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  1. I see! If you reschedule you get a new final payment date. We have moved out a year 2 cruises so far, one on Carnival and one on Celebrity. Both moved them same ship, same cabin, just a year apart.
  2. I am not sure what your reschedule line in the poll means by having "The money ($5000) tied up with Carnival." Have you already paid them that much before final payment was due? If that is the case, I can't really fathom why anyone would pay before they had to, but I would cancel and get a refund at this point if you have already put out $5k. If you just have a deposit down, I would reschedule before final payment is due.
  3. Two possibilities: 1) Waiting to see how this flys. 2) Still working on a strategey that doesn't rely on rapid testing that doesn't exist.
  4. We have been to several of Emeril's Restaraunts and were on "Emeril Live" a few times. The menu looks like a combination of standard Emeril menu items that are featured at different venues in his "realm." The recipes are solid, but the question will be if the ingredients are as well and if the food is prepared fresh by cooks who are suficiently trained in the recipes or if it is pre-prepared factory food versions of the menu items. Not in a rush to get on the Mardi Gras, but I would certainly go to this venue and have some of my past favorites to see how they are executed.
  5. I am not afraid of Celebrity. I was just pointing out that you would have to go to another line somewhat different than Carnival. We have sailed on The Connie and have the cruise I mentioned booked on the Summit for January 2022.
  6. Afraid you will have to go with Celebrity for that type tinerary. We have a cruise for January 2022 on the Celebrity Summit from San Juan that goes to St. Martin, St Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. We had a similar cruise booked for Jan 2021, but we moved it as we are not sure it will actually happen.
  7. I wouldn't say it got me in "Trouble" but it certainly causes quite a few snarky comments from the DW! This was most notable on the return trip to the cabin after an evening of fun. She usually gets quite turned around on the ship so relys on my navigation to get us back to the cabin (Which is very odd since if driving her directional instincts are much better than mine.) I chose a route that would maximize the number of bars we passed and timed the pace such that stopping at each for another beverage would make total sense (to me.) The 2nd night she caught on and started the "Well, you shure are trying to get all your money's worth!" at every stop! She still comments on this everytime I mention getting the drink package!
  8. We were on the Paradise the end of Last May and loved it and had a great cruise. I was skeptical of the ship and only was willing to go because I really wanted to see Cuba. We were very pleasantly suprised at how much we liked the ship, layout and space-wise. Now it did help that we got an amazing deal on an upsell to a suite 3 days before sailing, but even if we hadn't it was a great cruise.
  9. We had an Aft Extended Balcony on the Legend in February and enjoyed it a great deal. The extra room on the balocny was great. Be advised that it is quite open so there will be a lot of sun. Wasn't an issue for us but might be for some.
  10. I guess it goes to show you how much ongoing maintainance really takes place by the crew in the normal course of events. It has only been 4 months sine she was sailing with happy passengers and not looking like this.
  11. 8:40 am. Already had croissants and coffee on the balcony now sitting at a table by the pool looking out the window and having a breakfast Burritto from Blue Iguana.
  12. My guess is mid to late August. They need to get through the mess of re-bookings and refunds for the cruises cancelled and shuffled from the ships they got rid of.
  13. We did not, mostly because I couldn't manage 2+ weeks away from work that time of year. If it had been 7 to 10 days we likely would have booked and now regret it. We do have a "Textile" cruise scheduled for Jan 16 on Celebrity out of San Juan, but we will decide on that at final payment time. We have been at SRR too, as we have a place there, wish I had know you guys were there, we could have got together for dinner on our deck. If you make it there again this summer stop by B25 and see if we are there. We are there most weekends, except when there is stuff to do at home! (Had a couple of tree issues we had to deal witjh a few weekends!) You are right about the pool, it is crazy there, we have avoided it.
  14. We already decided before we made final payment that even in the unlikely event the cruise we had booked for October did sail, we would not be comfortable going. So we called Carnival and had our booking moved out a year to Oct 2021. We did not want to be in the position to have Carnival have the funds for the cruise, have it not be cancelled and then not go.
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