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  1. We did Spanos Buses Cyprus "Limassol Highlights and Traditional-Modern Cyprus Tour in Oct 2019 it was disappointing, when we book the bus was to seat only 25 and they put over 54 on the bus that main people is a waste of time
  2. Have you look at HAL Noordam for March 2023 ? It looks interesting never been on HAL but this trip looks very interesting
  3. Here is the link https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/italy-agrees-to-divert-cruise-ships-from-venice-to-industrial-port Still a temporary ban
  4. Our TA was able to move her group booking over 50 cabins from the Reflection April 2020 Transatlantic to the Apex April 2022 Transatlantic, and I haven’t readied that anyone else was able to do that our Odyssey October 2021 was cancelled she L&S to the Voyager Arctic crossing Sept 2022 with just a text message and got us a great cabin. so sometimes it works having a great TA in trouble times
  5. How can anyone answer those question as no one know what cruising will look like once it opens after a year
  6. Was it a black dog? one lady did have a hearing service dog with her on a TA
  7. This popped up on my Facebook memories Silhouette TA we book 6 years ago an inside at $634 cdn , got upgrade to a front Oceanview on 8 , and have $200 obc Then the day before we left we were upgraded to a balcony 😁 A drink package would be about $1200 CAD pp, tips would be $210 pp we will have wait and see if they offer “sometimes not all inclusive” cruises 😃
  8. I know what you mean , at $500 a day per person, we will probably looking at land trips instead
  9. have never seen many kids on any TA, Celebrity or RCL S Class, 3,000 passengers odyssey is 4,300 passengers I hope it doesn’t feel much larger, 1,300 more passengers is a lot of people we are book on the Odyssey for Oct 2021 TA , maybe
  10. So true, they just figure you will just book with RCL so you get your free diamond drinks RCG doesn’t have gun permit forcing to book with Celebrity, in Canada they don’t not sure if that is true in USA 🤔😉🤣
  11. It really comes down to value per dollar , if I think a cruise price is good value , I book if I dont think it is good value , I look elsewhere
  12. I wonder if they should just include nonalcoholic beverages in the package 🤔 internet is dirty cheap to give away now , probably shouldn’t even call it a perk 😁
  13. Here an example of the difference, $2500 more for perks 2015 TA and 2022 TA both FFL to Amsterdam
  14. I have one of those Insid cabins , because of a L&S they are listed on Celebrity website
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