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  1. helmets not required in Florida. The riders are called 'organ donors" in the ER.
  2. Guys, I just think that we are sitting at our keyboards and are underestimating the sheer amount of money and numbers of customers that O (and other cruiselines) are facing trying to refund $. It is my understanding that destination services & overlands have people refunding $, OBC comes from another group, airlines and hotels from still another group. Yes, we are all impatient and want our $ back, but it's not like Oceania has hundreds of staff working on this. We don't even know how many workers have been furloughed from the Miami offices.......
  3. FWIW....we were on ATW20 and did NOT get our thousand$ of refunds immediately. Like others, our various refunds have come intermittently throughout the past 2 months but today we received the last big lump sum. It was dated May 13 so our wait was 2 months from the announcement of cancellation. We do not have stock in NCHL; we are not travel agents. We are patient.
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/05/norwegian-cruise-line-says-theres-substantial-doubt-about-its-ability-to-continue-as-a-going-concern.html
  5. added/ edited to my above post. LGBT were meeting in Horizons often. Please talk to your CD--he/she will be very happy to help you find a place to meet.
  6. Talk to the cruise director when you get on. Friends of Bill often on daily schedule. We left Insignia ATW20 March 15 and they were having meetings before our cancellation.
  7. We too, made our own air arrangements since we only had to fly from San Francisco to Miami at cruise end in July. We decided to leave the cruise in Rio and purchased tickets March 8 to fly from Rio to Miami on March 15. We were all informed on March 13 that the cruise was cancelled. Under the circumstances we did not expect that Oceania would pay for our flight home and were relieved that we didn't have to scramble for reservations as many of our friends (or their TA) did. BTW....I think everybody needs to cut the O office in Miami some slack. They are all working from home ....and not everyone is going to be the first ones to get their refunds. Some of us might not get all our refunds for months. Mr Wonderful is well as is our family...and me too. I'm grateful.
  8. yes, please Mods. Allow this discussion to continue as I just picked up useful info from Clo. Thanks Clo. I shall return the favor with sources I have found. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/24/congress-may-let-you-skip-mandatory-withdrawals-from-ira-and-401ks.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/30/coronavirus-stimulus-cares-act/ https://www.aarp.org/money/investing/info-2020/cares-act-retiree-tax-benefit.html
  9. Oh my goodness Bob. Even though I knew some of this I didn't know all. Thank you so much and welcome home. Give my sweetie a big hug. TA and doggies will help with that 'duration.'
  10. We were on ATW20 when the cruise was cancelled in Rio. It had been a wonderful cruise and we were able to finally see Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls. Those Overlands were extremely well done; hotels were amazing the tour guides very knowledgeable and well-organized, and ground transportation was efficient. Some weeks before the cancellation on March 13 we had received info from O (at the bottom of the bed!) stating how much $ we would receive if we left the ship in Cape Town and the formula used to arrive at that $ amount. Using that formula for each cabin level you could ascertain what you should receive. When the cruise was very unexpectedly ended on March 13 and the passengers left the ship on March 15, we were given a full refund for the unused portion of our cruise or 125% FCC. We have not received that full refund yet. We received $ refund for all shorex paid for but not taken and received on board non-refundable OLife excursions that were not taken. We donated those OLife funds to the crew fund while still on board. earlier the Asian ports were cancelled and a new itinerary was published that would have us sail to Australia, NZ, Fr Poly, Hawaii and on to San Fran. At that point some passengers began to tell others that they were probably going to fly home from Cape Town--especially the Aussies on board who had no desire to cruise around their country. For that itinerary change we received some FCC as well. We were very impressed with how the staff and crew handled the situation; we also have no issues with the $ amounts received from O. Our hearts go out to the wonderful crew who are still on board and unable to fly home since their home countries are locked.
