflected on the invoice - it is not. I had to go into the agents' portal and print out a screen shot of the actual booking information which reflects a charge for Cruise Care.
  3. I am so envious of those Canadians traveling to the US to cruise and having X say they will provide the testing to return home. We just returned from a fantastic (and very expensive) tour in Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer. We were required to complete a quarantine plan for the Canadian government, along with vaccinations and a PCR test ($225 USD each) at our own expense. We got no assistance whatsoever with our return testing; it was our own responsibility. That being said - was the trip well worth the hassles? Heck yes!!!!!
  4. I'd like to add, we cruised on Xpedition prior to Flora. At the time, the itineraries were Inner and Outer. We did the inner loop. We saw a TON of animals: marine and land turtles, red and blue footed boobies, frigates, sea lions, seals, golden rays, penguins, albatross marine and land iguanas, and even mountain goats! During the post-tour we met up with a couple who had completed the outer loop on Xperience and they seemed to not have seen as many as we had. I really believe that it's pure chance and luck, not that there are "more animals" on any particular itinerary. Even on the same exact excursions, people in one group would report seeing totally different animals than those in a different group. Way too many people stress about which month or itinerary is the "best". They may be different, but they are all exceptional! Next month we're taking the "southern" itinerary on Xpedition. We chose the itinerary that stopped at North Seymour Island because it was our favorite three years ago.
  5. We will make an appointment at the airport for the rapid PCR the night before our departure to Quito (we are staying at an airport hotel, as is our routine before travel). I'll sleep much better with the test in hand! We also purchased the Abbott Binax Now monitored test kit (NOT a PCR test) for return to the US from Canada next week (and as a back-up to return from Quito).
  6. We are using the airport testing site for our trip to Canada on Tuesday. (Not a cruise, but Canada requires the PCR as well.) We were afraid that the turn around time for the local free PCR testing would not fall within the 72 hour requirement. Fingers crossed that it goes as well for us. We are relieved that Celebrity offers the testing both ways for our Galapagos trip.
  7. Thank you! That is very helpful.
  8. Were there any loyalty benefits on Flora? Seems like in the past some mentioned a massage. Was your laundry free? Did upper level categories get different rooms at the EB? In Quito, we were placed on the Executive Floor. Did you feel you got good value for the price on Flora? Have you considered the Machu Picchu extension?
  9. Are people getting the double point offer as well?
  10. I'd take the upgrade to Xpedition in a heartbeat! I have wondered all along if X actually intends to put Xploration back into service.
  11. In 2018 we brought our own masks and snorkels, and plan to do so again next month.
  12. Seems to be a mystery! They are not open the hours the recording states.
  13. My DH and I are hikers. The poles onboard were wooden with no rubber tips. We found them useless and are packing our own collapsible poles (make sure they have tip covers) this time.
  14. I used the inexpensive water shoes for wet landings, then changed into my hiking shoes.
  15. Has anyone received notifications of changes or cancellations regarding Xpedition's October sailings? Rumors are swirling.
  16. Any hint of the rumor that Xpedition cruises have been cancelled through October?
  17. I had no idea that people still even received luggage tags in the mail! Even before I ordered the plastic holders, I used to print them out, then cover them with wide plastic tape. What's the big deal?
  18. Thank you for your continued updates! The we sailed Xpedition, dining was first come, first served. We really enjoyed getting to meet the different guests onboard, and honestly, all the staff seemed great. Do they work the dining differently aboard Flora?
  19. We visited the Galapagos in 2018 and are returning next month. Although you'll see people wearing whatever they want, I strongly recommend a shoe with a closed toe for walking/hiking excursions. The rocks, particularly the lava, can be very, very sharp.
  20. Thank you for the report. Did you have a COVID test in Quito to comply with Galapagos requirements?
  21. So I reached out earlier today and left a message. The Galapagos Desk just returned my call. Although they are encouraging travelers to arrange their own PCR test within the 72 hour window if possible, they will administer them at the hotel the night of arrival if necessary. Departure tests will also be available to those requiring a negative test for reentry to their country of origin.
  22. We will be spending a free day in Vancouver next month. (Not cruising, but trying a journey on the Rocky Mountaineer) Does anyone have any private tour operators they can recommend?
  23. You may consider getting a PCR test in Quito. It is not needed to enter Ecuador. just the Galapagos.
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