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  1. The real question is...... How much to tip for that order?
  2. I only tip on the last day but I do it right, unlike the rest of you cheapskates.
  3. Hay! Quit stalling and hoof it on over to renew your passport!
  4. So many possible responses..🤐 I'll just say that On The Border has very tasty Dos XX fish tacos.
  5. Can you order an empty tray from room service? If so, what's an appropriate tip?
  6. I don't mind the handwritten slips for drinks at Labadee. I always figure there's a 50/50 chance of actually getting charged for it.😁
  7. + 18% gratuity The Unlimited Popcorn Package (UPP) also includes Cracker Jacks (for a $3.95 surcharge)
  8. That's odd. It's very unusual to see glitches on the website.
  9. These boards would be pretty darn quiet if that was the law.🤣
  10. For our 14 night on odyssey the price is currently 368+
  11. Wow, all of the sudden the whole crockpot thing makes sense. People aren't bringing the pots to use themselves, they're tipping the crew with them! YOU get a crockpot! YOU get a crockpot! YOU ALL get crockpots!
  12. "My entire wardrobe was lost in a tragic wine bottle accident, that's why I'm wearing shorts on formal night."
  13. If you can't afford to sign a receipt for a free drink, maybe you shouldn't be cruising.
  14. About 2-3 weeks before you sail email rcldining@rccl.com with your request.
  15. B2b2b2b2b2b2b2b2b ...... Probably need at least one F2F in there.
  16. We had somebody stop by the table with a list of questions, I didn't think it was a big deal. In fact, there was a semi-minor annoyance my wife had with our cabin that was remedied as a result. He did seem to have a list of tables he was stopping at. By the way, it was our head waiter. 🙂
  17. My wife came down with a cold at the end of our Anthem cruise a couple weeks ago. A few days later I caught it. I didn't bother starting a thread about it, and will we will not make any changes to our personal masking policy, which is to not mask.
  18. This was never a problem until people started wearing shorts to the dining room.
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