  11. We had to do take out because we were on the aborted ATW so had massive amounts of luggage with us American airlines would not open for service until 3 hrs before flight to Miami which was 8:45 pm. So...no check in, meant no AA lounge. We were sitting in chairs with our stuff from 9:30 until 5:45. Trust me, Subway take out was wonderful at 1pm
  12. Dave had bought lunch at a Subway (!) in the Rio airport and used the card for that purchase; it was never out of his sight but # was captured in some way. This was just a heads up to warn others it can happen despite our best attempts. Appears that current events will keep us out of airports, restaurants and stores for some time anyway!!!
  13. "they" was/were the bad guy(s) at Rio airport. According to Mr. Wonderful, my in-house tech guy, it is a common way of testing the account # and when the $1.00 amount was approved "they" were successful. Credit card personnel was on top of it immediately. And yes, the credit card companies all knew we were traveling ATW. Just keep checking your statements regularly.
  14. A Heads up! (friends suggested I post here. I've already posted in the roll-call) We had our credit card # compromised at the Rio Airport returning from ATW20. "They" charged $1 to the card--an attempt to see if the card was active. The card never left Dave's sight but still...... Fortunately our card company alerted us and the account has been closed and we are receiving new cards. You might want to check your statement today if you found yourself at the Rio airport recently. Don't know how long this has been a problem.
  15. Yes, Marina to be through the Canal today and is expected to dock in Miami on Monday.
  16. Friend on board says they are to go through the Canal today and arrive at port of Miami mid-day Monday
  17. Currently on board Insignia ATW 20. If you are in port with shorex leaving early, then you can count on Terrace being open at 6:30. -7:00. If it is a sea day it will be open at 7:30. If it is a port from which some will be leaving for an Overland, then Terrace can be open quite early...as in 3:30 am. Check Currents always.
  18. I would never be so disrespectful of another poster that I would ever demean what they wrote here .Thanks alaskaca and palakika.
  19. same elevator story as yours! Except there was also body lotion, shampoo, and besides the gallon of perfume, the man with her smelled of cigar smoke. I got off at the next floor and walked home.
  20. I don't mind the Bvlgari scent either.... HEY.... maybe Bvlgari makes cleaning supplies?
  21. I wish O would use unscented cleaning supplies. I have to air out our cabin after it has been cleaned. It can't be good for the cabin attendants to inhale that 7 days a week for the duration of their contract. and yes, I ask nicely on every cruise survey.
  22. Shawnino-- this will not pertain to you cruising into St P in September, but other cruisers should research when Navy Day is there. We were in St P in July and all the cruise ships, regardless of size were docked waaay out of town. The Russian Navy takes over downtown --as well as 'celebrating' sailors! Fireworks, parades, Mr. Putin's presence are all part of a big holiday there.
  23. Cruseforme I think too many great hints and tips are getting buried in leads that have nothing to do with extended cruise info. I think all that information deserves its own thread and the 'search' feature doesn't always produce.
  24. Hi Barbara- we still have the adult Kid receive our mail. That serves 2 purposes: Kid (only child) remains educated about stuff and throws other stuff away. If the Kid receives something and doesn't know what to do with it, shoots an email/text to us and Dave explains. we have brought a few more small cabin organizers with us than in the past, and I'm bringing more clothes than i did last time. 2 months onboard this past summer taught me the need for more mix-n-match things! also bringing a couple of sizes of plastic vases to put flowers in. (dollar store) We did this our last cruise and enjoyed shopping for flowers in local stores and markets on our way back to the ship. Our cabin attendant enjoyed them as much as we did!!! other than that, we are pretty comfortable with what we did before and have repeated it. How about you? Did you 2 change anything? Hey.....Happy Holidays to you both and hope to sail with you again!
  25. Dear Moderator, could we please have a sticky for people asking questions about preparations for extended voyages? Oceania has 4 ATW voyages it has completed, another is about to begin, and yet another is in preparation stages. Cruisers have many questions and answers about preparations and advice on what worked and didn't work for them in their particular situations. Many take cruises composed of several segments and also need this information. Too many great answers are being lost in threads whose titles are about another subject. One thread would be greatly appreciated, please.
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