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  1. But with the UDP, you are entitled to 3 free slices per day!
  2. Seriously?? On most ships, tossing furniture overboard is frowned upon. You should take any unwanted items and toss them around the divider so your next door neighbor may enjoy them.
  3. I just looked at the menu. I didn't realize it had a southern theme, so I guess it makes sense. I hope they have moonshine. 😁
  4. Positive stuff: Rumor has it that they have plenty of milk.
  5. It will definitely be the port side, if it's not starboard facing the dock.
  6. Only the show in 270 (The Book) needs a reservation.
  7. Adults drink their coffee black. No milk, .5 & .5, sugar or fake flavors.😁
  8. Wow, tough crowd. We recently spent a month on Odyssey and GK was our favorite restaurant on the ship.
  9. Just checking in to see if there is anything new since a few weeks ago. 🤣
  10. Yes, that would be a problem if it's no-name.
  11. I don't see how there's a difference in volume. (12) 1L = (24) 500 ml. I just ordered the Evian package for our Oct trip...I'm also curious as to what will actually be in the room.
  12. Yes, but the self appointed fashion police will sneer and take notes as they are fixated on your knnecaps while they attempt to eat.
  13. I like Spectra on Anthem, we've seen it a few times. Somebody mentioned The Book on Odyssey....we saw that last month. Neither of us have any idea what the point of the show was, lol. The fiddler is very talented though.
  14. In the unlikely event that CATS is sold out, you will find plenty of empty seats 15 minutes after showtime. 🤣
  15. Checked bag, unless the bottle 3 oz or less. 😁
  16. Everybody knows that the hairy-legged, burping, farting, croc and shorts wearing plebeians are the same ones who remove auto-tips. Never mind tipping extra.
  17. Maybe just one. That'll reduce my offense rate by 50%!
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