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  1. I guess that depend on time zone. But mine is PST. My order receipt did show Dec 3 though. I tried this morning again without the promotion code, still can't go through. I called and was told some billing info doesn't match but no one knows exactly what's wrong. This means I can't place gift card order online, only call in. This is the first time I'm trying to order gift card.
  2. I just tried to order but order got cancelled. I actually got the receipt but shortly after got another email about the cancelled order. Still not 12 PST (deadline for the promotion) yet.
  3. I always have some concern of digital gift card get stolen online or physical card get lost in the mail. Just want to check if this ever happened to anyone?
  4. @tntornadox Thanks for sharing! Did you buy digital or physical gift card? Have you already seen the amex offer saving of $100?
  5. If the status expire, can I submit another status match? If the status is earned by cruising MSC, does it ever expire? What about status matched to gold, then earned cruise credit to black?
  6. They not only take requests, but also know and play anything you requested, and play so well! Enjoy them so much!
  7. Your husband is so funny! Love it!
  8. I love these symbols! I think the buffet does not have many options like what you draw 🙂, but the outside seating area is great.
  9. Is this the first time you saw such type of offer onboard? I've asked this question before and people indicate they never seen onboard purchase cheaper than prepaid.
  10. My understanding is EZair only protect you to next port, but you have to book your own hotel and later file insurance to get the expense back. But in your case Princess book the hotel for you and I'm trying to find out how to do it? Did you call Princess to let them know your flight was delayed, then Princess book both hotel and flight for you?
  11. Who took care of the meals and hotel? I would think EZair as for insurance you can only get reimbursement afterwards, they won't help you make the arrangement?
  12. Thanks everyone's answer, I'm very clear now 🙂
  13. Thanks! Where and when can I find the maitre'd? I guess he'll be in one of the dinning room but which one and what time?
  14. So glad you made it! You described it so well I can literally see what you went through, but it paid off! I think EZair won't cover the hotel/food. Only Princess vacation protection can reimburse the hotel/food, am I right? Thanks for the advice. Maybe your frequent flier status make the airline more willing to help.
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