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  1. I have contacted them via their website in the past. Click on the three lines on their website in the upper right, and info to contact them comes up. They answered my questions within a couple of days. https://arubus.com/
  2. Oh we sat by ourselves, at a table for 6 where they removed all other place settings Botticelli, deck 6 aft.
  3. Yes I know, I have done this before. I was told NO on the first night, the second night, the third night. Others were given regular tables, we were refused! When we would arrive in the "with a reservation" line we would have to wait for them to pick a table. One night they put us at a table for 6, and removed all of the other places.
  4. We cruised on Ruby in November 2023. It was the WORST dining room experience we ever had on Princess. Reservation for 2, private table for 5:20 every night. They would not seat us at the same table (or same section) every night, yet others were given same table every night and as we waited in line, they would just walk around us to "their table". The manager (or whatever the proper term is now) could be seen every night frantically running around looking to see which tables were avaiable. We have sailed Princess quite often, and this was the first time we've had such a horrible experience. I sure did fill out my post cruise survey, but it seems as though Ruby is still a mess.
  5. My experience with Club HAL is old (DD is now 28), but she had the best experience with the club as a teen. We sailed on time in the middle of January, and there was a total of 14 children onboard, 2 of which were in our cabin (DD and friend). They went to the club whenever it was scheduled to be open. The staff was so great with them. The staff found out the girls interests (DD was a dancer and friend was tech crew (lighting and sound) in the highschool). Club HAL staff arranged for the girls to attend the show rehearsals, DD met the dancers and learned some combinations while friend was with the lighting and sound crew. On another day club HAL arranged for all of the children to have a tour of the bridge.(only DD and friend showed up) Staff went above and beyond.
  6. We'll be on that TA with you. We sailed on the Rotterdam in January'24 and happy hour was 4-5 all drinks 50% off. It was listed 4-5 but the servers actually started earlier than that around 3:30 they would ask if you wanted a drink and that it was happy hour despite it being before 4
  7. When do you typically find out the flights?
  8. Another newbie question....If I book a cruise on NCL using their air with air deviation, when can I book the air?
  9. Do you need to apply for the credit with each cruise (like the stockholders) or will this automatically be applied once we've been approved (as long as HAL continues to offer)? Thanks
  10. We used Jay's last year. They meet you by the port. https://www.jayscarrentalaruba.com/
  11. We were on the Rotterdam in January and yes they have few things like toothpaste etc. in the same shop that sells bottles of liquor.
  12. Divi Flamingo is a resort that has diveshop/dive boats within walking distance (like a 5 minute walk at most) of where the ship docks. Dive Friends has several locations, and I believe one of them is also within walking distance of the ship
  13. Yes. We usually give them a five and don't, take change. Also I read you replies one said you'd look for a van, we walk to the bus station in Punda which is labeled on one of the maps I linked. They'll be parked waiting to fill up, but will have letters on the front window that say where they are going.
  14. We have done both. At Playa Piskado, the fishermen clean their fish, and the turtles are there for the easy food. The water is full of fish guts and people. You are (almost) guaranteed to see turtles because they are being fed. We have gone out with Woodwind at least 8 times. We have seen turtles about six of those times. If you see turtles, it is because they are feeding naturally, not because they are being fed by humans. There is no guarantee to see turtles, but you will have a great time snorkeling. You will see corals and various fish. We have also been to 1000 steps on our own (a dive/snorkel site in Bonaire) there are often turtles here.
  15. The Dive Bus. Here is a link to their dive shop. I email them to see if they have room for us. (They always do) They used to list a snorkel package on their website, which is what I described in the post above (#28). Just tell them you read about their snorkel package. They rent equipment if needed. if you go back a few pages to post #2 I have links that show where the bus stop is located. https://www.thedivebus.com/ Here is a link to the actual beach where we snorkel. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Marie+Pampoen+Beach/@12.0916319,-68.9088812,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x8e848277fc3ecd01
  16. I’m not sure about rental equipment as we have our own. Pretty sure Money Bar has rental equipment. We have done al a carte at both places. Cab was around 12.00 for up to 4 people each way. You can do an internet search on each place to find their menu also get phone # and make a WiFi call to them to see if they rent equipment.
  17. We have been to both, and like both. The entrance to the water is easier at sky reef, and because of this, we prefer Sky Reef over Money Bar. We have been going to Money Bar for years and found Sky Reef when cruising started back up in 2021. Snorkeling is good at both, When you go to sky reef, they try to get you to do the all inclusive, we politely say no we'd rather al a carte. Food and drinks both places are good.
  18. https://www.bluefinncharters.com/snorkeling-trip/ Here is a link to bluefinn charters. We used them to go to Klein Curacao when we stayed on the Island, but they have other tours as well. We had a great time with them. There is also tiki boats that I would like to try the next time we are there. https://tikiboatsrental.com/
  19. Get the stock perks app, choose Alivea option to upload a picture of your stock statement (with account number etc redacted), within 24 hours I had email with approval of OBC. This thread from HAL boards helped me. I had to get OBC for HAL and Princess cruises. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2972921-requesting-obcstockperks/page/2/
  20. We have cruised to Curacao several times and decided we wanted to stay on the island specifically to go to Klein Curacao. We went with Blue Finn Charters, they were recommended by the dive shop we use when we cruise to Curacao (The Dive Bus). There were about 50 people on the catamaran, but there was plenty of room and shade, food was great, and drinks were flowing. The sail to Klein Curacao can be quite rough and many people get seasick. We went in September because the winds are much lighter and the sail calmer. There is a local who often answers questions here and may have better suggestions for you. There are also tiki boat rentals that you can check out.
  21. We spent the day at Chogogo in May when we spent the week in Bonaire. We had a car, but I would think they'd call a cab for you if there wasn't one there, or maybe you can ask your driver to return to pick you up. We noticed that they did not have any openings on the weekend, so we went during the week. Good snorkeling, good food and easy to get a chair in the shade. The had a lazy river as well, we rode around once or twice.
  22. I do not know the answer to your question, but I have used the "contact us" to ask a question about the buses and schedule. Here is a link to the webpage that has the "contact us" in the upper right corner https://arubus.com/
  23. There were some palapas and they were 20.00 a day for hotel guests or if you are a hilton gold or higher we got 2 free days of palapa. I don't know if day guests could rent palapas or what is included in the day pass. There were usually some palapas empty. There are some cabanas to rent not sure of the cost. Also some shade from trees. Shade at the lobby bar, this is open air. The day that the ship was there. a group from Carnival was there and they had a room, not sure if that is part of the day pass.
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