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  1. We upgraded like this; as we are in the UK, and sailing out of Europe, our charge was in GBP £ and/or Euros €. Charge was £8/€10 per person per day
  2. I have no problems with people wearing/not wearing formal attire on 'formal' nights. What l do take issue with is someone on either side of that particular fence name-calling the other side ("formal attire is stupid..." "I can't abide seeing people in casual clothes on formal nights"). Live and let live. If l want to wear a tux, bow tie, shiny shoes and so on, l will, and by all means you wear your chinos and golf club polo shirt. I won't call you out over it, and l expect you will similarly respect my dress choices.
  3. Thanks for that; we were wondering, but have since reread everything, and found out about the Aurea deck area, which is what we were thinking of.
  4. We always dress formally on the formal nights. Over the last few years we have noted a decided resurgence of formal dress on cruises out of Southampton. About 5 - 6 years ago maybe 50% would have dressed formally; in July this year my guesstimate would be 80%- 85%. It is far less prevalent on cruises out of US ports.
  5. Is this pool open to all, or is it restricted to (say) black card members or suite guests, or Aurea experience guests?
  6. The prices on RCL for us UK based cruisers are starting to make us think twice. We did 14 nights in a balcony cabin on Explorer this summer for roughly £4000 for the two of us ,(including the drink package) sailing from Southampton. We are now booked on MSC for next year, 21 nights, Barcelona to Dubai, Aurea suite with drinks package, and flights to Barcelona and return from Dubai, for under £6000.
  7. If ever such s breakdown was obtained, it would surely lead to passengers saying " l didn't go in the casino, so deduct that bit" " l didn't attend any shows in the theatre, deduct that bit" " l didn't have any laundry done, so deduct the cost of the laundry staff and running costs".
  8. On the Explorer last month, out of Southampton, at a guess, 80% were dressed formally. Formal dress on cruises out of the UK has made a big comeback in recent years 5/6 years ago it was probably 50%formal. By all means, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in; however, if you choose not to go formal, please don't make a performance out of it. (Several times over recent cruises, l have heard comments like "it's my vacation, no-one is going to tell me how to dress")
  9. Over the last few years, l have noticed that true formal dress on formal nights out of Southampton are back in a big way. On Explorer last month, l would estimate 80% of men were in tuxes. Although not enforced it is now very much the 'done thing' this side of the pond. It is much less common in the US and on Caribbean cruises. Ps probably 3 formal nights on a 12 nighter.
  10. Initially MSC matched our RCL Diamond to Gold; l queried it and got an apologetic email confirming an error, and that we are, in fact, Black on the VC program.
  11. Like the OP, we are Royal Loyal, having worked up to Diamond. We too are trying the Seaview next year. We did status match from RCL Diamond and were matched into MSC Black. We are booked into an Aurea suite and are looking forward to the private areas!
  12. When we did a Berlin trip from Warnemunde (also through SPB) it was indeed 3 hours each way. They make a 20 minute or so stop midway, for restroom visits, and there will be a self service cafe there too. As for lunch, we were taken to a big modern shopping mall ( 200 yards from where Hitler's bunker once was) and directed to the upper floor food court, with multiple food outlets. No direction to any particular one (so no kickback to the tour guide). It was suggested that we try the Berliner currywurst, which we did, and very tasty it was too.
  13. We were on the not-quite inaugural cruise on Independence of the Seas. She did an inaugural 4 day cruise Southampton>>Cork>>Southampton then did a full cruise to the Canary Islands, and that was the one we did (the"Cruise in Review"dvd is labelled Voyage #2)
  14. Just go to guest services as you board and they will issue new Seapass cards for all concerned. Quick and easy.
  15. We're on that cruise, but board a few days earlier, in Barcelona, on 14th November, right through to Dubai, so following this thread with interest.
  16. Although l don't recall it being listed on the Compass, every bar had a notice stand advertising the drink of the day on Explorer last month.
  17. We were on her July 21st - August 4th this year. While agreeing that that dry dock and amping will boost the ship, she's in pretty good shape. Loads of new sunloungers on board a couple of months ago, and hundreds of new mattresses brought on while we were aboard. Slightly worn here and there (seats in the Star lounge, for example) but nothing to get fussed about. Food very good ( we ate in MDR, Chops and Johnny Rockets, plus snacks from Windjammer and Cafe Promenade). Staff friendly, smiling and helpful.
  18. Not necessarily a blanket statement. On cruises in Europe formal dress is still very strongly observed, and, in fact, appears to be growing in popularity again. (Granted, the OP is cruising Stateside so formal night is far less so than European sailings)
  19. It's still advertised as such, although l had heard it was now €45.
  20. On Explorer last month, we had a similar situation. To take advantage of the Diamond balcony discount, l was booked into room #1, and DW was booked into room #2. DD was in room #2, and her partner was (on paper anyway) in room #1 with me. Guest services quickly and easily swapped folk around, new Seapass cards and so on. In fact, the only issue we had was at check-in at the terminal, where the staff couldn't handle the onboard account whereby Person A in Room #1 was to pay for the onboard spend on Person B in Room #2, and Person C in Room #2 was to pay for Person D in Room #1. In the end, l literally had to draw a little diagram, showing how it worked. I was staggered that cruise terminal staff, who process thousands of guests every day, struggled to handle this.
  21. I was surprised he got a whole one man show. From what they showed he was a bit average. I was expecting a big name headliner!
  22. This ^^^^ I have definitely noted a resurgence in formal wear on RCL ships out of Southampton in recent years. Significant majority of men in tuxes, ladies in cocktail dresses or full gowns. How formal nights should be IMO.
  23. Fair point, but, sadly, Pinnacle is l realistically think beyond us.
  24. Sancho_proudfoot

    Pub Grub

    Our local, a 15 minute stroll away , is a chain pub, so has the brewery standard menu. That said, it's decent food, both 'proper' meals and light bites. We tend to go Saturday early afternoon, have a few drinks then some food, then meander home.
  25. Depends on location. Have certainly haggled strongly in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan. Golden rule is that as long as the stallholder keeps haggling, you're still in the game. If he walks away or shuts up, you've edged below his bottom line price. They will never sell at a loss, so even if you're paying 10% of the original asking price, he's still making a profit.
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