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  1. The latest amendment to the FCO advice narrows it down to "sea-going" ships, so would appear to allow river cruising, which seems a tad illogical.
  2. I'm now going around in circles trying to find out some accurate details. We booked through a large UK TA. MSC have changed the booking from the Seaview to the Fantasia. We gather we get €200 OBC by way of "compensation". My view is that as we have been moved from Seaview, in an Aurea suite with a whirlpool on the balcony to the Fantasia (older, smaller, less "wow"ship) to a cabin somewhere on board ( haven't been told where, or what cabin, or what it has to offer) we are, effectively being downgraded. As such, l believe the whole cruise should be repriced downwards, as we are getting a lesser offering. I cannot talk to the TA, as their phone lines for existing bookings is "temporarily" switched off. MSC won't talk to me as we booked through the TA. Final balance due date is looming. I am reluctant to hand over £000s without being 100% sure of what I'm getting. Frustration City!
  3. We're also wondering whether to stick with it or bale out. A lot depends on MSC repricing the cruise.
  4. Me too, were joining at Barcelona, in Aurea whirlpool suite, now switched to Fantasia. As yet no details on what cabin, or whether there will be a price adjustment to allow for the downgrading of the ship. Compensation is a meagre €200 OBC.
  5. On 14 November Fantasia departs Barcelona for Dubai, arriving 4 December. This was originally scheduled to be Seaview, but they're keeping her in S America and using Fantasia instead ( only know this for sure as we were booked on this itinerary on Seaview and have been switched to Fantasia)
  6. Sorry I meant that l had now read it!
  7. Thanks for that. Do you have a link to the formal announcement from MSC? All I seem to be able to find is a paraphrasing by others.
  8. I can't get on through "manage my booking" but I can get in via "web login". Like you, it shows Fantasia; the dates are the same, but, like you, no cabin number, just "G0000" which is slightly disturbing.
  9. After all the discussion on here, I rang MSC UK offices. I was on hold for 35 minutes, before speaking to an agent. The reason I was on hold for so long was that all the staff were in briefings about the upcoming changes. I was, of course, only interested in my booking, originally on MSC Seaview, from Barcelona to Dubai through the Suez canal, 21 nights, on 14 November. MSC confirmed that Seaview is NOT going to be in the Med this Autumn. Our booking has been transferred to MSC Fantasia, same dates, times and itinerary. This has all been actioned in the last hour. They are writing to our TA, confirming the changes, and revised pricing and offering compensation, although this early after the change was made, no indication as to how much. So, I don't know now. We had an Aurea suite with a whirlpool on the balcony We will still have an Aurea suite, but no whirlpool. Maybe if the compensation is enough, we could upgrade to YC. I don't know what to do........
  10. I would check online if I could, but I get the above-quoted error message currently. Getting decidedly twitchy now!
  11. Only done B2B once, on Freedom of the Seas, out of Port Canaveral. First week was Western Caribbean, then back to Port Canaveral, then Eastern Caribbean for the second week. We kept the same stateroom. On turnround day we took a trip to Kennedy Space Centre. We were given our Seapass cards before setting off, so just breezed back on board on arrival back at the terminal. Would do it again, in an instant, if weeks 1 and 2 were different itineraries.
  12. I have a booking on the Seaview for November in the Med. I get the same error message. Hoping it still goes ahead, it's our first MSC cruise and our first Suite cruise!
  13. And one current suggestion is that when you finally get to visit the pub again, you have to register as you arrive, for tracking purposes.
  14. As far as Spain are concerned they do have something of a history for changing "indefinite" to "ends tomorrow" overnight.
  15. I remember a lift in a hotel in Tangier that gave us an evening's worth of harmless fun. Near the main lounge and bar was a bank of 4 lifts. Three worked perfectly. The fourth - last on the left - was malfunctioning severely. People would arrive, press the "call" button, and lift 4 doors would open. In they would troop, press their floor number, and the doors would close. Inside, the lift would vibrate, and move just as though it was ascending - the indicator lights would say it was rising - but it went nowhere. Eventually, it would indicate 5th floor (or wherever) and the doors would open , and there it was, still in the lobby. Numerous groups would get out, press the call button - and get back in the same lift, for the same rigamarole to happen. One group tried four times! Finally a group of 5 German holiday makers twigged, and joined in the fun. Each time the doors reopened, they would be in a different pose - playing dead, all facing the back wall, dancing, doing piggybacks and so on. It all added to the hilarity of our group sat watching.
  16. I can see this actually going the other way, and a third seating being introduced to enable social distancing around the tables.
  17. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I personally like and trust Calder. Others don't. That's fine.
  18. I heard Simon Calder, travel editor of "The Independent" on the radio the other day. While accepting he isn't a doctor I do respect his opinion on travel matters. Amongst other things he said: he doesn't believe the 14 day quarantine on arrival in the UK will be in place beyond the end of July A caller said they had seen an advert for a great holiday to Portugal in mid July at a really bargain price. Calder's advice was "go ahead and grab that bargain, I'm very confident you'll be able to travel".
  19. Good luck sailing from Madrid. It's inland.
  20. I rather think that post Covid-19, Any Time dining will disappear.. they won't want lines of people queueing, and they will want to manage the numbers in the MDR to ensure social distancing.
  21. I'm with you on this. I haven't paid all that money to queue up to serve myself my dinner into a plastic plate and scramble to find somewhere to sit!
  22. A) I wasn't judging, merely expressing my opinion. Disagree with my opinion by all means, but don't label my opinion with your views B) as my original post says, we're booked with MSC. As discussed extensively elsewhere on CC , of all cruise lines MSC are probably the least likely to go bankrupt. C) "potentially won't open (borders) for a year" - in your opinion. I disagree.
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