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  1. I spray and wipe down everything in the cabin or hotel room. I make "Monk" look like an amateur.
  2. Looks like the one in Daytona to me. I went there as a kid back in the 60s when my parents vacationed in Daytona. Is it still there ?
  3. The Oasis is in Governers Cut now. I can't find any info on why, yet.
  4. Marine traffic map shows the Oasis just off Miami and is returning to port for some reason.
  5. I'll add one more item. The bar staff does the same, plus they squeeze lemon and or limes with their nasty hands into your drink.
  6. One of your pictures shows the train going through a tunnel. How long is the tunnel ? I am somewhat claustrophobic , so if it is a rather short tunnel I would be ok. Great pictures !
  7. Princess has a tour "train ride & river cruise" at Puntarenas. Does anybody have any feedback or other information about this tour ?
  8. For one of our upcoming cruises I have $830 OBC, my wife has $330 OBC. So for example, at the end of the cruise she will spend more than the $330, will that additional amount come off my OBC ? Or will I lose my non-refundable OBC and have to pay her additional purchases out of pocket ? The goal is to use up all the OBC.
  9. We used faxzero to send in our information for the shareholder benefit yesterday afternoon for cruises in Jan and Feb 2021. I just looked and the shareholder benefits are posted already.
  10. They were nonrefundable tickets purchased with an American Airlines Mastercard. I think death or a valid medical reason are the only ways to get a refund on nonrefundable tickets without trip insurance.
  11. We recently had to cancel our flights on American due to a health issue. We had to submit a letter from the doctor stating the medical reason for not flying. The letter has to be on the doctors office letterhead. If you look on your airlines cancellation policy you should find all the documents that they need for cancellation and refund. We had the money back in our account in 2 days.
  12. According to the terms and conditions of the PBP, this is stated " Items selected that exceed the $12.00 USD or $16 .00 AUD price are charged at full menu price". Maybe the Sky follows a different protocol.
  13. I cannot add a signature or turn on the view signature button. Well, actually I can do both, but they will not save. I keep getting "504 error Request could not be satisfied" I have signed in and out several times and also rebooted the computer. Now what?
  14. Two of our favorites are missing : Zin of Zen and Clos de Bois. Guess we will have to find new favorites. Does anybody know if this new drink menu is on the Crown yet ?
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