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  1. This is correct. On our last cruise we had booked a Balcony cabin and also purchased FTTF. 3 days before sailing we got an upsell for a very good price to a Suite. The friends we were going with are Platinum and we were in the same waiting area as they were before boarding. They hung back a little and they ended up being last in the Platinum group while we were first in the suite group. We got on and went right to our suite which was awesome.
  2. On our first Celebrity cruise I chose the Classic package and figured I would see how it goes. On day 3 of a 10 day cruise I decided it was worth the extra $ to upgrade based on the beer selection alone. As other's have said, the bartender who I had do the upgrade was VERY appreciative and took care of me VERY well for the rest of the cruise.
  3. That is odd. The deck plan on the Celebrity Website certainly shows a bar, labeled as "Mast Bar." Midship on Deck 11. Honestly though it is quite far away from the Aqua cabins aft with the funnel in between. I can't see how any cigar smoke could get to and bother you on a balcony.
  4. In my opinion there are three ways to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic experience: 1) Force yourself to get over the fear and just do it. This worked for me when learning to ride horses, I had my horse refuse a jump, went over it's head and busted through 2 jumps head first, shattered my helmet and put a gash on my arm. My instructor forced me to get back on and make the horse do that jump. I am pretty sure if I hadn't done that I would have quit. 2) Avoid that situation going forward. If you are so stressed you can't push yourself to be back in that situation, don't do it. There is no harm or shame in not doing some optional recreational activity. 3) Go to Therapy to work it out. Too many people feel that therapy is a stigma and a crutch. But in truth it can be a huge help to come to a rational decision and reduce levels of fear and anxiety. No matter which path you choose, i wish you well.
  5. It is not a BN / Carnival Tour. Apparently someone on the BN cruise booked the entire place by themselves for a private party and the capacity has been filled with invited people from the BN cruise. We had already planned to do the Chacchoban ruins with Native Choice so did not sign up for the Maya Chan party.
  6. To those recommending the CVS vs Walgreens I will throw out there that even better prices can be found at the SUPERMAX store on Calle De La Cruz on the Plaza De Armas. It is a bit more of a walk but well worth it for the price of wine and rum there.
  7. Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito or Juevous Rancheros at Blue Iguana, Steak and Eggs in MDR at Sea Day Brunch. Lunch: "Ringer" at Guy's or a Cuban sandwich from the Deli. Dinner: Any steak at the Steakhouse, Short Ribs and Prime Rib in the MDR. Dessert: Chocolate Melting cake, Popcorn Pot de Creme, Bitter & Blanc
  8. We always go to Jack's as well. Never crowded, the food is great, especially the Jerk Chicken and Conch and drinks are well poured. Sadly only 1 dog now, as Topher has passed away, so give some extra love to Calypso as she misses Topher.
  9. We have been on Celebrity, HAL and Carnival, from Insides to Suites and in every case the bed was two twins put together to make a King. There is no way any cruise line would put a King only bed in a cabin and have to move a king mattress and box spring to make it up into separate beds if requested.
  10. Tampa is a great port to sail from, very easy. We loved the Paradise but, we were in a Grand Suite as well, so that had somewhat of an effect on our experience. (We actually had booked a Mini-Suite as they were super affordable when we booked and then took a ridiculous upsell offer to the full suite). You did not mention what itinerary you were considering, so that has some affect on what are "must dos." Generally just pick a cabin category that fits your budget, Check out the FunTimes for stuff to do and do some research on what there is to do in the Ports you visit.
  11. We were on the Sunshine last year. Most of your questions have been covered. A few more things: The Comedy Club is very small and poorly designed, you will have to wait in a line to get in, try to get there super early so you are near the front of the line so you can pick a seat where you can actually see the stage. You mentioned Guy's and Veggie burgers. Guy's DOES NOT have veggie burgers too much potential for intermixing with meat products. Veggie Burgers are available at the Deli section in the Lido. You can feel free to take your Veggie Burger from the Deli and load it up with fixings from the fixings bar by Guy's. Getting to the entrances to the dining rooms is tricky at first. You can't get to them from the forward areas of the decks they are on, due to the placement of the Galley. You need to get to the after elevator banks / stairs from a deck below or above. As others have said there are fewer deck chairs vs the number of passengers so you need to get out early if you want a lounger anywhere near the pool or in Serenity. I am sure you will have a great time,
  12. So far they have kept it the same after every Annual meeting. Not aware of any huge shakeups so my assumption is they will simply renew it for another year.
  13. Just tell them your likes and dislikes and let the bartender make recommendations. The more hyped up a given brand is and the higher it is priced does not mean you will like it more. For instance Bombay Sapphire is considered by many to be "Better" than Tanqueray, I still prefer the flavor profile of Tanqueray and will chose it over the more "Premium" brands of gin. Get what you enjoy if they have it and don't worry that you "could have gotten something better." Alternatively you could say something like "I really like Knobb Creek, what do you suggest I try that I might also like?" With no knowledge of what you like just asking for "The best the plan allows" isn't likely to be what you would LIKE best. As you have the Premium package you don't have to worry too much about trying something you ultimately don't like so much, just take it as a lesson learned and move on.
  14. Following along, we are booked on the Summit next year around this time, but sailing out of San Juan, not NJ!
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