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  1. “Out of range” happens a lot on Marinetraffic. Not just for ACL, but all cruise ships. There are other websites to track ships. When out of range on one site, a ship may show up on another site.
  2. Typically they have larger tables for groups. Whether they have added smaller tables due to Covid is unknown. Maybe someone who has cruised recently can elaborate.
  3. That’s odd. Here are the requirements from Royal Caribbean for cruises from Seattle in August. No testing for vaccinated people. For Cruises Departing from Seattle, Washington on or after August 1, 2021 Guest testing requirements for cruises departing Seattle, Washington on Serenade of the Seas® and Ovation of the Seas® vary depending on your age and vaccine status. FOR VACCINATED GUESTS Vaccinated guests do not have any testing requirements. GUESTS UNDER THE AGE OF 2 Guests under the age of 2 have no testing requirements. FOR UNVACCINATED GUESTS 2-11 YEARS OLD Unvaccinated guests in this age group will need to take 2 tests. On boarding day, guests will take a rapid PCR test during check-in at the terminal. We’ll send registration details via email before departure. A final COVID-19 test will take place onboard before the end of the cruise. We’ll provide additional details onboard. Vaccinated guests who require a COVID-19 test for re-entry into their destination country may receive one onboard as well.
  4. Things are changing so quickly in the travel industry, that printing brochures with that much detail are usually out of date by the time the customer receives them. You don't need to call he 800 number. Just log onto their website. All the info you are looking for is on the website and is probably up to date.
  5. Big ship cruising returning to service has nothing to do with ACL staffing. As American cruise lines ships are registered in the US all employees must be US citizens. Most if not all of the housekeeping dining room and other staff on big cruise ships are foreign workers and not from the US. American has always had staffing issues but now every restaurant retail store airline and other small businesses are having staffing issues. That just makes it tougher for American cruise lines.
  6. Just heard on news that the Jazz has been stuck since Wednesday on a sandbar in Kentucky. Looks like she was outside of the channel markers and is stuck in 4’ of water.
  7. Wifi is free, however it is cellular based and can be very slow or not available depending on the ships location. most tables are shared. You might find a few two tops.
  8. Air travel for the 4th of July weekend has exploded and is back to pre-Covid levels. Unfortunately, the airlines don't have enough pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, call center people to handle the load and they are having to cancel hundreds of flights every day. Planes that are going are 100% full.
  9. The ship pretty much shuts down by 9:30. Not like a big cruise ship where activities, shows and casino go until the wee hours of the morning.
  10. You have some facts wrong. The lunch hamburger. I was the one who mentioned this in an earlier post. I was on an ACL cruise and there was a family with several kids. The kids asked for burgers, pizza, mac & cheese off menu for lunch and ACL was fine with that. I’m sure if you wanted something off menu that was more upscale, they would do it. Burgers are NOT their standard alternate meal item. ACL did get a little upset when the kids stopped at Taco Bell on the way back to the ship and brought the tacos to dinner! keep in mind he ships are US registered with US crews that are paid much better than 3rd world crew members on non-US cruises. Interested in seeing how Viking deals with some of these issues when they start their Mississippi cruises.
  11. Probably a crew member untying the mooring lines.
  12. HEIC files are photos taken on an iPhone. Apple created this file type to save memory space on the phone. You can convert heic to jpg with a free program. I have since changed the default for my iPhone camera to jpg.
  13. They do have a daily program. Much shorter than what you will find on a 3,000 person ship. IMG_3285.HEIC
  14. Keep in mind that Chesapeake shipbuilding also builds ferries and tugboats. The parts you were looking at may be for one of those boats rather than a cruise ship.
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