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  1. * flip flops Ima have to invest in some crocs before my next cruise.
  2. So why else would you ask my name? Given what you have disclosed about your cruising history, there is a good chance we've shared a ship at some point. I'm sure you remember seeing me at dinner.😉
  3. Wait, you memorized the manifest from each sailing? Impressive.
  4. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Stop it, you're killing me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Where did anybody propose strings or nudity? If you have to resort to a straw man argument, you must know you're on shaky ground.
  6. So much irony here. As far as thinking you can impose "high demands", or even a "bare minimum" of demands on other passengers, good luck with that. 🤣
  7. Likewise, seeing somebody in shorts for an hour should not prevent relaxation. And realistically, you don't even see the shorts for an hour, you see them for a minute as they walk by. It's your choice to let it stick in your craw like this. Kind of sad really....
  8. Everybody burps and farts. But when you wear the proper attire, it doesn't stink.
  9. Thurston Howell III approves this thread.
  10. It is completely fine to wear shorts in the dining room. It's completely fine to wear a tux on Tropical Night. It's completely fine to wear dark clothes on White Night. I shudder to think how many cruises have been ruined by the lax enforcement of all of those suggested dress codes.
  11. Shorts were very common in the dining room on the holy land cruise last month.
  12. That depends. Did you purchase the Unlimited Buffet Package (UBP)?
  13. When the lifeboats are full, time honored maritime tradition takes over.
  14. Maybe they allow the filet but still surcharge for the lobster....that would make perfect sense. 🤣
  15. On Odyssey a couple weeks ago I was told that the UDP did include the MDR/Chops filet. I didn't ask about the lobster. As it turned out we never went to the DR during the crossing so I never had the chance to confirm, but I do trust the person that gave me the info.
  16. You need to order a day ahead in the MDR for special diets. Specialty restaurants are also very accommodating, simply specify your needs when you order. Windjammer? No idea how that could happen.
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