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  1. Our first cruise was on HAL. On Tortola we were headed back to the ship, according to our watches we were 40 min before all aboard. There was NO ONE but two HAL crewmen on the pier and they were standing by the gangway. We sprinted to get there, they laughed and said "Slow down, no worry, you still have at least half an hour, everyone else was very early! In any case they pulled up the gangway behind us and we were away from the pier before we got back to our cabin! On the another HAL cruise in St. Martin we had an Aft wrap Balcony. They had been paging 2 names for half an hour. Just as we pulled away from the pier two people came running down and then just stopped and stared as we sailed away. It was a couple and I guess the guy made the arrangements for the day as the woman started hitting him with her purse as she was yelling at him! Back in February in Cozumel on Carnival they had been paging one name. We had an aft balcony for this one too. A woman was standing on her phone just aft of the ship on the pier. She was having an agitated conversation. She put down her phone and went to talk to 2 security guys standing at the back of the ship. They got on their radios and a golf cart showed up, the women hopped in and it zoomed off. About 10 min later it came back and the woman who was on the phone hops out and proceeds to help her obviously inebriated friend / relative / whatever out of the golf cart and onto the ship!
  2. 1) Cubano Mixto 2) Reuben 3) Pastrami on Rye 4) Hot Dog. Last cruise there was some sort of BBQ sandwich special which was excellent as well, just don't recall the exact name or description. I might have had a few Mojitos before going to the Deli!
  3. We travel with a group of 8 friends. We typically wait until we are onboard then decide what specialty dining we want to do which night. Then one of us make each reservation so one will make a Steakhouse reservation, one a Jiji's, one a Cucina, etc. When we actually dine each coupe pays with their own S&S card. Perhaps it is possible to not get to dine when we would desire, but so far it has worked out.
  4. It was a full ship charter by Bare Necessities, which is a Charter operator that only does full ship clothing optional charters. Typically there is the one Large ship (This year it was the Legend) that they call "The Big Nude Boat." 2020 was the 30th such large ship charter. the also usually do a couple sailing vessel charters (this year is supposed to be the Start Clipper in the Med) and a South Pacific charter on the Paul Gauguin that is supposed to be next month. There is no way you can accidentally book these and everyone knew the deal. Typically it sells out fairly early. Next year's "Big Nude Boat" is also on the Legend out of Tampa for 14 days and is 85% sold already. Unfortunately I can't manage to take off 2 consecutive weeks vacation so we are skipping next year.. As for the smart phones, the same folks managing the chairs also have stickers they put over the cameras of anyone who has a cell phone in the public "No Photo Zones."
  5. Well, no one paid all the extra money to go on this charter to wear clothes around the pool! One great thing, the Charter Operator had staff actually enforcing the "gone 20 min, the chair is available" policy. There was never an issue finding a chair that we saw.
  6. They enforced a strickt "No Photo" policy in the public areas. Most C/O resorts. etc are this way. If you want to take photos of individuals with their express permission, you must do it where no one else is in the potential field of the photo.
  7. Our last Carnival Cruise was the Bare Necessities Clothing Optional Charter on the Legend out of Tampa, Feb 23 through March 1, 2020. Went from Tampa to Key West, Costa Maya, Roatan, Cozumel and back to Tampa. It was a great time and we are so happy we got a cruise in right before this madness.
  8. I don't thinks so. Your vote, however carries the weight of your number of shares. IIRC we get a proxy notice late May / Early June.
  9. The OBC offer is voted on at the Shareholder meeting each July. I am not sure if it runs for a calendar year or a fiscal year, but they can't post the OBC for cruises after the current authorization runs out.
  10. Indeed, we are booked on the Summit 1/16/21 San Juan - Tortola - St Maarten - Dominica - Barbados - Grenada - San juan
  11. The one I was given had the term "surge protector" as well as a reset button in addition to the on/off switch. I did't bother to take a photo. I though it odd that my clearly NOT surge protective plug was deemed not OK.
  12. I brought a plug in unit without surge protection that had 3 outlets and 2 USB ports. By the second day i realized our steward was unplugging it every time she came in the room to clean. On Day 3 she left a power strip, with a HUGE (8' long) cord attached WITH a surge protector with a note to use that instead of the the compliant unit I brought. I don't think anyone on-board other than the Engineering Department, have a clue about what is required and why.
  13. We were on the Legend last week at the "Scene of the crime" in Cozumel, docked next to the Glory. I think my DW took a photo, if so I will post it. It looked to me that they had some kind of heavy fabric / tarp like material, printed to match what the Starboard Aft of the MDR was supposed to look like over the damage. The damage on the Legend is evident if you look, but as it has been painted over it does not stand out. They are leaving it until the next scheduled drydock to fix the bow of the Legend.
  14. This is correct. On our last cruise we had booked a Balcony cabin and also purchased FTTF. 3 days before sailing we got an upsell for a very good price to a Suite. The friends we were going with are Platinum and we were in the same waiting area as they were before boarding. They hung back a little and they ended up being last in the Platinum group while we were first in the suite group. We got on and went right to our suite which was awesome.
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