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  1. Graig Murphy? That's the comedian performing day 8, 10 pm, in the theater on the current sailing. 🤷‍♂️
  2. According to a certain site called Cruise Critic, pier runners actually can be entertaining to watch. 🙂 https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles/5-hilarious-cruise-pier-runners?lid=42u7ac8979k2&crm_source=58226&crm_pos=us&crm_cid=001a3948-ac9f-4bdd-a47a-d17981aa6152&crm_rid=3sS5eIgB4ZnXyT5mGz7n&crm_cname=04.07.24 US Weekender - Other- 5 Hilarious Cruise Pier Runners
  3. I can't believe it took so long!🤣
  4. This has been a very entertaining thread, for so many reasons! 🤣
  5. If there is a fee, rest assured it is to enhance your experience.
  6. Wow. You booked a trip on Six Flags Of The Seas and were surprised that there were tons of kids. Bless your heart.
  7. My cape is still at the cleaners. I hope my ascot will suffice.
  8. I'm glad they finally have a place of their own!
  9. I've seen many birds on many ships, but I don't recall seeing a starling.
  10. So I saw this thread before going to bed last night. This morning I'm greeted by SIX EMAILS alerting me to changes! We're on Oasis in 3 weeks, and apparently the one excursion we booked had a time change from 9 to 10 a.m. Everything else looks to be in order in my planner. Why it took six emails to tell me about it is beyond me, but this all got me going faster than any pot of coffee today. 🤣 Thanks Ken! 😀
  11. But with the UDP, you are entitled to 3 free slices per day!
  12. Seriously?? On most ships, tossing furniture overboard is frowned upon. You should take any unwanted items and toss them around the divider so your next door neighbor may enjoy them.
  13. I just looked at the menu. I didn't realize it had a southern theme, so I guess it makes sense. I hope they have moonshine. 😁
  14. Positive stuff: Rumor has it that they have plenty of milk.
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