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  1. That is more than I am spending on a two week cruise 😱
  2. In Nov 2017 in Tampa , we did not get off the ship unit 2 pm , they had to open the buffet for lunch for everyone will avoid Tampa For future cruises 😉
  3. If you are doing a EU cruise you may have 1 or 2 seadays , and you don’t need all the silliness that they have on RCL ships I would choice Celebrity 100% of the time if the prices are close
  4. Have to agree with Hoopster 95 , and I can see RCL leaving Europe and just leave Celebrity to take up the slack
  5. There no crowds now , 😉 also it is only 1.4 km walk done over a couple hours we can only give the OP options and let them decide, it is down hill, and the sidewalks are pretty level
  6. Like someone mention take a cab to Plaça Catalunya than walk down to Columbus Monument
  7. No kids is one of the reason we like TAs 😁
  8. But compared to a lot ports it is not far a short bus ride you are Las Ramblas.,
  9. Barcelona is great ! everything is so close to the terminal
  10. “but family bringing food caught it” I guess the people dropping off the food didn’t do it very smartly they probably went inside the place
  11. Who wants to travel with young kids in the Med , Baltic Sea or on Transatlantic the less kids the better 😁
  12. I think for smaller ships you will have move to Azamara or Celebrity in the future at least your status will follow you they really should roll the loyalty status under one umbrella for all their cruise lines
  13. In Ontario , a province of 14.4 million people , most large city’s are starting to have you must wear a mask inside probably should of started this 3 months ago no major outcry about wearing masks here are the daily results for the last 3 weeks most of the new cases have been on large veggie farms and Toronto area
  14. We departed from a cruise once in Tampa , what a terrible experience we didn’t get off the ship until 2 pm, no cabs around I will not do a cruise if it starts or finish in Tampa again
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